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Posted By kittencake

looks brilliant! also loving the electroswing soundtrack.

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Posted By oliver

 Buffy Carruth 

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Posted By ArchScabby


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Posted By ObsideonDarman

Oh my God this Game looks incredible!

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Posted By shellbelle2

This looks like the sleeper hit of the year, assuming it is released before years end.

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Edited By golguin

Just heard about this on the bombcast and the visual style looks insane.

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Posted By Tesla


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Posted By Shaanyboi

It's so damn insane.... I love it

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Posted By Wonloong

What am I seeing here?! This looks incredible!

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Posted By MisterMouse

i dont even know... was some one like... 
"yo we developed this sick technology for like... matryoshka dolls dude... we need to use it in something!"

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Posted By AngriGhandi

You know, as much as I hoped I would like it, Costume Quest ultimately seemed like a boring game set in a really interesting world. 
This, on the other hand, looks like a really interesting game, set in a world that is fucking crazy.
So I'm already about 200% more excited.

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Posted By AddyMac

Loved the Jeeves and Wooster remix.

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Posted By cjmhockey

Wow, looks awesome.

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Edited By MeatSim

I think I am sold.

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Posted By DeadMonkeys

This is incredibly silly.

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Posted By paulosaurus

Uh...  I want this? I think?

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Posted By Piranesi

It seems like focusing on downloadable games is proving the right decision for these guys if they can keep the quality of presentation and ideas as high as this.
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Posted By artofwar420

Not sure what the game entails, but the art style looks super creative and interesting.

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Posted By ZmillA


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Posted By HowDire

Looks great so far. Looking the art style and the setting

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Posted By fynne

That looks more like a cartoon than a game.  Pretty amazing stuff.

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Posted By hagridore

Damn, wish I was half as creative as the good folk at Double Fine.

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Posted By GrandMarshal

Sold! 3-0 to Double Fine now

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Posted By AURON570

reminds me of when i was a little kid and final fantasy 7 was one of my first video games, I was like "why are they going into each other =o?"

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Posted By oliveshark
@MaskedGamer: Couldn't have said it better myself. In a good way.
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Posted By Mister_Snig

Dear Double Fine, 
You are insane. 
Mister Snig

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Posted By StarErik

Great music.

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Posted By Overwatch

Amazing and insane!

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Posted By Meltac

Double Fine continues to amaze me! This looks amazing. 

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Posted By Orestes

That looks wierd and fun at the same time ! 
on my want list for sure

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Posted By FixtheFernBack


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Posted By ch3burashka

Awesome concept - it's been many a year since I've seen a matryoshka. I love Tim Schafer for being so damn eccentric and weird, to be able to think of stuff like this. 
I'm assuming he's the lead. If not, I'm glad he's able to gather like-minded people around him who are just as weird.

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Posted By Ben99

that was weird

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Posted By eccentrix

This looks great, I hope it lives up to the trailer and isn't Portal-short.

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Posted By Mustard

I don't think there's any question, here... I will be purchasing this. You all should as well.

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Posted By Killroycantkill

This game looks really awesome. Double Fine never fails to impress.

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Posted By RoyCampbell

Costume Quest was amazing (can't WAIT for DLC!!!), and going off of that, I have high hopes for this one. 
I've no idea what's going on in the trailer though. Looked neat.

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Posted By digital_sin

This game looks awesome as hell.

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Posted By Koobz
The whole "be a tiny wooden man who is a train" feature seems like it's worth about $15 all by itself.
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Posted By wadtomaton

I like that the guy that farts kinda looks like carl from aqua teen hunger force =D

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Posted By elwillow
@SkullcrusherMountain: exactly my though.  
It could be awesome or an epic failure (I'm hoping for the former)
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Posted By TEKUMS

reminds me of  Space Station Silicon Valley

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Posted By SkullcrusherMountain

What. The. Hell.

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Posted By Brad078

I like the music, has a Triplets of Belleville feel to it. Keep it up Double Fine.

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Posted By zityz

Double fine has a good knack for making some pretty off the wall stuff. I like how they try and make stuff that's out of the box. Who else would have thought of this? NO ONE! it's a nice idea.

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Posted By SkinnyBlue

This looks pretty ambitious. PUMPED!
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Posted By fox01313

Quirky, strange & quite a great little trailer as it does a good job at putting a hook out on playing more or at least learning more about the game.

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Posted By clarke0

This is such an awesome idea for a game.

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Posted By jorbear

This looks crazy. 
Crazy awesome amirite? 

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Posted By buft


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