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Skyrim - Now With Terrible Dragon Combat/Flying

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Wait. So, when does this take place? Where? Are you playing an entirely different character or what? What's the scoop here because all that told me was that I was going to get to fly dragons. Though, that may be worth my money alone.

EDIT: Okay. After a second watch, it seems to me that you are fighting the "Dragon Priest" A.K.A. the original Dragonborn.

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I knew there would be Morrowind DLC. :)

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@Xymox said:

Telvanni architecture. If you're asking "Do you want to go back to Morrowind?" I will reply "Take my money, Bethesda."


They should have called this expansion Rise of the Pack Guar.

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Sooo... the PS3 version will pretty much never get DLC, right? Or are they still claiming to be fixing it?

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Anyone remember Drakan!? This could be the Drakan replacement I've been searching for since the early 2000s!!

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Telvanni towers! Giant mushrooms! MORROWIND! I guess riding dragons is cool too. Maybe we can get some Highlander-style "eating the soul of another Dragonborn" action too.

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Is it all of Morrowind? Because I would throw down $30 for a proper "expansion" if it brought back all of Morrowind. Either way please for the love of god be better than Dawnguard.

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Wow. This actually looks really fucking fantastic, can't wait to play it.

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@RAMBO604 said:

Is it all of Morrowind? Because I would throw down $30 for a proper "expansion" if it brought back all of Morrowind. Either way please for the love of god be better than Dawnguard.

Just Solstheim.

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@AndrewB said:

@Xymox said:

Telvanni architecture. If you're asking "Do you want to go back to Morrowind?" I will reply "Take my money, Bethesda."


They should have called this expansion Rise of the Pack Guar.

Cannot agree enough. They even sneaked some of the ol' french horn into the theme. These bastards know what they're doing.

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Woah man you rock, thanks! I just redeemed this.

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*EXPLODES FROM EXCITEMENT (casting gory bits of MattGrant on everyone in the immediate vicinity; sorry!)*

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Wow this looks awesome. I don't have any time for Skyrim right now unfortunately but when I do I'll be picking this up for damn sure.

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Going back to Solstheim! Pardon me while I'll go jerk off to that thought.

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Looks like I'll be buying this.

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I thought was making a The Rock reference...

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I'm ready to go back.

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Never picked up Dawnguard. Will probably pick this and that up at the same time. Could be a fun winter in Skyrim.

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It's Solstheim. All of this info came out a couple of weeks ago when people disassembled the beta patch.

Kind of annoys me that all the hype seems to be around flying a dragon when the rest of the content is way more interesting though.

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Redoran and Telvanni houses you say ???

I'm sold like I've never been sold on anything ever.

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Sounds like someone has a Skyrim Dragonboner. Maybe if you had a Dongguard, it would be less conspicuous.

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Alex I've heard of this convention that seems like it's right up your alley.

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Right on, this looks great!

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Eff yeah Netchs! Screw riding dragons I'm going home to Morrowind! (well near it)

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Holy shit ,i'm so happy Skyrim runs so well on my pc , can't wait for this !

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The trailers always look awesome, then you get in-game and the whole thing just looks so wonky. I know it's not part of the design philosophy, but this game would gain so much from a few cutscenes or scripted animations.

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Great. Now all I have to do is wait one more year for the game of the year edition.

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More like Dragonboner.

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This looks pretty cool so hopefully we won't have to wait too long.

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Well there goes the best piece of fanon lore ever written by probably Michael Kirkbride. Just the little bits of Dunmer towns negate the notion that Redoran and Telvanni were annihilated in the Red Year. Oh well, it's still fun to go through, even if now we can't even pretend it's true:


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I have the PS3 Version.

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Fuck yes!

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This + Macho Dragon mod = good time

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It's pretty suspicious that they're taking pc mods and charging money for them without crediting the modders.

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I like the Morrowind vibe I'm getting from this. Miss that game.

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Hmmm....do I pick up Dawnguard now, or just reinstall Morrowind with that crazy graphics mod.

My hype meter has been set to maximum with this trailer.

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I'm on motherfucking dragon, YEAAAH

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Mythical crotch rockets from the land of dueling kings

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Not mentioned in the blurb or video is that it's 20 damn dollars.

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Bethesda continue to look bad by remaining silent on the PS3 situation. They know that if they say anything about DLC on 360 and PC, or put any promotional media out there, the PS3 situation is going to come up. Why in god's name did they not plan ahead and say something today, anything, even if it is just "we are continuing to look in the situation". Its like they've gone catatonic.

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Skyrim has been out a whole year. Huh.

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Looks like it's time to transfer my 360 save to my PC again.

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Jesus fuck yes any reason to get back into Skyrim. Just hearing that music makes me pumped.

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When is this coming to PC???