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@hef said:

Brad needs to stop following guides and start thinking about what he actually needs skill wise.

@mstrmnybgs said:

I think Brad is the same skill level he was at in the first Daily Dota.

If I had to wildly speculate, I think the guides, and playing with other young guys who understand the game much better and can just tell him what items and skills and positioning are appropriate for a given scenario, all end up being crutches and Brad isn't growing as a player. I know he plays games here and there without Crispy and Kessler and Pascual, but he doesn't seem to be learning much from them aside from remembering what various hero skills do.

His fundamentals still seem bad, and it's baffling when he is coming out of Starcraft II, where things like scouting take way more micro than "lay down some wards, hope you don't get counterwarded". Like, he'll still walk forward when there are clearly 3 enemy heroes right in front of him if he'd just scroll down or look at the minimap, then giant surprise, he is dead in seconds. At 28 minutes in the first game, he still had no concept of the short range on Death Pulse, and would pointlessly cast it and only get 1 or 2 hits with it. And in the second game, the guide specifically says you can basically use Soul Ring's active constantly, because Dragon Knight's health regen is godly, yet Brad never used it.

He's still terrible at not just spamming skills and ults when he is trouble, which you should pretty much just do when the alternative is certain death ("saving it for a rainy day" syndrome). The number of times it might've helped to desperation cast his ult, to at least help his time get a vengeance kill after Brad died, was just depressing. He alt tabs out of the game whenever he dies (I assume to check the stream or Twitter), but seriously, it's probably not helping his focus.

It just feels like Brad is constantly being babysat by his teammates.

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Posted By SSully

How is brads background/loading screen into a match different?

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Posted By FirebirdINF

I enjoy these. Don't know why. It's like reality TV where nothing is real.

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Brad make a Dota for noobs video. I feel you could explain this better than anyone to me.

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I wish I could get paid to be obsessed with something.

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Posted By WolfHazard

why am i watching still. oh god why

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Posted By ShadzKing

@monkeysdad: false, you get rid of your nose so you can see the screen better

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Posted By Nictel

Those puns! Love it! No not really ;D

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Posted By Matt

@meatsim said:

The lack of Shagbark is why they keep losing.

That's what I've been saying!

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Oh by the way @brad - that TP that didn't work? I think because you were mashing the key while it was on cooldown, you double-tapped it when it became active, which TPs you to the fountain (and thus the left-click didn't register). So you did TP, just to right were you were already standing. ^.^

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Posted By SharkMan

loving these... except the puns make it stop

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Necro is a carry, Brad's just not that great. Also he should have got one point in Heartstopper Aura at level 2 to shutdown the enemy's regen allowing for better harass. Sadist isn't that great until you start using Death Pulse constantly once it's around level 3 or 4 to farm creep waves or jungle when changing lanes.

Also there was a bunch of times where Brad could have avoided dying if he ult'd first instead of just trying to run away. The stun goes off right when you ult allowing time to escape. Its not the greatest use of Necro's ult but it would have kept him alive and prevented feed to that Lifestealer for instance.

Only about 17 minutes into the match I'm guessing it gets worse over time.

Edit: First time using ult is for a ks! >_<

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So, as a non-DOTA player, what is Necro good at? Brad does a great job with this instructional video of showing what it's not good at.

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Posted By MeatSim

The lack of Shagbark is why they keep losing.

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i think theres a few pounds missing from Brads cartoon reimagining not thats theres anything wrong with a couple extra pounds im just saying........

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@matics said:

Brad should make an "intro to DOTA" video. I'd watch that, then watch these.

Cuz I have no idea wtf is going on when I try to watch these.

Honestly you could read a short FAQ and get the basics. It would take you 10 minutes. You wouldn't get nearly all the nuance (this game has a steep learning curve), but at least you would understand the jargon and the basics of early game, mid game, late game strategies etc. Admittedly it would be less fun, but also a LOT less time consuming than watching Brad try to do a video about it.

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Posted By Crispy
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Posted By fanboyjustin

@crispy: yeah crispy do more its great seeing your pov when playing

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Posted By Crispy

@birthwild: I may end up making it a more regular stream if people are interested. As for now, it's mainly just a "bonus episode" stream for DD.

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brad is kinda bad at this game.

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@crispy: Crispy whenever you feel like just streaming do it, I love it. Always need more dotes.

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Posted By illegalnull

Love the new artwork, amazing work @aurahack! I saw it break on twitter and was super excited to see it here today.

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Posted By fanboyjustin

love this

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Posted By coaxmetal

thats really cool art to have for a dumb garbage show for babies

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Posted By BirthWild

@zero_: lol yeah I felt like that too, he's got some slloooooooowwww reaction times and he's really pensive now and really cautious about going in to a fight which in some cases cause the fights to go bad, but hey I love watching these and I'm no dota experts #only34wins

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Posted By falpatrick

@matics said:

Brad should make an "intro to DOTA" video. I'd watch that, then watch these.

Cuz I have no idea wtf is going on when I try to watch these.

There are plenty on YouTube. You don't want to learn Dota 2 from Brad.

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Posted By Winternet

That Necro game from Brad was... it was something. Puppies from all around the world cried when watching that game.

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Posted By TheManWithNoPlan

All right! They picked up aurahack's artwork.

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Posted By Cavalier

@axlefgk said:

which one is crispy and which is pascual? i know what matt and brad look like but the other two i only know as profile pictures.

Crispy is the one with the Divine Rapier.

Are you sure that's right? He's only holding one divine rapier :)

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Posted By Thales_of_Miletus

My favourite thing on Giant Bomb... and I don't even play DOTA.

Keep it up!

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Posted By PipeAndSlippers

Thats a fine quality web programme GB, hehe jk, oh well at least Brad sounds like hes enjoying himself, er wait a sec...

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Posted By Protome

"We need to play defensively."
*Brad runs in on his own against 3 heroes and dies*

Love it.

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Posted By Bicycle_Repairman

#teampunderful nice artwork. also crispy stream was great. Daily Dota is great because of the group talk and how we cheer and cry (and curse) for and at brad. But the crisp stream was really insightful into the deeper parts of the game, and how to play.

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Posted By Tr0n

@zero_: It's what happens when you don't play regularly. You get rusty really quickly.

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Posted By rmanthorp

Artwork is so good. I love Crispy's Rapier .

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Posted By Y2Ken

I find it odd that people would complain about a piece of content that doesn't seem to have affected the amount of other content on the site. I guess that's just the way of the internet though.

For me, this is my favourite thing on Giant Bomb right now. And believe me, that's high praise. I love this whole place.

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Posted By Zero_

I feel like Brad is getting worse... :( He just keeps running around and dying...

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Confirmed: DOTA addiction makes your nose fall off.

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Posted By jagenheim

@crispy: Like I needed watching more Dota? Yes, yes I did. Thanks for this.

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Posted By AaronChance

@allison said:

I wish I had a cool group of people to play Lords Management games with. As is I play by myself and feel miserable after about a match or 20 minutes, whichever happens first.

Guilds are coming soon, which will make it much easier to find like minded people to Dota with. I'm going to take a short vacation from the game until they have all that running.

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I wish I had a cool group of people to play Lords Management games with. As is I play by myself and feel miserable after about a match or 20 minutes, whichever happens first.

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They look so happy...that's inaccurate to the DotA experiences. And I've been wathcing every episodes.

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Posted By Saladxaxsis

Day off work, daily dota and a doner kebab. Good day so far

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Posted By SandwichApoc

DOTA for all!

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Posted By Homelessbird

Yay Daily Dota!

That fan art is un-fucking-believeable, big ups to whomever (Aura, I hear?) submitted that.

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