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Just going to say that Soma is fantastic. They delve into all that consciousness stuff in a really fascinating way.

The game itself seems cool, but with any game like this, I just feel like I'd rather be playing Isaac instead :|

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@beachthunder: For a stretch there, I fought that feeling about ANY game other than Isaac. Dark times.

It's still one of the few games I've never uninstalled.

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Is this Nuclear Throne? The melee, bullets, and dodge look like they were lifted directly from that game.

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Is it possible to turn off the screen shake? The game looks awesome but just the first 5 minutes of the quick look is giving me a headache.

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@dahlis: You mean The Chaos Engine? (Soldiers of Fortune).

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As others have noted, there have been a bit too many games that look exactly like this. I really can't distinguish between most of them.

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This seemed like a very good one of these. Had some weight to it!

Of course, I mostly came into the comment section trying to find people going crazy about them missing the "share" button in multiplayer that's RIGHT THERE, GOD :D

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I saw a "SHARE" label when you guys were messing around in the post-level equipment interface (19:41). Maybe poke around some more in there, might be a way to swap items.

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New microphone for the commentary?

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Did not expect to click on a Quick Look of a twin stick roguelite shooter to be almost immediately greeted with a discussion of the ship of Theseus.

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The soundtrack is from Dan Terminus album "The Wrath of Code". Its on his bandcamp and the whole album is also on Spotify!

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This looks exactly like Nuclear Throne. Music Style/Screen shake/Art

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I got this after seeing it played last UPF. It’s fun, but I still prefer Nuclear Throne.

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@julesodies: While I would much rather play Nuclear Throne than this, the soundtracks aren't similar.

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@beachthunder: this game looks cool but I feel the same way about Isaac, despite doing everything there is to do on the PS4 version (for now) when I play Nuclear Throne or Gungeon it just doesn't hook me like Isaac does. A lot of it has to do with the crazy item synergies and how overpowered you can get I guess.

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Really liked Nuclear Throne. Isaac never clicked with me. Definitely going to buy this over the next sale.

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Isaac is a hundred percent about the item synergies and zero percent about being competent as a dual stick shooter, so I can't understand comparisons between that and this game, Nuclear Throne, etc.

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I keep hearing that people may be getting sick of pixel art games, but dammit, I love them. I'm always excited for a well made game with cool looking pixel art.

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I was super interested in this game, but didn't end up playing more than an hour or two. It looks really nice, and feels alright, but it's also very easy and the loot management stuff is so awkward that I quickly started to dread finishing a level and having to compare weapons (And, I love loot games). The field of view and the weapon range both feel too short. You also can't really move fast enough to effectively dodge shots without dashing, so I ended up just triggering enemies and moving backwards while shooting over and over.

Overall I just thought it was kind of boring?