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Excuse me, I'm a social justice wizard. And as a wizard, that's looks fucked up.

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This is the one video I always come back to on this site. Never not entertaining

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So several things (1) boy this was great you really need to do the second of these as I hear it is even more crazy. (2) I am very far from a SJW and yes that was most assuredly a rape now that is a big thing for an American game especially at the time (and what the fuck is she doing staying in that house after that) but if you step behind this curtain here let me show you what Japan has been doing the last few years .... a little thing I like to call RAPELAY!!!

Oh and the ending music - that was a famous song in the 90's I believe I had heard it before watching this and I don't think I had seen the game before. I believe I heard it on the radio in the 90's.

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After the relatively murder-free Part 1, the murder and rape really ramp up in Part 2. The rape is really, really uncomfortable, even with the bad acting. Also, a lot of heads were split apart. And that was Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria.

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I went into these videos thinking that this would be a real shitfest, but it turns out that there's a lot here that I sincerely like. It's clunky and poorly-acted in the way any FMV game should be, but it's kind of compelling and atmospheric in its own weird ways.

As far as the ending is concerned, I'm not sure what more was expected from it. Saving Don and living a happy life again would be sappy horseshit. Maybe it's not completely perfectly wrapped up, but so what?

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This is the best! Always love coming back to this Random Game series. Especially at the 30 minute mark "Yup, she fixed her hair, it's done" had me actually laughing out loud at work.

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I love how the skull guy seems to get fed up with enigmatic statements and gives straight-up spoilers near the end. What a car crash of a game. Great entertainment with Vindawg and Hardcore Dave though!

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Boy, it's real echoey outside today, huh?

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Seems I never commented on this...not sure why, because this was even more brilliant the first time I watched it! Would definetly loose half of it's charm without V&D commentary, of course.

Spycraft in the latest UPFs has been a pretty good FMV feature, but I'd still like to see an adventure game played instead. Some Gabriel Knighting, thank you!

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@rox360 said:

Well, that was definitely one of the best worst things I've ever witnessed.

It's just so great/terrible/great again, right?

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My premium sub just paid for itself! I want to see more of this kinda thing, playing through awesome old games :)

Oh, and Dave & Vinny make a good team!

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She sleeps with her shoes on.

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After watching all of this, I have to say this game was kind of awesome.

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Well, that was definitely one of the best worst things I've ever witnessed.

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not a single mention of the shining anywhere?

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@Abendlaender: Agreed

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I was really hoping they would not miss the clay pot bit. I was not disappointed.

I do agree that the key problem with this game is that it lingers too long on reactions.

The wall breaking part was hilarious. For some reason, they could not just simply fade to black and fade back in with the hole completed.

One other thing of note is that Adrienne can run all over the house from Don. If you can get down to the theater, you get an extra disturbing scene involving the housekeepers.

This guy has some videos of how elaborate the chase scene can get:

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I watched this drunk and it is the very best thing

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@MistaSparkle said:

GG. This was awesome. Way worth a subscription.

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GG. This was awesome. Way worth a subscription.

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Was a really great video feature, but Dave's tendency to accidentally skip things, and his impatience toward the end, was really tough to deal with when you're actually invested in watching them uncover and play through the game. If you're growing that impatient toward a game, it's time to stop and play it again another time. That ending 25 minutes or so was actually really unpleasant to watch when Dave was basically just cheating his with through the final chapter as fast as he could. How is that enjoyable to anyone?
Still hope they play Phantasmagoria 2, though. But it would've been better if Vinny was playing.

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Vinny's passive inner-monologue voice for Adrienne is hilarious.

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@cbarnes86 said:

Are you all ever going to play through the second one?

Also, this ending is about 100 times worse than Mass Effect 3, so anyone bitching about, shut it.

there juuust may be a slight difference in investment time there... like, 5 hours to ME's 100+ hours. Not to mention attachment to relationships you forge and whatnot. Not that I'm passionate one way or the other about ME3's ending, but yours is a ridiculous argument.

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Are you all ever going to play through the second one?

Also, this ending is about 100 times worse than Mass Effect 3, so anyone bitching about, shut it.

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Glad I finally got around to subscribing, so I could watch this.

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Dear Vinny and Dave,

Please play Phantasmagoria 2



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Super awesome!

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Dear Vinny and Dave,

Please play Phantasmagoria 2



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Lol did this inspire Zoltan from dude wheres my car?

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Man, that was awesome.

Next random ass PC game they do should be in the same vein as this, hopefully.

Black Dahlia or Gabriel Knight:The beast within or something like that.

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After the rape scene, Vinny saying "The fuck was that?" Had me rolling for some reason.

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Best random PC game yet thank the universe that you guys are on Roku so I can watch awesomeness like this from my couch and laugh my ass off @ awkward rape scenes

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the sex scene had me rolling... Dave has the best laugh

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NIce vid, glad i got a premium membership...

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Best endurance run ever!

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love to see you guys tackle the sequel 'Puzzle of the Flesh', that game is... interesting

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This is amazing.

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Nice Ren & Stimpy reference Dave

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Never go full retard with the southern boy cliches!

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Great stuff. Nice work guys.

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Can anyone confirm that they played this censored or uncensored?

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Kind of a bummer they didn't do the chase scene. Its really funny, plus you find out that Don killed Cyrus and Harriet. In fact, this game has a lot of optional scenes that you can totally miss.

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Dave knows Latin? That's pretty cool!

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These two videos were the first things that I've watched with my premium account. Purchase already justified.

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That funnel scene at 50:30 gave me nightmares for months when I was a kid. I never got past that point because I was too freaked out to start up the game again.

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Great endurance run

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To everyone saying this was their Endurance Run for 2011...I totally agree. It was pure entertainment and Vinny and Dave play off each other so well. Thanks guys. Keep 'em coming.

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This is my favorite thing on Giant Bomb. THANKS DAVE AND VINNY!