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Posted By Quacktastic
@Branthog said:
" @Quacktastic said:
"  I'd still think the white ones look nicer. "
You insensitive clod. "
I.. I mean.. I have lots of friends who are black Xboxes.
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Posted By Pop

but if it's quieter does that mean it heats more? Can it still RROD?

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Posted By ocdog45

looks slick. don't know why they ever changed the color of the console.
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Posted By enemymouse

built specifically for natal? wtf does that mean???????

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Posted By Terrents

funny how playstation doesnt have to make a second concolse that works this time.
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Posted By Banshee
@paulishere22 said:

" I wonder if the power supply is built in or not.  If it isn't, then this isn't the Xbox that I've been waiting for, Nelson. "

No it's not, but it is smaller, because it dosen't need as much power. To anyone wanting a better look at this machine, check out Giant Bomb's unboxing  video:  
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Posted By MeatSim

Now I ask you to take my old 360 and I will take a new one and then where even.

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Posted By Lazlow

Awesome. Dishing out more money for another 360 could just be worth it given the price of wi-fi peripherals and the hdd for the oldie. I'll have to think about this..

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Posted By squidracerX
@Snail said:
" He might as well have said: "It's the XBOX 360 that finally doesn't suck".  Looks like a decent console for a change. "
Agreed, and i feel bad for anyone who bought one in the past 6 months,... suckers! But hey if Kinetica is awesome and they do a bundle sale maybe i will get one?
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Posted By yukoasho

Hold up, did MS finally ditch the proprietary HDDs?  Someone at Giant Bomb, give us the hands-on!

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Posted By LeonsHell

So long as this doesn't explode like the rest of the Xbox out there I'm pretty sure it's the Xbox everyone has been waiting for.

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Posted By paulosaurus

I wonder if the power supply is built in or not.  If it isn't, then this isn't the Xbox that I've been waiting for, Nelson.

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Posted By DukesT3

But no HDMI cable! Now thats a key sellling point. 

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Posted By Noisician

But can it RROD? Also, stand upright without scratching disks. Also, blend.

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Posted By bizsumpark182
@DanCampbell: 1) My computer is a Macbook Pro, so I'm not going to be buying a bunch of stuff for it. 2) I play on the 360 way too much to not have one. I love playing on it and I will never give up console gaming.
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Posted By Spiritof

I'm glad somebody is around to tell me about 360 I didn't know I was asking for.

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Posted By DanCampbell
or you could buy loads of shit for your computer and not have it brake on you ?
just saying will save you money in the end 
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Posted By DanCampbell

so no red ring ? 
i may have to rethink my only sony buying 
left for dead and mass effect are calling me

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Posted By RobertOrri

I just knew they'd be announcing something like this at E3. Good thing I held out on upgrading my original unit (which is super loud and doesn't have HDMI).
Of course, it should have been quiet and featured HDMI at launch....

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Edited By Banshee
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Posted By ghostNPC
More sleeker!
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Posted By baggykins

might just get it to get rid of my jet turbine

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Posted By ONEmileperhour

thanks major nelson!! whataguy, huh? looks like a transformer

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Posted By Quacktastic

I think it looks a lot better than it did yesterday in that Italian ad, but I'd still think the white ones look nicer.

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Posted By CookieMonster

This isn't the xbox I asked for. I asked for mine to be a toaster.

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Posted By Origina1Penguin

I still have a pre-HDMI 360. I bought a bigger HDD but it still wasn't enough... Okay, let's face it. I'm probably going to buy this.

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Posted By Freakuency

OR it could play video games... Great, the original reason for the system is now peripheral with their BLAZING FAST Wi-Fi connectivity!

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Posted By garion333

Wow, he didn't need to be in that video.

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Posted By Sikboy1029

I'll stick with my Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 console, thanks.

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Posted By buhssuht

along with the new design, it comes with its own RRoD

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Posted By sunsethuman

But does it still use lead-free solder?

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Edited By Godlyawesomeguy

Son of a fucking bitch. I wish I didnt already have one.

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Posted By CustardArmy
@JAH_Donuts said:

actually made me laugh out loud, spot on mate
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Posted By Superdude201

Pretty much what should have been released initially then...

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Posted By Scottydoentknow

Awesome a WORKING xbox ive been waiting for one for like 3 years maybe god i wish i liked the ps3 titles more

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Posted By Heartagram

How do i get my old saves on this? I hope you dont want me to transfer them with a usb stick that would suck...

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Posted By EnKompassedDra9on

I want one! Im due for a new xbox anyway. I still have my original 400 dollar 8GB white fatty one

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Posted By MisterMouse

part of me is surprised it isnt white, but maybe that is a new look they are going for.

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Posted By Griddler

Great timing, I got an Elite 1 month ago... -_-

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Posted By BigChief

Now will they have fixed the RRoD? That's the question.

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Posted By TerraDelu

The Red Ring of Death is gonna look real nice on that shiny front!

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Posted By greennoodles

makes me wish I didnt have a 360 already

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Posted By JAH_Donuts


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Posted By Chicken008

Doesn't look like it supports the current hard drive, and what about Blu-Ray?

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Posted By Tharrington

A quiet xbox that doesn't look like it will overheat after 10 minutes, plus a bigger hard drive.  I have been waiting for this.

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Posted By ch3burashka

Lol - I, too, immediately thought of the Saturn. However, I'm sure that the new 360 will succeed where the Saturn failed, namely because of gaming being a more interesting hobby to the 'casuals'. I don't recall whether or not the Saturn was mentioned in the papers, but I'm willing to bet the 360 will be in half-column on the front page of many newspapers.

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Posted By cmac2099

Maybe the next time my 360 breaks they'll send me one of these. I'm doubtful though.

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