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@woolly_mastodon said:

I am hoping that the game looks much better on the actual 3DS. I can't help but feel they could have had more detail on the character and level design. Maybe it will look great on the small screen and I am interested because it appears to have 3D visual puzzles/platforms like 3D Land.

Not sold on the wall moving feature but I guess we will have to wait and see how that turns out. Nintendo should definitely have selectable difficulties (like Wind Waker HD).

The purple character I have seen in videos looks bad. He might just be the Jar Jar Binks of the piece.

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*It. He. She looks like something from Rayman Raving Rabbids. Not good Nintendo. I just know I won't like 'it' (This particular character.)

Should I assume you don't remember the part of Link to the Past when Link first gets into the Dark World and it turns him into a guy with a pink rabbit head, because people in the Dark World get turned into an animal that reflects their inner nature or something? Link has to find some gem early on that allows him to retain his normal human form in the Dark World.

Because that seems like an obvious reference to that sequence.

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I have a Wii.

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That camera is in really tight.

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The whole 'retro' but not 'retro' look is getting a bit stale. It comes down to gameplay, which usually is decent in Zelda games. They haven't messed Zelda up as much as the New Mario/Donkey Kong games yet (though I was not really engaged enough to get through more than a few hours of Skyward Sword). I guess these new games aren't really aimed at the people who grew up with the originals as if they were then the original controls should have been kept.

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the dungeons are going to be so awesome with tons of verticality. I can't wait to see people start to speed run this game given the non-linear nature and what appears to be a solid moveset.

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@alpinehermit: Yeah like I said maybe after I play it my opinion will totally shift, either way I'm still excited to play the game. I'm just one of those people who never seems to get tired of Zelda. A few months back I went on a marathon playing all the games I hadn't finished/replayed a few. Played through the two DS games, Seasons/Oracles, Majora(Played through it multiple times but never finished because I saw my brothers finish it), Ocarina of Time 3DS, and Four Swords Adventures. To say the least I was in between gigs and had way to much free time.

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Maybe I will get a 2DS someday and play this.

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@confideration said:

Perhaps a miscalculation on the ol launch date

I'm pretty sure their core audience doesn't give a fuck about the X1. But SMB thing seems stupid

Play. The Game.

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@joeshabadoo: Same. Even if you don't like the art, it's still a Zelda game.

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This looks sooooooo awesome. The use of 3D looks like a lot of fun.

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@draxyle said:

@daneian said:

Please be good. I hope this game actually tests my courage instead of spending 30 hours yapping about it.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Nintendo has been absolutely awful across the board with over-tutorialization.

I'm on an adventure, dammit. Let it at least feel like one.

"Across the board" is a gross generalization. Granted M+L really overexplains, but both Pikmin 3 and Fire Emblem have excellent tutorials. Luigi's Mansion was a bit yappy for the first bit, but it's far less so now.

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Say what you want about Nintendo, but they are the kings of level design

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@draxyle said:

@daneian said:

Please be good. I hope this game actually tests my courage instead of spending 30 hours yapping about it.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Nintendo has been absolutely awful across the board with over-tutorialization.

I'm on an adventure, dammit. Let it at least feel like one.

But there's a 65% chance that you need me to hold your hand through the whole experience because you're dumb as rocks or three years old. Even though this game has many things in it that are clearly too difficult for you anyway. :P Gosh I wanted to like Skyward Sword so much and it was freaking rotten with that kind of rubbish the whole way through. Wouldn't let you just explore and discover things.

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AlpineHermit has it right. Viewed on the 3DS you start to see the charm and appeal of the art. But I think some of the (admittedly) barren quality has to do with them working toward and being able to achieve 60 fps while ALSO being in 3D. First game on the system locked at 60 while the stereoscopic is active. That's going to go a long way in the giving the game and it's dungeons a unique and authentic feel of verticality

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@screamingghost: I would totally agree with you if I hadn't watched trailers for it on the 3ds. it looking better really brings out a more Saturday morning 80s cartoon mixed with link to the past. the way he pops up and moves looks great. that being said new super Mario bros is still a generic looking pile that I wish Nintendo would kill or hire some awesome 2d animator a to make it come to life.

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Not enthusiastic about the art style of the game, but the gameplay looks rock solid. The music sounded good as well.

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The art style reminds me of the concept art for the original Zelda games which I have to say I never really cared for.

Gameplay looks like a ton of fun though.

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Perhaps a miscalculation on the ol launch date

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@screamingghost: I don't really like the art design either, it looks a bit goofy especially the top down perspective on Link

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I still think that the rental system is incredibly odd, considering that you can rent almost any items from shops at anytime, the difficulty of the game is going to be very simple, unless they figure out a way to make complicated puzzles.

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You guys be trippin'! The art style is a pretty great call back to the original design of


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@lisap223 said:

Unfortunately it appears some of the hate for the art style comes from those that never played Link to the Past on Super Nintendo. I actually think this looks great and can't wait for it to come out. Link to the Past was my very first Zelda game and to date probably one of my favorite.

I played all of the Zelda games on their original systems. And this still looks terrible. You know when an old game gets a remake, some people love the new smothing and anti-aliasing, and some people don't. Some people want to see the cruder pixelated graphics. I am one of those. Maybe there are a lot of people like me? I don't know :D

Too bad that people just rage without an explanation to why they hate the graphics.

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Poor Tearaway.

Looks fun, but really don't like the look of this game at all. Not just the art style or technically, but the camera seems really zoomed in. I don't remember the other 2D Zeldas being that close.

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Not liking that art style one bit. I wish they would release A Link to the Past on the 3DS eShop so I could play that instead. Now that is a great looking Zelda game.

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What is a Zelda, anyway?

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Well come on... Tearaway... That's not going to really pose any kind of threat to these sales.

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The visuals do look only meh but I think a lot of the gameplay looks really creative which isn't something I have said about a Zelda game in a decade. And, yea, I'm not sure if releasing this and 3D World the same day as the XBone is a good idea or not, but I am almost certain that releasing Tearaway the same day as all of the above is an awful idea.

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@sooty: I think most people are reffering to this bizarre middle of the road art design. Which doesn't hold up when compared to the illustrations released for this game nor any other Zelda in art direction.

In my humble opinion it's the least visually inspired Zelda game I've seen made by Nintendo. It feels generic and hesitant to push itself in a stronger direction. Every Zelda game has pushed a style and embraced it without any reservations or hesitation. Wind Waker still to date is the most bold of all the Zeldas and something every iteration should strive for. We all know the controversy it once stirred among fans, but its fearlessness in trying something bold payed off. Despite the initial reaction Nintendo went forward and its gone on to be one of the most beloved Zelda's to date.

On the other side of that we have Twilight Sword which took the humble beginnings of Ocarina's style and took it up a notch. Transforming the world of Hyrule into this brooding Gothic landscape. With deep rich colors constantly clashing with this dark Gothic architecture. While this may have been a reaction to what had taken place with Wind Waker it was still never the less a bold style.

In the art world Zelda is a touchstone and a constant reminder of fantastic art direction. Nearly every artist I've met has something to say about Zelda and its influence on the game world is incomparable except maybe to Final Fantasy. A Link between Two Worlds in the brief trailers feels uninspired and middle of the road. A style that reminds me of New Super Mario brothers where everything feels safe. Risks weren't take as to not fear back lash and in doing so has produced something far less visually striking.

Being a sequel the game does it no favors, the original is still visually amazing. Its only natural to see a strong reaction from the fan base to a game that is beloved by so many.

The artist at Nintendo are phenomenal and for myself it just doesn't live up to that pedigree. I believe Alex once said "It looks almost like a fan-made game"(not a direct quote) and I regretfully agree. So while its not awful by any means the only inspiring aspect to the art are the 2D segments.

Putting that all that aside I'm still looking forward to the game because I love Zelda games and I'm sure the game itself will be fantastic. Heck after playing it my entire perception and opinion of the art direction may completely flip. As for now I can only go off what I've seen and what I imagine others may feel about the direction but may not have the words to express what it is they dislike about it.

PS: I didn't mean to create such a long winded response but I couldn't help myself the artist in me couldn't let it go.

TL;DR- Its very middle of the road and not up to the standards of past Zelda games. Nintendo should have been more bold as they have in the past with every other Zelda game. It feels like a B team effort in comparison to the visuals of Skyward.

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that looks kind of cool

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Yes, as I don't expect Nintendo to operate under a logic I recognize anymore.

They've got their own thing going, and it seems to work for them most of the time.

When it doesn't, boy is it memorable.

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@hailinel said:

A lot of people here don't seem to realize how much this game channels A Link to the Past in its art style.

Sorry I just don't see it...

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@bhhawks78 said:

Man this game looks ugly as fuck

The internet: a place where you can say some stupid ass shit.

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I'm not immediately wowed by the aesthetics, but I am glad to see that they are trying something new.

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It may be ugly to some people, but 60fps = sex.

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It's got dat Master Sword sound.

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A lot of people here don't seem to realize how much this game channels A Link to the Past in its art style.

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I'm not the biggest a Link to the Past fan (I never finished it) but I think this looks pretty good. It looks like it has a bunch of solid mechanics that could make for fun gameplay..is how I would descrbe it.

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@captain_clayman said:

It's not so much the graphics that look bad but the art style, it just looks soooo bland.

@darkest4 said:

Yikes, those are some seriously ugly environments/textures..

@bhhawks78 said:

Man this game looks ugly as fuck

@doe3879 said:

graphically and stylistically, this looks terrible

These are the same kind of people that trashed Wind Waker when it came out. Idiots never learn.


Wind Waker was gorgeous cel shading.

This is mediocre at best 3d.

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@daneian said:

Please be good. I hope this game actually tests my courage instead of spending 30 hours yapping about it.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Nintendo has been absolutely awful across the board with over-tutorialization.

I'm on an adventure, dammit. Let it at least feel like one.