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Game looks alright.. but all I can think about is some sweet cloudberry liqueur.

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Looks promising, i remember seeing this about a year ago and thought the project was dead. Happy to see it wasn't.

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By the way, when I first saw the still for this video, I thought the guy on the right was cosplaying as Michael Knight.

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Whiiite peoplllllle!

Naw, but seriously, this video is cute.

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As a programmer I'm interested in randomly generated gameplay systems but man that art style is not doing the game any favours, it just kind of looks like a low-to-middling flash game.

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@unrulyruffian: It's actually not as difficult as it looks. It's hard to explain, but there's somewhat of a rhythm to the game play. It's very similar to Super Meat Boy in that rushing through the levels will feel easier than taking your time, and you'll have a pretty good feel for what you have to do to improve as you make each new attempt at finishing a level.

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Really great that these guys are trying to achieve a childhood dream.

That game though.. yeesh. Makes me want to punch holes in the wall just watching it. 100% sure I'd be rage-quitting that within seconds.

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I had to go out and find the proper background music for this Developer Confessional:

Loading Video...

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that game looks hard as shit.

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Kind of inspiring?

The game doesn't look too interesting to me, but I like the story

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I guess I'm the odd ball, I'm interested. Has a very, early-mario look to the game play, but faster. They should have shown some mistakes; the obstacles gave the impression of not really being there.

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Hopefully they find a market, when I look at the game being played my gamer instinct says "No way in hell, not playing, not interesting, no thank you" But, I hope they find a big enough audience to be able to continue doing what they like (And not ... what sounds like squatting)

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I like the part where they placed tenth in a competition and then the one guy quit his job and convinced the other guy to not only quit his his also but sell all his stuff and move to NYC so he can help him fund this game with no definite future.

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I think the real question is what's the etiquette for bringing chicks back to the basement they're living in? Is there a "sock on the doorknob" arrangement or do they just come and go as they please?

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Aren't Dev Diaries more common for games people are already aware of and interested in? Throughout this whole video, I found myself asking "why should I care?" What they did show of gameplay looked like an unfun, ugly mess (to be expected in computer-designed levels).

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This feels like one of those ITT tech commercials for some reason.

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Wait a minute, was that a princess at the end of the video? Saving a princess, in my videogame? Not even once!


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It looks like a masochistic platformer/runner, a genre that has been very... active lately.

Getting a computer to generate levels that are possible to complete is a feat in itself, but games like Runner2, Super Meat Boy, and The Impossible Game have never interested me.

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Pwnee studios....

My PhD...

We're Indie, with Ubisoft....


My PhD...

There's so much about this that makes me want to not even bother looking at it.

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The human story behind this game seems a lot more interesting than the game itself.

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Also, the guy says "my PhD" a lot.

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Really odd way to promote this game

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Best friends making games. Aww.

The game looks much better than when I last saw it. Nice.

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I didn't like anything I saw about that game.

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This is weird

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