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Posted By Feikken

Really looking forward to more Naughty Dog

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Posted By Maitimo

This was probably my favourite of the trailers that rolled out on Saturday, but it would be nice to know something a bit more concrete about the gameplay.

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Posted By ultimatepunchrod

Looking pretty cool. It's Naughty Dog, so I doubt they will fall into anything generic.

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Kind of cool that the whole "We want more Naughty Dog just not more Uncharted" request that has been echoing around the gaming press was already happening with a second team at Naughty Dog, this is so much better than Unkarted (despite how funny that concept is).

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Posted By streetdisciple

damn that was quite epic

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Is that ellen paige?? Whatever dude, looks good

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Posted By Summoboomo

I'm actually tentatively looking forward to this based on the premise. Hopefully the kid isn't just baggage.

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Posted By Evan_Buchholz

Oh cool new Max Payne trailer....


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This looks really great!

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Zombies y'all.

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Posted By novadth

That actually looks pretty cool, interested to see more.

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Overly cinematic post-apocalyptic zombie-fighting buddy game? So unoriginal.

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@toots said:

Is that ellen paige?? Whatever dude, looks good

I though the same thing, Ellen Paige. Getting a I am Legend vibe here

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Posted By Thor_Molecules

I was already sold when I saw the ND logo. Looking forward to see what they can do outside of the Uncharted license.

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Posted By bloodemblem

Naughty dog = YES! That is all. I do not care for anything else.

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Posted By Daruna

Oh boy, just what I wanted for Christmas! ANOTHER zombie game!

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Posted By Cybexx

@nemesis208 said:

@toots said:

Is that ellen paige?? Whatever dude, looks good

I though the same thing, Ellen Paige

Its actually this girl Ashley Johnson.

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Posted By High_Nunez

I'm pretty tired of video game trailers that look more like movies than video games.

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Posted By hermes

I am really interested to see what Naughty Dog can do with a new franchise, but I am very disappointed that Sony's big announcement is yet another zombie apocalypse game...

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Imagine CART racing through a zombie infested world...

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Posted By Yurtigo

Yay, a new IP.

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Posted By nick_verissimo

Concept seems great, so ya, I'm in.

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@Summoboomo said:

I'm actually tentatively looking forward to this based on the premise. Hopefully the kid isn't just baggage.

I actually think the kid is the main playable character.

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Posted By LifeByDegrees

If they make the bad guys anything other than zombies or robots- I will buy into this game- if only in spirit.

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Posted By Daveyo520

This looks awesome. I kinda wish it was a CG movie that keeped this tone that I could watch .

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Posted By Hagane

At first I was hoping for something along the lines of The Road, but no. More zombies.

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Posted By veiasma

Can we as a society move past post-apocalyptic zombie games like we moved past WWII shooters? Please?

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I know, Zombies (although they didn't look quite like Zombies)...... but I am actually really interested in this. The last uncharted was a little bit of a disapointment for me and I wish all that energy would have been expended on new ideas.

I also like the fact that it is set a long time after what ever event has occured, love seeing all the streets overgrown and the world all changed.

I also hope it is a little more open world and roaming than Uncharted but I doubt this will be the case.

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Posted By benpicko

It is rubbish, innit.

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Posted By Apollo87

I don't understand the gripe against the fact that this game has zombies, sure they've been used prominently in this generation but if it's a good game then what's the problem, I mean Dead Island had zombies but that didn't make it a bad game.

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Posted By JDillinger

@Buckfitches said:

I was already sold when I saw the ND logo. Looking forward to see what they can do outside of the Uncharted license.

You do realize that Naughty Dog didn't appear out of nowhere this generation right?

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Posted By rabidwombat

I'd be so down for this if I only had a PS3. :(

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Posted By paulunga

Is that Ellen Page?

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Posted By recroulette

So...no UnKarted?

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Posted By Cyrisaurus

I'm already confident that this will be the best game of the PS3's lifespan. Once this game comes out, we will have no choice but to move on to the PS4.

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Posted By onlineatron

I find it fascinating that they've positioned a teenage girl as a main (hopefully playable) character. Sure, she's very "Juno" but the fact that she's, well, a SHE is something videogames rarely handle well. Naughty Dog crushed it with Elena and Chloe in Uncharted, here's hoping they do a similar thing with 'Last of Us'.

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Posted By redrhinomn

The Cityscape at the end really reminds me of Enslaved.

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Posted By Yummylee


Hope this won't be all entirely linear and set-piece focussed like Uncharted. ND could make use of their experience with Jak II and III and possibly make an open-world out of this.

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Posted By Nefhril

When can I have it!?! I wonder if it's a tech demo running on the PS3 or if the final product will look like this, just look at the first zombies yaw when she turned him over :O

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Ruger GP-100. Fine, reliable choice for shooting ... uh, dudes with cauliflower for heads. Looks like it could have some potential if the kid's not too annoying.

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Posted By Shaanyboi

soooo.... zombies, huh?

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Naughty Dog can do no wrong IMO.

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Posted By Driadon

Something about the dialogue felt off. While the atmosphere and body language tried to give this tired, gritty feel, every time someone opened their mouth it was with a wink and a nod which was incredibly jarring.

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Posted By BradBrains

What? This is not Un-Cart-ed...

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Posted By StriderNo9

@toots: Sure does look like her, but I don't think it's her doing the voice acting.

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@redrhinomn said:

The Cityscape at the end really reminds me of Enslaved.

Mark Richard Davies, the lead designer of Enslaved, is working on this game.

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Posted By chilipeppersman

looks cool, but i have to agree, we need to move beyond zombie games. IMHO Theres only so many ways you can kill a zombie.

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Posted By JDillinger

These aren't zombies.

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Posted By Firelogic

@Shaanyboi: Not zombies. Zombies are the walking dead. These creatures are clearly alive.

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This is going to sound really funny, but I have a really stupid phobia that is triggered frequently with certain types of fungi. Hahah, that would really suck if it becomes an actual issue when trying to play it.

Anyone else out there able to relate?