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I like how these trained professionals can't manage to even side step or slowly back up while firing a gun.

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WOW. Skinny Brad/Beard Brad.

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Free on Playstation Plus as of today. Already playing through it 3 years ago on 360 but with RE6 being a huge bust, and having a friend with PS+ to play with, I'm really looking forward to playing through it again.

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Beard Shoemaker!

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Brad needs to get that beard back.

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@Lind_L_Taylor said:
"Bring back Bearded Brad. "

I agree with you duude , we want Bearded Brad back.
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The hot dog monster scared the shit out of me.
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Holy shit, Brad has a beard in this video! Awesome stuff.

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@SammydesinasNL said:
" PAUSE AT 1:46! "

Why? I don't get it.
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Bring back Bearded Brad.

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12 hrs? I got through it in 9

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This game is incredible

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I cannot get over the fact the Brad once had a beard...Awesome!

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@Jackel2072 said:
" @Godlyawesomeguy said:
" RIP to video reviews. obviously they dont make them anymore, very sad, very sad. They were my favorite. "
huh? "

That comment is very old, it was made during the drought of video reviews, you can disregard it now. 
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@Godlyawesomeguy said:
" RIP to video reviews. obviously they dont make them anymore, very sad, very sad. They were my favorite. "
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PAUSE AT 1:46!
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this is the least scary resident evil game ever!

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RIP to video reviews. obviously they dont make them anymore, very sad, very sad. They were my favorite.

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That spider at the end!! My god, I was eating at that time...
Thanks any way, you saved me from buying a game that  would probably freak me. I like more the Silent Hill style of horror. No spiders and things like that in there.

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damn spiders

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Hasn't been a video review for a bit since this.

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Oh My, Brad is a total Dreamboat!

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"I'm a couple hours into it right now and I have to say I'm quite enjoying it!!!"-  SoFuLL     thats what she said.

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Love you Brad, and I know how much you like MGS, but i have to disagree with you on the whole, RE5 being the best looking game of this generation, MGS4 is easily the best looking game of this gen, and you know that too.

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Nice review Brad. I can't wait to get this.

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Absolutely loved this game from start to finish. I felt it could have been a little faster paced in the middle part, but after that it sure as hell ratchets up.

I was actually let down by both Gears 2 and Killzone 2, the first because it was a little too buggy when it came to bosses which kind of spoiled the atmosphere, and Killzone 2 just never got me thrilled or excited at any point. RE 5, I felt, fell into neither of these traps. The game is so damn exciting and tense throughout, and it was kind of interesting how some of the bosses seemed to mirror some of the bosses in Gears 2, but executed so, so much better.

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Brad "I Talk With My Hands" Shoemaker

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Resident Evil 5 is just AMAZING!  I'm playing co-op alot. 

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Just finished the game.  Have to say I loved it, all of it.
It also turns out that I suck at Mercenaries but I will get better.

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Love this game

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Hmm. I do believe that this is the first RE game I will be buying.

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It's a game, nothing can ever be offensive in it if you're already going around killing people. This applies to any game. So people should STOP WHINING!

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I'm sure there was no ill intent when saying it, but it's not the first time I've heard or read about Sheva being equated to a "mule" character. That's probably not helping to douse the flames of racial controversy concerning this game.

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Those who were expecting it to be the second comming of jesus will be disappointed.
Those who expected RE4 with awesome next gen graphics will love it.
I'm a couple hours into it right now and I have to say I'm quite enjoying it!!!

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eh..not a fan

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rofl at the ending

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Great review, cant wait to get the game this weekend!

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This QOTW=The noby noby boy contest(fail)

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I wish people would stop complaining about the controls. Did any of you play Resident Evil 4? If you haven't, do yourself a favor and pick it up. I'm not for the whole argument that "Bad controls make the game scarier" because that's just BS. The controls are in no way bad, and simply do a great job of adding to the intensity of any fight. The only thing that was stopping me from looking forward to RE5 was the concept of co-op through the entire story. I don't like the entire game relying to heavily on co-op - Army of Two is what comes to my mind, and that has no place in Resident Evil or the Survival-horror genre in any way. What would have been great is if they did something like add a few co-op chapters as a bonus, such as a gameplay mode similar to that of "Separate Ways," or give you the option of playing co-op in Mercenaries.

Another thing about the game I'm shaky on is the inventory management. I loved the way that worked in Resident Evil 4 with the blocks of space and all your items taking up a set amount of space. I managed that crap obsessively. Like I had OCD or something. I will no doubt miss doing that in RE5. And I'm totally with Brad on the Merchant.
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The alternate costumes work in the cutscenes, which is about as sure as you can get they're not FMV in this case.
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I really feel this sudden urge to go buy RE5 now, and I think I just might.

And another great ending to the review.

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Almost everything in the review is from the first half of the game, so you've still got plenty of stuff to see.
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The game looks amazing no doubt but I am bummed that the controls are simple a port of RE4.  I understand fans of RE4 will object to my opinion because they assume its a negative however, I was hoping that it would be more fast paced ever since the first trailer came out, the one showing the infected sprinting towards Chris.

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I think most of us can agree that Resident Evil 4 is better, but RE5 is still great.

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Good Review Brad. Couldnt agree more. Especially on the graphics. This game is amazing looking. Props to capcom.

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I'll rent it, nice ending by the way