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The Kief could get you at any time.

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Alex looks creepy as hell in the inro picture. Brad looks pretty wicked too.

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When you ask for user questions, Kiefer goes a little nuts.

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Posted By Rabid619

Ha that's a perfect screencap for this video. I didn't notice the "Love never ends" at the time of the show.

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Posted By Toug
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Look at me.

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Posted By drumpsycho89


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Posted By Asger

Does Patrick love Giant Bomb? Us?

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Posted By citizencoffeecake

Good, I missed it last night.

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You Sutherland sympathisers disgust me!!1!

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Posted By GoldSoundz

Please keep doing these videos when you move back to Chicago!

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White Face played by Kiefer Sutherland.

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Yay new Spookin'!

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Posted By chrismafuchris

Love these videos

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You're looking delightfully evil with your facial hair Patrick.

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Posted By andmm

47:40 is hilarious. Laughed my ass off yesterday

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Posted By TheManWithNoPlan

Kiefer Sutherland is a Hero. Great Spookin with Scoops.

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Posted By Hameyadea

Close the window faster Patrick, he's right behind you!

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Posted By danlongman

I always have issues with Spookin' as far as having to buffer repeatedly. Not sure why its just these videos. Am I the only one though?

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Posted By RockyRaccoon37

Man there is nothing more entertaining than watching Patrick get scared constantly while playing Slender.

SO much fun.

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@patrickklepek Here's hoping you do a Spookin' with Routine when it comes out: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92985806

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Kiefer Sutherland is the only one who can save us from the ghooooost!

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I love these! Looking forward to the next one.

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Posted By TheOrz

I went into this thinking "Oh there's no way Patrick's Cry of Fear bit will be better than the one Lowtax is doing".

And then Patrick almost kills himself with picture frames.

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Edited By Jonny_Anonymous

Why does Spookin have to be premium, it's like the only thing on GB I actually really want to watch

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Coming out of our Shells!

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Posted By vilhelmnielsen

I love this feature. Never stop, Patrick!

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@jonny_anonymous: payed for premium last year, havent even looked back since. Its way worth all the random crap. Tons of long videos with lots of goods

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Just gonna leave this here.

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Edited By Xymox

Getting a lot of artificing after the picture dropped. Did something break? Video keeps flashing every couple of seconds.

Edit: OK yeah it got addressed later on in the video.

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Edited By randombattle

Didn't Patrick say he played Cry of Fear and it got him real good before during the quick look or something? I'm surprised that it worked the second time.

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Edited By KarlPilkington

It's pretty amazing that it was a Sutherland picture that fell.

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Edited By Nekroskop

Two scare cams? Patrick overload!

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Edited By BluPotato

Patrick is getting really good at setting these things up. It's come a long way from the first couple of shows.

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Posted By Darson

That's one creepy fuckin thumbnail.

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Edited By marblecmoney

Love these! The fact the picture fell on him was great.

Can't wait for Patrick to get up and running in Chicago and do the next one.

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Woop another Spooking with dat Scoops XD can't wait for these to come back :D

Also I have to say thanks Patrick for playing the games 'right', meaning you don't try and brake the game you play it as 'intended' which helps create a good atmosphere and makes these videos really good to watch (though I do love it when you guys do brake games)

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Posted By mammo

You want to go back 10 seconds? Ehhhhhh, how about 45? I can do 45.

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Posted By InternetDetective

San Francisco just lost a curly-headed little angel.

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Posted By Krystal_Sackful

If I had a picture of Kiefer Sutherland, I'd let it beat me.

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Edited By JNeam

@randombattle: He only played the multiplayer during the quick look, and said he played single player for like 5 minutes.

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Posted By cooljammer00

@feikken said:

when is this guy gone?

Who, Kiefer Sutherland? He only makes a short appearance in the video when a photo of him falls off the table.

Unless you mean Patrick. Luckily, when he moves back to Chicago, features like Spookin With Scoops will be more frequent and plentiful. More Patrick! Yay!

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Edited By leinad44

@feikken: He's only moving. He's still going to be on the site, more stuff like this actually.

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Posted By automatontribe

Holy shit, both Maere and Cry of Fear severely creeped me out. I doubt I could ever get myself to play games like that on my own in the dark. So props to you Patrick, and thanks for this fantastic feature, I'm really looking forward to the next part even though it will be a while! And Call of Cthuluu seems like the perfect game for this feature, I've never played it myself but I remember the review Greg Kasavin did for it back in the day and it seemed really interesting.

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Edited By bybeach

I know one thing 'Scoops' I have a hell of a lot more respect and liking for you than I did at first. Besides a resentment of you going. Not of course that I am a suck-ass dick about things. You better not only refined your present projects like Spookin with... but think of new unbroken territory...for the crew damnit. Maybe a surprise visit by Vinny Or even Drew!)..your Lady Friend will love that picking up after them after work..so I 'd minimalize that one. But keep that work effort up!

Peace bro.

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Posted By Quarters

This is honestly becoming one of my favorite features. I'll really miss Patrick when he splits off from the main group. Hopefully he'll really keep stuff like this up, so he'll be gone but not forgotten.

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Posted By Cerberus3Dog

I love these videos!

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Posted By Dan_CiTi

That thumbnail would make a great album cover.

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Edited By Krathoon

They need to list the played games next to the video.

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