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@steevl said:

Ah, the Lesson of the Scepter. I think many of us have been there.

Haha, the lesson is "Never, ever actually use the scepter's attack".

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I think Patrick still really undervalues the boomerang. He left it behind for a dog! When he could've easily dropped the dog down to the next floor and got the dog later. The boomerang is worth keeping through the Jungle until you get a shotgun, because any ranged attack is better than your piece of shit whip, or the risk of jumping on the slightly more dangerous Jungle enemies. Boomerang is especially good for pesky mantraps (the venus flytrap things?) since you can't jump on them and whipping them is kinda risky.

Also, Patrick needs to remember you can throw the dog at lesser enemies to kill them, and it won't damage the dog, and I think no amount of unlucky bounces will cause it to hurt you if it ricochets back to your position (unlike thrown rocks and arrows, which can accidentally fuck you up).

I think it's a bad idea to anger the shopkeeper pre-Black Market unless you're super confident. Because you kinda need to the Black Market if you want to acquire dozens of bombs, and going to the Black Market once they're angry is quite risky.

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Patrick's face when Tunnel Man asked for his shotgun was priceless. It was a couple seconds of shock, followed by anger.

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That was great.

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@patrickklepek Two observations from 13 minutes in:

1) You have gotten so much better since the beginning. Seriously. So much more confidence in your play style. Really cool to see.

2) The way you narrate yourself using the royal "We" is hilarious. I know you're just referring to like, us, the audience, but I like to imagine you're a hive mind, or like the King of All Cosmos.

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This is what happened on my run of that daily challenge

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Patrick's been playing for a couple weeks and has already beaten Olmec? Must've taken me months of on-and-off play to do that.

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Scoops is killing it with content. Really enjoying it.

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when there is a shootgun in shop there is no need to waste bombs or use some icegun technic.

you can just pick up a shootgun and fire it immediately at shopkeeper.

quite easy and always work.

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Needs more bat tech son.

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Did over 280 runs with my Ninja dude and didn't beat Olmec once. Tried it with your purple chick and got him 2nd try, you're right, she wants it more. Also, I just picked this up on PC, after playing it for a while on Vita, and for some reason it seems much easier. Even though I don't like using the Xbox Controller as much. Seems like the seeds are more forgiving or something. That or maybe having it high res on a large monitor helped...

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Post-death despondent Patrick ruminated on his error as the shotgun blasts continued unabated.

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The scepter is some dangerous random shit. When I have it I almost never use it.

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Yeah... I figured out the pitfalls of the sceptre the same way.

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I really have no idea what you were trying to do with that shopkeeper during the daily challenge run today man. That shop wasn't even really worth robbing. Only thing there was a bomb bag.

But anybody who's ever held Anubis's scepter thing has done exactly what you did. We've all been there...

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OPPatrick got too cocky once he got the scepter. You were having such a good run before that too and were a shopkeeper killing machine. And then they got their revenge in the daily challenge.


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I was plagued by falls in this daily challenge, the worse being I jumped at the vine to the left there and could not grab ahold of it. That was the second vine in that level I had missed and took a hit because of it. I also stupidly walked under a spider early on for a hit.

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Patrick's many and varied reactions to Spelunky death are quickly becoming a highlight. :D

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Ah, the Lesson of the Scepter. I think many of us have been there.

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Patrick, this is now my favorite feature on the site. You're awesome.

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@voshinova: I find that most good runs of Spelunky involve a great deal of luck, really.

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Its absolutely STUNNING how many times Patrick gets lucky doing these!

Awesome feature!

Edit: Not to say Patrick's not good - dude's pretty good. <3

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Brain Fried best death reaction yet!

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It's like a gun. Be intensely respectful of the scepter, and always know exactly what you intend to do when you pull the trigger.

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I do love me some spelunkery

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This is kinda where tunnel man is useful. You can practice the temple and all of it's horrors faster.

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Nice! I just missed the live stream by a couple minutes

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I suspect there will be a death to "Psychic waves" Or spikes. One of the two.

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