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Woot woot, congrats! The end of a great feature. Moving on to Risk of Rain?

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*waits for the eventual Bindin' With Scoops*

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Congratulations, its been fun watching this feature.

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Or back to Spookin' please?

(Although the reserves may need to build up on that before we see it again)

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Amazing feature Patrick! Surpassed Unprofessional Fridays as my favorite content on the site. For anyone who is interested in the community daily challenge on PC join the Steam group here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gbspelunky

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Well done, Patrick. Well done.

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Well done, sir.

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This was really cool. Its all a matter of personal preference but I kind of can't handle watching Breaking Brad just cause of the way Brad plays Demon's Souls. (Which I realise is one of the main reasons a lot of people like that video series.)

Watching Paddy play Spelunky however is great fun and I hope to see more like this, especially excited by the talk of possible Binding of Isaac play.

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*waits for the eventual Bindin' With Scoops*


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Pretty fantastic series. Enjoyed the hell out of it. Looking forward to the next challenge. Now if only I could kill Yama myself....

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WHAAAT?! Can't believe I missed the end of this live, oh well. Great feature while it lasted, I'mma keep playing Spelunky for sure.

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Great show while it lasted! Thanks, Patrick!

I still have to watch this, though. :P

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Phenomenal conclusion to a great feature Patrick! Kudos sir. Thank you for the many hours of heart pounding Spelunky entertainment. Really looking forward to reading your essay about the experience with the game.

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One of the best features this site's ever had. Happy it came to its logical conclusion, especially after the incredible episode before when you died at Yama. I hope Jeff knows how good this series was and lets things like this continue to exist.

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Binding of Patrick? Patrisk of Rain?

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Congrats Patrick. I'm eager to see what comes next. Spelunky and Dark Souls are hard to match in their excellence, and how well they fit the format. BoI is a nice choice. I'm eager to see what the console version looks and feel like with native controller support, and if those improvement may eventually make their way to PC.

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Wow, congrats Patrick!

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Congrats Patrick. Knew you could do it. Been compelling viewing since this started and it's made my weekdays a whole lot better being able to watch live, hang out with the community, and hell, it even got me to start playing the game, recording my Daily runs and upload them myself for fellow duders to watch. Thanks.

I have no intention of stopping until I beat Yama as well. Here's hoping it's sooner rather than later, I haven't even made it as far as Olmec yet though.

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First day with the Pro HUD, first time beating Yama. Coincidence? I think not. #HailProHUD

Well done, Patrick.

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Congrats Patrick!

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Congrats! The smirk on your face when you opened your journal and confirmed the kill was priceless. Understated elation.

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Nice! It really isn't that difficult once you know what to expect. I'm definitely going to start trying hell runs now.

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Congrats! The low and high of yesterday and today were great. Though I think you're definitely right - the hard part is getting to Yama, as long as you have the right tools when you get there and relax when fighting him.

Binding of Isaac? Risk of Rain? Both great, though honestly each time I've beaten Risk of Rain solo it's felt kind of cheap and that game can be all about good item drops and portal placement. Binding of Isaac is also item-dependent, but I definitely would put it more in the Spelunky vein of learning the game, using resources you get, and reacting appropriately to challenges. And it's got the great curve of Spelunky - initial challenge to even get through early levels, then first boss, then later challenges that open after you've finished the basic game.

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So ends the Spelunky endurance run.

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Awesome final installment, congrats Patrick! #beatremo #hailremo

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Also archive wont have the chat craziness of people being in other people's account like some dude in patrick's account. Hilarious.

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This was definitely my favourite feature on the site while it lasted. Can't wait to see what you do next.

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Glad to have taken the trip with you! I look forward to see where you take things next and thanks for encouraging me, indirectly, to pick up the game even though I also had no interest in playing nor have I panned out initially to be any good at it.

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@deathpooky: There's definitely imbalance in the classes for Risk of Rain too - if you're playing as the Huntress, you're guaranteed to finish the game on normal difficulty for certain, regardless of the drops.

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@heatdrive88: Yeah, the different classes are interesting, but some are much better and some are downright useless, especially in solo play. Huntress is good, and I also like the Acrid for making solo runs. Get some health regen, some drones, some damage, and kite around like crazy.

Binding of Isaac is a much purer experience like Spelunky.

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Someone please make a .gif of Patrick dancing at the end.

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Well done Patrick! Amazing. Thanks for all the content. Your skill is impressive.

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That was a great end to a great feature. I've been watching spelunkin' with scoops since the beginning and not only have I enjoyed it greatly it also lead me to play Splunky after writing it off as well. So thanks Patrick and congratulations! I'm looking forward to what you do next, whether that be Binding of Issac or whatever. Good Game!

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He did it? I doubted he'd ever get to Olmec again after day one. Well done.

And yeah, Binding of Isaac would be wonderful.

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Beat Remo a-a-and Hail Remo? They said it couldn't be done!

@heatdrive88: Yeah, the different classes are interesting, but some are much better and some are downright useless, especially in solo play. Huntress is good, and I also like the Acrid for making solo runs. Get some health regen, some drones, some damage, and kite around like crazy.

Binding of Isaac is a much purer experience like Spelunky.

Yeah, for sure, Huntress and Acrid. They're not even OP, they're just the only classes that have any ability to kite effectively and stay away from all the mobs while solo. Everyone else is terrible. Sometimes you can cheese your way pretty far with the Enforcer if you're careful about when you switch modes, but I've still never reached the final level with him.

I'd go so far as to say the game isn't fun by yourself. I swear nothing scales at all based on number of players, and given how minimally player damage increases as you level up, it seems like literally the whole is balanced around you having 2 players (or more, I guess).

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@patrickklepek Congratulations! Speedlunky is always fun to attempt, and the runs go quick. All the achievements are kind of fun to get when you just want more Spelunky.

At this point I think you might be better off waiting for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth which will have tons more stuff on a supposedly better engine (original was flash), and simple standards like built-in gamepad support this time around. Edmund's site mentions the possibility of a daily / shared random seeds as well. It should be coming soon but you could always play the original for a bit to better compare the two.

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Spunkin' with scoooopppss! Thankyou for not making this a premium feature. I haven't actually watched any of your runs live because of school.. and only 'got into them' in past few weeks. but it was great fun skimming through some of the video afterward, and sharing some of those moments. Same with the Dark Souls feature. Congratulations and keep doing your thing! It was very positive and refreshing to tune in to these features.

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Congrats, duder! This feature was great. It's been a blast watching you guys get into games like Spelunky, 999, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, XCOM and the Souls series. Keep 'em comin!

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There is no more perfect a followup to yesterday's heartbreak than rising up like a phoenix from the ashes. Good job Patrick.

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Would love to see some Spelunky death match games in the cards office that would be fun.

And congratulation Klepek!