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Woot, was my favourite of the series anyway.

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First page.

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Not really feeling it.

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Frank West

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more of the same, great

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Was it just me, or did the old beggar dude look and dress a lot like Niko from GTA4?

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New Dude looks bad ass! He's all old and shit

Oh and I saw a JET! JETS PEOPLE! JETS!

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not the most exciting trailer, but okay.

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Looking forward to the story. Good stuff. 

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I think this is gonna be cool.

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Looks sweet.

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Looks like both CJ and either Claude or Tommy Vercetti are in. Multiple characters/plot lines would be a very welcome addition to the series in my opinion.

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Oh look, an overrated series. Great!

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Needs more Niko.

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Meh. Need to see more before I get excited or not.

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@RVonE: Me neither, but all the GTA games were pretty great so far... a boring trailer doesn't really worry me.

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I have a feeling you'll be playing as Tommy again. VO sounds like Ray Liotta.

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Hopefully it's better then 4, didn't care for that game and i don't much care for the SA setting, however jet skis looks fun, saw a jet as well.

Graphics look more cleaned up which is nice, wonder if it will have the same horrendous pop-ins as 4 and if PS3 will get the shitty port.

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Nice :)

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Stoked. For some reason this trailer had me thinking about actual footage I've seen of Cali (never been there myself) and nothing from San Andreas (except for that one shot of the hikers with the mountain in the background). I think that's a good thing!

Do we have a sense of the time period in the game? My impression is sometime between the end of 2008 and now.

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So... the same plot setup as Red Dead Redemption?

Uh... ok

Was kinda hoping this one would make me want to play a GTA game again. I know this is just a teaser trailer, but just feelin' meh about this. It didn't really show much though, so we'll see.

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Looks awesome, Rockstar climbing up the list of my favorite developers/producers with almost every game they release

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Apparently this doesn't have enough Dildos for some people.....I guess that's why Saints Row exists. TO EACH HIS OWN I'M MUTHAFUCKIN' PUMPED.

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The older character looking over the city, and also banging on the fan in the scene after.
The older character looking over the city, and also banging on the fan in the scene after.
Claude from GTA 3
Claude from GTA 3
Tommy Vercetti from Vice City
Tommy Vercetti from Vice City

I'd argue the guy at the top is one of the two, moved to SA to start fresh. He's incredibly similar looking to the both of them, and assuming he's the guy doing the voice over, the story fits.

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Looks great for a trailer. Of course, I hope they've actually improved the shooting mechanics.

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@Bojangle: Tommy Vercetti would be 60 now, that guy at the top doesn't look that old to me.

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My comment of Go home and be a family man still stands.

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More of the same? You don't even know anything about the game yet...

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I came in expecting to complain about Los Angeles being overused by Rockstar this generation (Midnight Club, L.A. Noire and now this) but after looking at the trailer, there seem to be hints that there's more than just Los Santos in the game. If not an entire other city, than definitely some wilderness areas.

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Did anyone else see Niko Bellic with a cardboard sign begging for money in that trailer?

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If anyone is curious, the song is "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" by Small Faces.

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@Krakn3Dfx said:

Was it just me, or did the old beggar dude look and dress a lot like Niko from GTA4?

That stood out to me too, I had to rewind and pause that shot cause I was like "woah was that Niko?"

For those that doubt this is NOT set in SA since they only really show Los Santos, they did the same thing for GTASA Reveal Trailer

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Jets? JETS!

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Doesn't look like this is going to make me care about GTA games anymore than the previous ones did.

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The narrator does kinda sound like Ray Liotta.

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@JeffGerstFan: Yep.

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Bullshit can it look like that on the xbox 360.

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Eh not a lot to go on in the trailer obviously, but so far looks like another GTA game. Wasn't really fond of 4 because of terrible controls but maybe if they clean that stuff up this could be cool.

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Putting the FU in fumigate. Nice lol

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@Dustpan: I noticed that too. Frank "Motherfucking" West is the main character's voice actor? I am literally touching myself.

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I'm pretty stoked. San Andreas was my favourite GTA, lots of nostalgia for me. I don't really see SA in that trailer particularly, but it's definitely different than GTA IV, appreciably so.

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Until you show me the crazy stuff that Saints Row can offer me I'm not really interested. I'll play it but I'm not hyped up about it.