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Posted By Logan_Cale

Nice episode- the in-game video quality has improved by leaps and bounds. It looks great now. I'm really happy to see more Clock Tower. There's tons to discover, so here's a few tips and suggestions if you don't feel like looking at a FAQ yet:

B (on the SNES controller) is the "Panic Button". Its only function is to escape dangerous confrontations: mash it like crazy when you're attacked and your health meter starts flashing.

At the start of a new game, thoroughly investigate the room with the two beds. You're missing something that'll help you evade Scissorman.

In the same room, there's also a key piece of information to discover. In this game, as your character learns (or overlooks) certain things, it will automatically alter the course of events down the line.

As you're walking down the hall and the music cue starts, you should faintly hear water dripping. Try going in the bathroom instead of the foyer.

Finally, be aware that many key items are randomized in location between each new game, which can drastically change your route through the mansion. While it is possible to finish the game without picking up any keys, it's never in your interest to avoid them.

Looking forward to future episodes!

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Posted By PolygonSlayer

Awesome stuff. Can't wait for the Friday the 13th thing ;D

Also really would like to see, once your familiarized yourself with Clock Tower, that you give it a go to finish it. That game is really interesting to watch :D

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Posted By ComradeCrash

Fun stuff! Keep it up!

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Posted By Poppy_Persona

Fucking love this feature, the 2d games are working out really good thanks Tricks.

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Posted By Neurotic

One day, Patrick will defeat The Slender Man and it will be as glorious as when Brad shot that hostage taker in the head.

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Posted By jamesg

someone buy this man a pc

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Posted By MeatSim

Crackers! Crackers! Crackers!

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Posted By Paulmar



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Posted By porjos

Favorite series on the site, spanks Patrick

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Posted By colourful_hippie

I need more clock tower in my life.

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Posted By liako21

hotline miami is siiiiiiiiick!

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Posted By KlUMZeE

@patrickklepek: Quality is definitely getting better, and it's still entertaining as hell. Keep it up man, I can't wait to see more of these!

Also, once you have a better set-up for it, you should check out Alan Wake for one of these episodes if you've never played it. That game gets tense.

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Posted By mortigitempo

Can not wait for you to build a quality set-up so you can play more graphically intense stuff.

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Posted By JayCee

Man, I played the hell out of that Nightmare on Elm Street game when I was a kid. It wasn't great, but I did have fun with it with my friends.

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Posted By Xymox

Quality was really sharp this time. I'd want to see more of Lone Survivor and Clock Tower.. a faq might be good just to see more of what they're about.

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Posted By RanmaRanma

I'm enjoying these. Keep them coming.

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Posted By rickytherapper

Love this feature. Can't wait til you get your new PC!

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Edited By TheHumanDove


I wasnt sure if I was going to resubscribe, but YOU DONE GOOD

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Posted By csl316

This was great, and I gotta say that I love these home brewed videos. The office personas are dropped and it makes the crew even more relatable. Same as Jeff's Jars and the Ramblin' Rories.

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Posted By BD_Mr_Bubbles

Great stuff once again Patrick. thanks

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Posted By ultra2extreme

Dont stop scoopin spooks! Wait that int right

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Posted By htr10

Hats off to you, Patrick, my good man. You've added a feature to the site that has rapidly become one of my favorites to close out an evening with a beer in one hand and a beer in my other hand.

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Posted By diggler41

Thanks Patrick! I really enjoy these.

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Posted By Protag_B4P

It's Jasper BYRNE patrick! pronounced 'burn', everytime you say his name wrong my lungs collapse

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Posted By cikame

Really need to find some traction with a game at some point, i'd love to watch an ongoing struggle to beat Clock Tower.

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Posted By mezmero

Until the end of the month we should call the news Scoopin' with Spooks.

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Posted By Silver-Streak

The Nightmare On Elmstreet game was a fantastic multiplayer game. It is hard to verify which stages you can enter when, but generally you hold up on the first two houses (I can't remember which). The NES game is based of the third movie, as you eventually unlock the athletic/wizard/ninja powers like the kids gain in the 3rd movie. It's pretty great once you get into it, but no, it doesn't make a ton of sense.

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Posted By defe

I completely adore Lone Survivor and I like its way of handling things, but I understand that it's not for everyone. And one thing I will definitely comment on is the map. It took me about half of my first playthrough to get it. There's a part of the game that will more or less force you to learn to use the map. My best recommendation is to pull up the map, take a few steps, and see how your position has changed on the map due to it. And pay attention to where it puts you as you go through doors. You'll gradually pick up an intuition regarding how it works. Other than that I won't tell you how to do things since your choices are part of the fun of that game. Best of luck in the future. I'm really enjoying the feature.

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Posted By Irvandus

Hey this doesn't show up in the subscriber drop down

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Posted By development

@Fobwashed: How long have you been doing pixel art? Shit's amazing.

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Posted By Fobwashed

@development: Not too long. On and off for a few years maybe? Thanks =)

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Posted By betterinsodapop

This is fast becoming one of my favorite features. I hope we get to see more Lone Survivor!

Really looking forward to seeing the PC build and future games.

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Posted By bolognarock

I couldn't help but cringe every time Patrick mispronounced Chie. If this helps Patrick: Chie = Cheeay (like in Persona 4). Not CHEEE. Great stream, though! Sorry to nitpick!

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Posted By Tesla

Friday the 13th endurance run?

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Edited By BisonHero

@paulunga said:

You know, I've heard that "smiling" comment about Lone Survivor a few times now but I just don't see it. To me it always looks like a surgical mask. Also Trick's room was so dark that I didn't even realize the cam was still up in the lower right corner.

Edit: Oh god, him totally ignoring half the rooms almost drove me insane.

Yeah, for someone who likes survival horror, he sure doesn't like looking around for supplies in the slightest. Also, it's remarkable that 2 times he managed to find the hint for a thing AFTER finding the thing (found the map pointing him to Chie's place after visiting there, and found the note saying to check 205 for the scissors after already finding the scissors).

But this is coming from someone who got really wrapped up in Lone Survivor a month ago around Halloween, and started using a FAQ about halfway through when certain systems still weren't making sense to me (like the fact that the Director just never gives you the means to cook the ham unless you're playing the game PERFECTLY, which is frustrating because no one even knows what that means on their first time through). I don't regret using the FAQ at all; I think the game explains the combat perfectly well, but it's way too vague about the use of the pills, and it's also a real dick for never mentioning that your character has a hidden mental health meter that is affected by all sorts of arbitrary things that ultimately affect the ending you get.

Maybe it would give away too much, but it couldn't hurt to suggest that there are two paths through the game, one seeking the help of the blue pill (and the associated dream man) and the other seeking the help of the green pill (and the other associated dream man). As an indie game, you kind of have to be up front about important stuff like that if you want anyone to appreciate your game, because you'll be lucky if the average person even finishes it, so expecting them to mess around with it across multiple playthroughs is kind of asking a lot.

I know people bitch out the staff too much for missing "obvious things" in Quick Looks, but this video is kind of a clear case of it. It was sorta ridiculous how unwilling he was to actually take stock of what was in his inventory, instead just throwing up his hands and saying "Dammit, out of food". Also the part where Patrick will perseverate on what he thinks is the solution (eg. walking around Chie's room for like 2 minutes) instead of thinking "hey, maybe I should just look around more somewhere else". Nonetheless, glad he did the video, as the game is worth playing, and has a pretty cool implied story behind it, though it's hard to piece together on your own unless you read certain newspaper in the apartment complex AND draw meaningful conclusions based on them.

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