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Congrats, Patrick.

I started playing the game much more seriously since your feature started, the farthest I've gotten is 4-2, but compared to not being able to get past the Mines (like in the beginning), I'd say I've learned a great deal.

Keep up the amazing work!

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Lots of drama. I've only played Spelunky for around 6-8 hours, but it seems like the shotgun and jet pack are pretty critical. I've played the game mostly blind and I've reached the temple a few times so I don't know how well I'm doing. I've only been able to get the shotgun once in all that time.

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Very well done Patrick. It's been great seeing you grow in confidence from being a Spelunky scrub all the way to a bonafide Spelunky gangsta.

And, @patrickklepek, if you could do one final Spelunkin' stream with Max, Tommy and whoever else in the Cards offices, that would be a special kind of awesome. This has been such a great feature to follow along and enjoy.

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Awesome job Patrick. I'm, really glad to see you finally beat Yama.

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Loved this feature and love this game. Great work Patrick.

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Well done, Patrick! This video series has been one of my favorites as well, being a long-time Spelunky player, and it inspired me to fire it up again and beat Yama.

Hate to say it, but...

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Now I've seen it. Congrats.

I liked the whole "I want to get the daily out of the way", you sure did! :D

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@reed32 said:

Congrats Patrick! As someone who enjoyed this feature, I highly recommend The Binding of Isaac to be shown on the site.


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Spelunkin' with Scoops? More like Spe-luck-in' with Scoops, am I right?


...Am I mildly upset that Scoops beat Yama and the time I killed Yama I died trying to make it to the exit?

No, of course not! What gives you that idea? What do you mean you didn't ask me that? Why else would I have brought it up (for like the 50th time since it happened a week or so ago)? Certainly not because it bothers me...

Actually I'm more upset that this feature won't be a regular thing anymore. I liked it. Yet again requesting some co-op with Max at some point in the future.

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Scoops Death Compilation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjIQ1jkP6Iw&feature=youtu.be

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I had never heard of the game before this feature on Giantbomb. I play it whenever I have the time, love it. However, I am still horrible at it.

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@ronot6000: Yeah, pretty much. For better or for worse Brad plays games in a way that no one else does and for some that is very entertaining. Personally I find it infuriating but they also don't make it for me. Just the way it is.

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Congrats Patrick! As someone who enjoyed this feature, I highly recommend The Binding of Isaac to be shown on the site.

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@euandewar: Sorry, I just joined, is that really the point of breaking brad? I was confused because he chose to play the game online then complained for 4 episodes about someone invading him.

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@richiejohn: Really? Then he should try to find a way to play Don't Starve in this format. I started back up recently and it works really well with a controller, and the mods for it are pretty rad (including the OP Link mod.)

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Congrats on making it to the end! Kind of sad to see the feature go, but all things must eventually come to an end.

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Its a bit disappointing that beating Yama is simply sitting on the edge of the screen and mashing the X button. Wish it was more of a battle.

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Congrats Patrick! Some really hairy moments in Hell, but you recovered well.

It's been an amazing feature to look forward to every day, and tomorrow will be tough without it there to break up my working day.

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Duuuuuuuuuder, that grin that appeared on your face when you checked your journal was awesome. Job well done good sir, it's been quite a journey! Hopefully I can take some lessons from this into my own Spelunky game. :)

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I say wait for Rebirth for BOI. It'll have a daily challenge so would fit this feature more.

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Congrats, Patrick.

As someone who's burnt out on playing & watching Spelunky, it would be fun to see some Co-op in the future with 2 or more people involved.

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Thank you for this fantastic feature Patrick. It's been a fun ride! (And i hope that you'll occationally stream with the guys at the cards against humanity office, those streams are a ton of fun!)

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Congrats Patrick! Job well done! Would love to still see you play more Spelunky from time to time.

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Congrats Patrick!

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What a great run to go out on. Looking forward to whatever's next!

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The end of an era! Thanks Patrick for all the fun with Spelunky.

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Well done Patrick, now on to new frontiers. Leave no stone unturned, on to Dota2! :P

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Man, that ending was emotional. THANK YOU @patrickklepek for this feature, it has been wonderful.

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Congrats Patrick! =)

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Semi-related (I mean, from the Patrick vs Remo angle), did you guys see this??

Loading Video...

AMAZING. I was laughing so hard. We should really consider doing something like this in 2018 for the ten-year Giant Bomb anniversary...

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The same day Scoops beat Yama, I made it to hell and up to Yama for the very first time...where I was knocked down from the very top of the level by a bat. I had a perfect setup going but it just wasn't meant to be.

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Oh wow I really thought that bat at the end was gonna kill you. Imagine the despair, the gnashing teeth, the pulling of hair.

I'm almost disappointed. Almost.

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Two men enters... ONE man leaves. Glory and riches to the Scoops. Yeah I don't playing the forums cuz people suck but I started playing Isaac and love it. Hope you get into it as well. I know it would kick start me even more. Good work!

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Spelunky has pretty good music. I at this point hate it.

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Imagine if that bat would've got em right at the end there.

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Was such a pleasure to watch this feature Patrick. I had so much fun watching you die......wait.....

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Congratulations sir! I've started playing the last few days now thanks to you. I aim to one day beat Yama just as you did! :D

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What a season it's been!

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Congratulations man, it was great :D watch it everyday :D This feature will be greatly missed :( But I can't wait to see what feature you do next :D :D

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Gonna be sad to lose out on the 'leaderboard" experience when he moves on to other Roguelikes; Spelunky's leaderboards are the first I've ever cared about, and I'm only playing against a couple of friends.

But congrats, Scoops! I went and pushed through to beat Yama myself last week because of this feature, and I probably only succeeded because I learned quite a lot of techniques from you and the rest of the Chicago crew.

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Kind of regret that I saw this on the site! Usually I watch the twitch archive sometime between stream and upload. Later watching it than usual; a little anti-climactic when the video description gave it away.

Anyway, fantastic end to what was a great feature. In a strange way, I'm glad it's over. The last couple of days, as tense as they were, were a lot less interesting to watch just because of the lack of commentary. Lots of dead spots in that regard. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely understand the reasoning for it: to accomplish your goal and beat Yama, you really needed to focus. Still a little disappointing, because Spelunky is cool but I come for the Scoops. I was kind of dreading you not being able to beat Yama, and going through days of the focus heavy streams that were light on commentary.

You're so, so much better at carrying a solo video like this with your commentary than you were in some of the earlier Spookin' with Scoops videos -- I truly, truly enjoyed listening to you as you went about learning the game and trying out new strategies and the like. Really looking forward to whatever game you do decide to stream next. Oh, and congrats!

And, actually, one last thing: this many streams and only one Dave Lang day? Shock and outrage. Shock. And outrage.

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i wish there was an easy way to capture vita because i have a sneaking suspicion that will be *the* version of binding of isaac.

but also congratulations patrick! i like spelunking a lot. the dave lang stream is my favourite all round video from this site, like, maybe ever.