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Posted By RainbowCarnage

God damn it Playstation! Fix your sh*t! Theres dragons that need slaying!

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Posted By bombedyermom

im definitely playing morrowind when i get home.

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Posted By StarErik

Where's Jay Baruchel?

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Edited By Krathoon

I assume this is the last DLC. Nice way to end it. Dragon riding and a taste of Morrowind.

I really need to finish this game.

Bethesda really got it right with this one. It is like the company got just the right amount of experience.

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Posted By KainCarver

Yeah, I look forward to not playing this on PS3...

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Posted By JCRamires

Oh boy, I can't wait until it comes out for the PS3... oh wait.

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Posted By Acheron

Oh man! I was hardcore Telvanni back when playing and modding Morrowind. I can't pass this up!