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the secret's out...

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Wood nymphs.


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I wanted to try this, but missed the "free weekend" thing they had a while ago. Guess I'll wait 'till it goes F2P (Or gets really cheap in Steam, provided it includes a free month :P)

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This still seems kind of interesting, but yeah, I've never played a game that needed a monthly fee and I'm not going to start now. Maybe if they tried the Guild Wars 2 business model I'd check it out.

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It's got a 3 day trail right now that will change to 5 days if you can finish 30 quests.

I checked it out a few weeks ago with a couple of my pals and ended up buying it off origin while it was on sale, It's a fun mmo with a unique setting and character progression. It's just a shame i think it'll be left in the shuffle behind mists of Pandaria and guild wars 2.

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@Atom: There's a 3 day trial.

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The secret is that super natural monsters don't care for rocket launchers.

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I can recommend everyone to try TSW, even though I will never finnish it myself. The story was really cool and maybe you'll forgive the gameplay more than I did. I actually played it a bunch and enjoyed some parts so I got the moneys worth, at least.

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I really enjoy a good MMO, but this isn't doing it for me. I don't know why.

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Three of my favorite things!

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I'd forgot how great the music is in this game.

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Those are some underwhelming explosions.

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This game F2P yet?

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I thought the developer folded?

Guess I was wrong (and a good thing too in that case!)

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funcom ship the next longest journey

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Feel free to read my huge, detailed review of the game.

I think its a wonderful MMORPG, my favorite since.... ever.

Actually plays like an adventure and not a level grinder.

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The dialogue and writing is the best in the genre and honestly makes Guild Wars 2's narrative look like an amateurish school hackjob. That said, the gameplay just isn't there. Wish they'd overhaul the combat system with one of the updates.

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I just bought, and started playing this game last Sunday having no clue this was coming out. And not knowing they are planing to add content on a regular basis, FOR FREE. But I have to say, so far I have put more time into this game then I ever did into SWTOR, so far about 20 hours.

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Dig deeper into Digging Deeper

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Well... naaah.

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This game is really fun. It probably should have been free to play though.

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Make it free and i'm in.

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Awesome, was looking forward to this update. I do hope they put some new stuff in Seoul next time, that place feels so empty.

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Actually, they're adding a tattoo parlour to Seoul. Probably in the next monthly update, or the one after that. New York is getting a raid, though, so Seoul might still feel a little empty compared to it and London.

Echoing the sentiment that the storytelling in this game is 10 steps ahead of ANY other MMO.

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"Digging Deeper" sounds like a weird Freudian metaphor.

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is this f2p yet?

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Got my hands on it during the 3+2 free days, managed to get myself to Blue Mountain. Really loving the story there.

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Awesome update, I've been using Raydrix's guide to help me get through this latest update though, some of the changes take a little getting used to. http://www.mmo-strategy-guides.com/secret-world-guides.html