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Lol, at Jeff hiding behind Giant Bomb Staff.

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Giant Bomb Staff? Aw, I liked knowing who wrote which little dumb descriptions.

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@sterling said:

@jokers_wild said:

I like the design of the protagonist (turtlenecks are underrated) though I wish they'd shown a bit more about the game's world/themes.

I like me a good tactical turtleneck.


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@sterling said:

@jokers_wild said:

I like the design of the protagonist (turtlenecks are underrated) though I wish they'd shown a bit more about the game's world/themes.

I like me a good tactical turtleneck.


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I'm so excited for more Persona.

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I like that he has a natural hair color and not gray or bluish purple.

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Good thing I still have Persona 3 to play before this one arrives

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I can't wait to see who the cameo characters are. Bring back Michel!

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Posted by Giant Bomb Staff

Yeah sure it was JEFF you can't fool us.

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@paulunga said:

@fobwashed: So you didn't even make it to your first battle? :P I'd say that you didn't put in enough time but, seriously, some games just aren't for everyone. Besides, if you watched the Endurance Run of P4 you pretty much know what this series is about.

Well, one of them, I literally haven't even gotten around to opening. I played 3 hours or so of that PEZ or FEZ or whatever one. I just don't have the time to commit to a super long RPG but I really wanted to so I bought them in hopes of playing them someday =P

Ah, okay. Completely understandable. I've got a backlog of 80+ games staring at me (damn you, Steam sales and Humble Bundles!) and only yesterday got around to finally playing through Arkham Asylum.

Good game, by the way, that Arkham Asylum. Should've played it sooner.

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FINALLY! I felt bad for watching it outside of Giant Bomb, so I only watched it once on YouTube besides the shitty live stream.

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Alright I'm in , what crazy adventures is this kid going on .

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Is it wrong to say that I want to touch his hair? It looks so fluffy.

Also, yeah, that is a nice turtleneck.

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@tildebees said:


Damn right; where's the Wii U version, where the anime loving, smash bros-playing, fan of Japanese culture, female and teen demographic actually resides.

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Basically nothing happens in this trailer and I'm just a bit unsure of what makes this a trailer.

Set in the big city presumably- which is the case with the other Shin Megami Tensei games.

Pure Stereotypes- More distinctly awkward up front than previous leads? If they emphasized that - and you had to develop from a more awkward- less neutral place- that could be interesting.

Fire Glasses!

All of that is round about speculation- and though I'm glad to have a bit more subtlety than the Persona Q trailers (Which are fan service heavy - which the game will be- which is fine.)- I'm hoping future trailers are a bit more informative than the first and second one's have been.

It actually has quite a bit of information. The first part is obvious: Smartphones. You see a shitload of them being either displayed or used. Even the protagonist has one! I would assume that you cast you personas using it and that "being trapped inside your phone" is probably going to be one the story themes. In addition to that:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

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Don't really like the design of this guy but whatever. Seems like a Persona game to me, so far.

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The cycle begins again - there is always a man-women, a train and angst.

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@droop said:

Has Dan played a Persona game? Or has it been dismissed as anime bullshit? Super looking forward to P5. Hopefully Atlus won't release it 4-10 months later in Europe..

"It's not like one of my Metal Gear Solid animes."

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Cant wait. Hate this kids hair though, first thing that came to mind after i first saw him.

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@shtinky: how do you know all of these things about me have I been doxded

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You're not avoiding an Endurance Run for this game.
I don't care if your name is Rollo Tomassi.

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When you say time you really mean patience. It's not like the game stops working if you don't finish it fast enough.

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When you say time you really mean patience. It's not like the game stops working if you don't finish it fast enough.

Nope. I mean time. If I had the free time to play through it. I would. I have very limited time to play games so I spend that time playing more shorter games rather than dumping all of it into one really long game.

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Thanks for sharing Giant Bomb Staff!

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And now I have no reason to keep my PS3.

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I see an endurance run coming on...

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Well I guess I'll get a PS4.

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So I guess this time the color is red. 3 was blue, 4 was yellow.

Smart phones and the ad for a tablet, are we going to stick our hands into the internet world!? That might be horrifying!

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Well, It's not like I have a sudden urge to yell Endurance Run or anything right now...

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Will this be a stand alone story? I've sadly never played a Persona game before, but from what I've heard it's something I would be totally into. I don't have a vita so Golden isn't possible for me to play. However, I would definitely would like to give this a try.

all the previous ones have been stand alone. They all tie together loosely but each has its own set of characters and stories.

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Are there any reports on whether there will be a male/female character choice like P3P?

I'm guessing no since all of the animated cutscenes would need to be done twice...

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That P5 logo looks like the Gran Turismo logo. Persona Kart?

I'm just glad the protagonist doesn't have cat ears this time.

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@tonch: you must have not gotten past week one... Neku redeems himself tenfold, and makes the game highly worth sticking with because of his character progression.

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Persona 5? Or PersonaS?!

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@subliminalkitteh: Ha ha, I've gone through the game twice, I know that he bounces back (in a huge way). But the theme of TWEWY definitely focuses on his initial angst and isolation. To anyone that read that comment-- yeah he's a complete pissant in the beginning, but actually really gets better, and I'm saying that as someone who thought I would hate the game.

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Will we ever have another Persona Endurance Run? Charlie Potter Tonoku!

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It's a PS4 title too? Holy crap. I like that P5 logo, it kinda reminds me of some sort of racing logo.

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That P5 logo looks like the Gran Turismo logo. Persona Kart?

It reminds me of speed racer a little too. We're getting a racing themed Persona game, I guess.

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I'm so glad P5 is coming to PS4. It seems like the right move considering the console is selling so well. Why not give more people the opportunity to buy it?

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It's Charlies brother!!!

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That Persona 5 logo looks like something I can have on a poster by itself. It's pretty snazzy.

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That Persona 5 logo looks like something I can have on a poster by itself. It's pretty snazzy.

reminds me of gran turisimo

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Atlus plz change protagonist, looks like a douche thanks.

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Poor Vinny, daily flights to SF just for an endurance run.

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I'm grateful for it being released on PS4 because it would of been one game I would of re hooked up my PS3 for.

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I like anime so I can already tell this is GOTY material.

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@fobwashed: That's the thing though. The factor is how you use your game time not the time itself. It's not really a requirement to invest huge chunks of time into long games, you can totally play them slowly over time.

Not really trying to target you on this or anything, it just bugs me when I keep hearing about this sort of thing on the podcast over and over. I can't really commit more then 3-4 hours at the most a week at this point in my life and I'm still big on the JRPGs.