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I enjoy bitching about the fall of Saints Row and reminiscing on what could've been after how good SR2 was... but of all the things I'm irked by, it's that I want some more Oleg. I need me some Oleg.

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@roboculus92: This is something I had been thinking about quite a bit. Ryan will never get to play the games he'd been anticipating on the podcast, it pissed me off so much.

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@roboculus92: dude, in heaven they already have saints row 5.

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The fact that Ryan will never be able to play this is a god damn travesty.

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Fuck Cancer or Let them Eat Cake? Fuck Cancer!

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Looks great. Writing-wise this series is on a roll lately.

I can't wait to find out how they managed to get both Shaundi's in this game.

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That's about how I remember the ID4 speech by Bill Pullman.

I wish people could explain how Independence Day can be abbreviated 'ID4.'

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Yeah, that looks about the right mixture of awesome and stupid. Topping a masterpiece that was Saints Row the 3rd will be hard, but this gives me hope.

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Oh god why are my pants all wet?

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words cannot describe how much i need this fucking game in my life!!! GIMMIE THIS NOWWWWW!!!

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Ohhh god just when I thought I couldnt want this game any more than I currently do and then I watched this trailer! August cant come quick enough

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@meatball said:


You said it better than anyone.

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Those aliens look familiar. Kinda like the vorcha in Mass Effect but not quite.

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Just take my money already.

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WTF...it might be fun but it seems too crazy. I even thought SR3 was a bit much. Loved it but was hoping for something closer to SR2. Now it is a space shooter? Nothing gangsta left at all.

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Given their ability to produce a better game each time, I think Volition has earned enough credit for me to jump in feet first. This trailer makes the game look like everything it needs to be. Other than that spotty DLC for Saints Row: The Third, they've given me little reason to doubt them. Saints in 2016!

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That's about how I remember the ID4 speech by Bill Pullman.

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How can you deny this to anyone. Fucking Australia. Good thing I live in Ireland where even the priests are a bit "randy".

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@liquidprince: From everything I have read, yes you will finally be able to import a character from a previous game. :D

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I really hope that the game ends with Keith David admitting that he's really a clone of Julius who backed up his brain back in II after plastic surgery and he shoots you so you can wake up in a coma in the next game with "Tag You're It" carved into your face when you wake up in a totally made up pacific island nation and the first mission is to go get your kidney's back or find a couple of compatible donors who you do missions for to earn their kidney's. Why two donors? Because you just aren't a mono-kidney kind of guy..

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Does this have character importing from SR3?

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This is going to be so fucking dumb yessssss

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Where do I sign up?

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this looks fuckin crazy

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@slowbird said:

I hope my female character will be able to proposition Kinzie like that. You know, for the sake of equality.

Saints Row has been nothing if not about equality.

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My vaguely Eastern European lady President will save this planet

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I would physically shove cash into my PC's disc drive if it would get me this game sooner.

I just hope Jennifer Hale is still an option for my avatar's voice. She was great in 3, and the idea of hearing Shep and Anderson as the President & VP cursing like sailors brings a tear of joy to my eye.

she was never in 3, or in this one (for that matter).

If you're talking about female voice 1, that's Laura Bailey yo.

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You know Volition, you sold me with the last two trailers, now I'm even thinking of pre-ordering this and I never do that.

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Please, please tell me that somehow they got Rowdy Roddy Piper to cameo in this.

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I hope my female character will be able to proposition Kinzie like that. You know, for the sake of equality.

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Video game the video game.

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Simply amazing...

I won't make the mistake of waiting months to buy this game and having all the best parts spoiled for me like I did with SR3.. Day fucking one, for sure.

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I'm a little disappointed that this trailer seems to imply the Kinzie/Oleg romance didn't pan out.

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"I'm more of a puckish rogue."

Saints Row, I think I love you.

Yeah. that line absolutely nailed it for me.

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"I'm more of a puckish rogue."

Saints Row, I think I love you.

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Just cannot wait any damn longer for this, looks beyond wickedly cool.

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This game is better than The Last of Us.

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