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Edit: okay I actually watched the video now. Art style is awesome but not sold on the gameplay.

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Thought it looked shit at first. Then suddenly when I realised it wasn't some crappy RTS I decided that it looks like the best game at E3 for me. Batman Doom is my favourite mod of all time and I absolutely love Zeno Clash. 
Don't disappoint me ACE.

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Soooo....a paper mario tower defense game?
I dont get it....

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"Destroy armies and castles with a giant boulder" 
Also, the friggin boulder has a face on it.

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Posted By Gringor

holy shit. 

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Posted By MeatSim

Those people have bigger problems their made out of paper.

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Posted By Blair

I wish the Zeno Clash people went in another crazy direction.  The story of Zeno Clash was so weird and abstract that I really pushed myself to see every bit of it.  A totally new and foreign, story-based game is what I really want from them.

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Excellent. I love these guys.

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Awesome! ACE Team is the shit, ya know.

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Hahaha, awesome.  Trailer made me crack up in the best way possible.

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...dude, awesome. "Destroy enemy armies and castles with a giant boulder." made me laugh.

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o_O I don't even know what to make of this.

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hahahaha good stuff.

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Yes! I love the crazy unique art styles from these guys! I hope to see a ton of stuff from them in the future!

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If you can in fact destroy enemy armies and castles with a giant boulder. Then i'm basically sold.

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Great, simple idea for a downloadable.

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Looks cool, but I'm not into tower defense.

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looks fun, but I thought I heard they were working on an open world game set in the zeno clash universe.  oh well.

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Gameplay a little questionable, but, if its cheap it's a must buy.

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Loved the Georgian choir music with the art style. Anything from Atlus is worth taking a look at.

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Always like games that offer different art styles through the game.

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Rock should have a face.
Oh, it does.

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 So..."Odama" then, but with a different art style and some royalty free "requiem"

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Seriously?  Awesome.

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Wait ... what??

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just wait, a badass white rabbit is the final boss.

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Freaking incredible.

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Oh, weird. I want it.

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i'd like to see some zeno clash 2 stuff though. 

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Wow, dreadful version of 'Dies Irae' but good to hear some gregorian chant in a trailer too. Looks weird gameplay wise o_O

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What a weird, crazy idea. Love the art style. Atlus continues to publish amazing games.

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That rock has a face on it.

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Best idea for an art style that I've EVER seen.
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Should've been named Rock the Ages, yeah!

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This game just won me over with the craziness of the idea and eccentric art style. I love it.

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Looks brilliant! Reminds me of those Monty Python animated shorts.
In terms of gameplay, I'm a fan of smashing things with giant boulders - sold.

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looks really cool i liked there last game

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looks like goofy fun