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Duder! :(

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it's broken?

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Dude, its all duded up.
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broken :(
grtz Allen :p

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USS Sadface

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Aww shucks duder

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Shouldn't this duder its over stuff be in the past by now? Surely there is some way to avoid this happening as often as it does. 

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Don't panick. They're giving it all she's got.

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No video? =(

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no video duder!

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The first duder of 2010?

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still broke duder
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its like the endurance run all over again, duder of death!  

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make it so
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Duder, how is it over when it hasn't even started?!

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oh man this brings me back to the ER

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Duders, I'm almost finished with my beer and I was supposed to drink it while watching this!
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Did the borg finally assimilate the USS Duder?

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DUDER noooooooooooooooooooooo it doesn't work

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ER startrek edition.

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Hang on to yer consoles their giving it all she's got

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duders :(}

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@jakonovski:  Man I hate when that happens. You load up Giant bomb for your daily Trekkin' and grab something from the fridge, sit down and it's a duder. C'mon! 
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Duder, it's over already!?

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It's a trap!

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@xdan0x said:
" It's a trap! "
With all due respect, I'd still hit it. I'd hit like WOAH.
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Awww duder...

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Damn, thats some ER nostalgia right there duder.

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@Vorbis: i love it how the ER has become nostalgic after it being out for what 1 year now.
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Drew: "I'm giving it all she's got captain!!" 

USS Duder Down =(

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Oh my god!!!
What is this? Some kind of sick joke on addicts?
Ah need mah duder-fix rite NAO

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DUUDER !    sooooo much dissapointment 
actually thinking about getting this + 1 lifetime subscription for $240.00
and im not even a trek fan...... game looks fun

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Set phasers for Error. Send down an away team!

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Duder duders. Meta.

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-Sir, my readings indicate a large energy fluxuation on G'bomberius. According to the Star Fleet database, no life has been recorded previously on the planet...
 -Launch an away team to the surface using shuttles, I dont wan't to risk another transporter accident. I want Lucha, Deer and Scotty to meet me in the shuttle bay ASAP.
-Wait sir, we are receiving a transmission, the origin is the energy fluxuation. 
-On screen
-Duder, its over
-Sir, its too late, they already...
(The end?)

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Double Damnit!

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Video:  "The needs of the many, outweighs the needs of the few "