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Posted By NuDimon

Looks promising. Cheesy but promising.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

Hollywood horror?No thanks. Do they really want to do more damage to the survival horror genre?

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Posted By JoeBigfoot

Based on the first 30 seconds I was expecting something a little more Evil Dead. Which would have been good.

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Posted By craigybourne


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Posted By fini_fly

I'm at a lost for words here as it honestly played like a really bad horror film preview.

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Posted By Grixxel

@AbeBroHamLincon said:

ya so Alan Wake prequel of what happen at the lake house the first time.

also my hat is off for this developer its a risky move to launch a PS2 game in 2012 :-)

Hurp durp, I see what you did there.

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Posted By Fredddi43

Looks like every horror movie, but in game form. I like it!

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Posted By nasie

I fully expect a rape scene involving a tree!

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Posted By biggiedubs

I can't tell if this game is going to be incredibly mediocre or just bad. I would still totally play it though.

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Edited By Incapability

Do you like robotic animation? Do you like implied sex? Do you like bad horror?

Regardless, I nearly throw up laughing every time I hear that PlayStation jingle. I can imagine some advertising agency being paid a billion bucks and given four years to develop the perfect brand identity for them, and they just get someone to say "BLING SPENCER" and drive it through a couple of guitar pedals using a cheap radio as an amp.


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Posted By fox01313

Could be a good horror game to dive into but with it being a PS3 move controller game it could go really bad like many of the other motion controller games out there.

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Posted By Xymox

If this game doesn't feature a scene where the camera pans quickly forward along the ground as if a monster is hunting you, I will be thoroughly disappointed.

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Edited By ericjohnson
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Posted By probablytuna

What is up with developers naming their game companies in terms of sizes? Epic MegaGames, Big Huge Games, Supergiant Games, Supermassive Games....... How come there are no Tiny Games? Wait, there probably are.

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Posted By ModernAlkemie
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Posted By cikame

You got mid twenties sex in my Cabela's.

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Posted By loganchase

Looks pretty neat but some of the character's walking animations looked terrible. Still, early days.

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Posted By Rothbart

This trailer made me laugh so hard! I can't wait for the crew to do a quick look of this game. It's not every day that you get a horror game that is truly self serious like this.

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Posted By Darkstorn

Looks pretty terrible

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Posted By The_Last_Starfighter

If you want a good cabin horror flic, watch Antichrist.

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Posted By martellus

A). That's some pretty impressive skinny lady-jeans tech they have there.

B). This just made me want a "Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil" game.

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Posted By Chroma_Auron

Clearly the moose wants revenge for it fellow animals that have been carelessly murdered by man and is plotting to take over the world. Are you a bad enough dude to stop them? =)

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Posted By MeatSim

This trip might be salvageable if they find that hot tub that guy mentioned.

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Edited By Shaanyboi

You too can make a tired cliche plot new again. all through the magic of videogames!

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Posted By Fuzzles

Dumb and "attractive" college age persons, kindly stop engaging in completely ridiculous adventures such as cabin trips, mountain hikes, cave spelunking or trips to foreign countries. You are dumb and then you die. If only your games or movies suffered the same fate.

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Posted By DougCL


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Posted By Dagbiker

First... Who thinks a view from a porch into a creepy, night-time, forest, snow-storm is "beautiful"

Second... Dose anyone else think she looks like a sex doll in the sex scene?

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Posted By ColdPhone

@Gunslinger0130 said:

If you want a good cabin horror flic, watch Antichrist.

You mean, if you want the best cabin horror flick.

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Posted By Jazz_Lafayette

But who is the real monster?

This looks like Poorly-Done Jump Scares: The Game.

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Posted By Nmckee503

Kind of crazy to see what this game became.

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Edited By MonkeyKing1969

@nmckee503 said:

Kind of crazy to see what this game became.

That's what I was thinking. This trailer wasn't great, but you do see very rough ideas that later did appear in the final game. And the final game is GOTY material despite everyone's expectations. This just proves the rule, that you can't judge a project until it is done.

I'm actually sort of proud of the development team for toning back the 'sex in the woods' aspects. In my minds eye I imagine a board room meeting where some were arguing for more skin, but for whatever reasons I'm happy that didn't happen.

I'll give a silent thank you to all the people over all those years that believed in this game to keep it going. It was a rough journey from what I hear, but it was worth it.

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Edited By ShaggE

Heh, so funny to look back at the initial reactions to this game. Supermassive really saved their own bacon when they revamped everything. The original might very well have been a good game, but I doubt it would have been anywhere near as good as what we actually got.

And now that I think about it, Rush of Blood ended up delivering on the Move side of things as well!

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