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Just got around to watching this and I loved the DayZ segment. Also, downloading at 20-30 MB/second! Wish I had your internet!

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These puppies... are makin' me thirsty!

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Puppy Chat is the best show EVER

hope there is more of this in the future .

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Whatever your comment is.

@turboman 48:00 .......

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I could watch Vinny and Jeff play Windjammers & Vinny and Drew play Nidhogg for a very long time.

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So I know DayZ's resource scarcity makes each find that much more of a high, but man, it just makes the game so boring. Hours and hours of running around to find almost nothing.

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somebody get that poor lady a tampon asap!

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I love how the dog in the video at about 1:54:30 totally looks like she's scared of the sound of Drew's helicopter starting up.

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I just watched a pantsless Drew axe Vinny while Rorie watched a video of a bulldog in a hoodie roll down a hill. Only on Giant Bomb.

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The day z footage was great, hoping that becomes a regular feature at some point!

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Loading Video...

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@rorie, just noticed your Rainer Maria shirt, that's awesome. First saw them in DC at The Black Cat, didn't know anything about them, just went to hang out with a friend. Fell in love with them, as everyone else in the crowd that night did. Met Caithlin, very cool, classy lady. Shame they're not doing their thing anymore.

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So vinny is really good at nidhogg

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the more I watch Nidhogg, the more convinced I am that the spawns are complete bullshit.

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@theatrchick99: I admit, I am not one for pups most of the time, but I can't deny that pup's adorableness.

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Danny believes the US will end up like Ukraine?

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And Drew joins the Military Surplus group, LOL well done

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All of my rage when I've played 17 hours of Day-Z Standalone and haven't even touched a gun.

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That's some crazy menstruation situation!

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I like how Ian's dual-screen Halo setup lives on.

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@csl316: Ha looks like the song "What the world needs now is love" should be played as the background music.

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That was a one-in-a-million shot Drew:D

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"Have you heard the one about the Shoe the Sneaker and the Sock!!"

darn it !
darn it !

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Hahaha, amazing.

Great show, wheres the ending though?

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What would we ever do without Vinny?

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"Arma as fuck" is one of the best Giant Bomb moments ever.

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The Day Z portion makes me want to get that game just so i can get a gang together that rolls around and forces people into a giant mobile dance party.

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