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Daily Dota: the Final Fantasy of Giant Bomb video series titles.

Love this stuff, keep it coming Brad!

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Can we do a daily Saints Row IV when it comes out with Jeff!?

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Wait. An ArenaNet developer comes on to talk about DOTA2? Isn't DOTA2/LoL technically her biggest competition in trying to get Guild Wars 2 into the esports scene? XD

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Watching Brad whiff all his last hits makes me cringe.

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YAY. Cant get enough DOTA.

Because something is wrong with me.

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Glad I'm not the only one that goddamned item bug happened to--be thankful it wasn't in a game proper.

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I will never play this game, but I enjoy watching people play it.

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It's weird thinking of Kristen as a special guest after seeing her a bunch of times on Crispy's streams.

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I think I done here...you guys keep on DotAing though.

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My name is Crispy; welcome to me~~~

@shaunage: I lost my Kristen exclusivity rights.

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@crispy: you should really sign all your posts with that jingle

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aww yiss, the international has given me such a big dota boner. ahem.

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@huey2k2: I still suck at timing last hits in the early game... (god forbid I play a melee hero) so watching him whiff makes me feel a bit better actually.

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Those were some disappointing games.

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I have new respect for Bodega for that Mad Mad Mad Mad World reference.

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There is way too much dota on this site right now.

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Can't seem to find the matches through recent games anymore. searching for any of their names pulls up no results. Can something be done about providing match IDs?

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Will brad turn his mic down at any point?

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Picks Alchemist and farms worse than a support.

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Some day Brad will discover the quick buy button.

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Kessler being stuck with Meepo, it's...preordained, almost. :P

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Brad's mic is always too hot in these.

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I'm surprised they haven't finished this game yet. Seems like this endurance run has been going forever.

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Wait, that Reid dude Command+Q'd? That's Apple's version of Alt+F4, right? Wow. Maybe you should change your hotkeys or look up a way to disable it in-game. XD

Also, that's a stupid combination for something that closes your program, you'd never accidentally press Alt+F4.

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@devil240z: I guess the viewing figures for these vids must be pretty good or they wouldn't keep doing them. I want me some more Breaking Brad

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Love me some Daily (Weekly) Dota!

@crispy will you put your streams on Youtube streaming too? Twitch wont load at work =[

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Brad, you have auto mic balance turned on in OBS or Xsplit.

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Daily Dotas are awesome!! Could be more often nowadays though...

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I wonder if Brad does much better when he's not recording his play.

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Sound levels seem really bad on this one. No point watching if I either cant hear anyone else, or Brad blows my speakers when he talks.

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Been listening to the podcast for 2 years, just subscribed for the first time, mainly to watch these. :D

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im sad this is now only once a week :(

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@cikame said:

Will brad turn his mic down at any point?

THANK YOU, Everytime I have to cut the audio in half, he's always wayyy to high.

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Not to harp on it, but playing with Reid was a mistake. What's the point when A) he can't say anything, and B) his disconnects gave the other team some early game advantage and also his framerate was garbage.

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@cikame said:

Will brad turn his mic down at any point?

THANK YOU, Everytime I have to cut the audio in half, he's always wayyy to high.

Brad's bass CANNOT be turned down

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I would love to watch these, but it's completely unlistenable. Brad is wayyyyy too loud. I can either have Brad at a normal level, and not hear anyone else, or turn it up enough to hear everyone else and have Brad blow out my speakers.

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I have steadily gained appreciation for audio engineers after listening to much internet radio. Balancing is not for amateurs and not easy of most equipment.