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So Deadpool is basically a mix of Duke Nukem, Postal 2 and the textures from superman 64?

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Posted By CreepyUncleBrad

Ouch...well that looks incredibly annoying.

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Posted By freakin9

After watching that trailer I'm not sure if I ever liked Deadpool, in fact, I'm now convinced I never have.

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Posted By slayergnome

I think I am in the minority here but I kinda liked the trailer and I actually thought the humor was pretty good.

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Posted By Dberg

Highmoon did right by the non Bay style Transformers, so I'll give them the benefit of doubt.

The trailer should just have the last three seconds of this on a loop though. That would've been perfect.

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If it weren't so darn wacky...

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The thing that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside about all the people bitching about how this trailer is obnoxious, trying too hard, and running the 'fourth wall' bit right into the ground...

...Is that that is a perfect summary of Deadpool himself. This game is going to be awesome. :)

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I guess I'm in the minority here, but I thought it was kind of funny.

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Posted By sate2801

what if platinumgames make a deadpool game?

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cool, a new Duke Nukem game.

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@sweep: almost any adaptation misses the point. It's always a one-dimensional caricature that does nothing but break the forth wall.

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Posted By robin_smith

this is likely to be terrible

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It's funny: if Nolan North actually sounded more like he normally does, the voice would be perfect.

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Well, I've heard of Deadpool before. A mate of mine is really into the comics. But that trailer was my first exposure to the character...and now I fucking hate him.

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I like Deadpool, but that writing is kinda stupid. I'm no expert on the character, but this seems like too childish a representation of him. But hey, maybe the game is good despite that. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

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More like Derppool, right guys?!

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High Moon studios doesn't make bad games. But this game will flop. I never heard of Deathpool so that means 99% other people also... Might be good but doesn't appeal to me at all.

DEADpool is a pretty famous character. Not Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man famous but I'd say on the level of Green Lantern before the movie. And that's to the general public, not comic book fans. And speaking of Green Lantern, Deadpool was played by Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origin - Wolverine. So he has been in a big budget movie(using the term lightly)

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@sweep said:

Voice still doesn't seem right...

Deadpool is supposed to be insane, not fucking obnoxious. This game seems to have completely missed what makes his personality so endearing.

To be fair, so do most of the comics.

Bingo. Deadpool's solo series' are just as crazy and retarded and not-that-funny as this game will be. Now Uncanny X-Force Deadpool, that's a motherfucking Deadpool!

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Posted By darkmagus517

Already bored.

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Posted By RobotSquad

@sweep said:

Voice still doesn't seem right...

Deadpool is supposed to be insane, not fucking obnoxious. This game seems to have completely missed what makes his personality so endearing.


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*walks in*

Turret section?

*walks out*

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@curtman2k7: I would give my left nut for X-Men Legends 3.

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I'm always down for a good superhero game. I sure hope this is one of those!

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High Moon studios doesn't make bad games. But this game will flop. I never heard of Deathpool so that means 99% other people also... Might be good but doesn't appeal to me at all.

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Posted By Hyperfludd

Looks and sounds like Deadpool. So they nailed it. I'm just hoping the gameplay itself is up to par.

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@spiritof said:

Looks like this game has the "Duke Nukem" Seal of Approval.

I liked Duke Nukem and even I found this tedious. Also I swear they've changed voice actors between this trailer and the last, either that or they told Nolan North to sound like he was constipated.

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Posted By BBQBram

I kinda wanna see Nolan North and Troy Baker fight to the death. Completely normal right?

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Posted By ScientificPizza

I don't think the writing is bad, it's pretty consistent with a lot of the current Deadpool stuff, I just don't think Nolan North fits as Deadpool. I think a lot of it has to do with me not being able to put the fact that that is Nolan North out of my head.

Cable being in this trailer is super rad, though. Cable & Deadpool is one of my favourite comic book series.

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This sold me! On not buy the game! Nor EVER giving it a chance even if it turns out to be the best game ever made!

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This looks great. And I don't need to explain why.

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Posted By OMGmyFACE

It's as if Gearbox made that Matt Hazard game.

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@slique said:

The writing just screams trying too hard.

Plus that voice is just... no. Just no.

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Posted By Legion_

I'd rather be kicked in the mouth than watch that trailer again.

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I know almost nothing about Deadpool, so that just looked like a bunch of stupid fun. Perhaps I'm the demographic for this game, even though I'm not sold on it.

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So am I the only person who actually got more interested in this game after seeing the trailer?

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Posted By Aarny91

Okay the Cable joke made me laugh...

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Posted By Dan_CiTi

Yeah this can be a little over-bearing. It is not helping the new voicing for him not working as well as the Wolverine Vs. Hulk and MvC3 voice as well. Not sure if it is a new actor, but yeah, it doesn't work as well. Also, the jokes are just not very good, and he's not as witty as usual. He's a very driving character who is almost constantly self-aware, but he is not that bad. I feel like they just spammed a Deadpool sound board with this, it also might be the case of it being almost 100% Deadpool might just wear thin no matter what.

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Posted By Feikken

Is that Nolan North?

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Posted By Silverbrand

They never seem to get the voice how I picture it when they do any deadpool stuff. The best I heard was they dressed up the I Am Ninja guy in a deadpool outfit at comiccon to promote it. Should have gotten him to do it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyzNhtDzRFg

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@spiritof said:

Looks like this game has the "Duke Nukem" Seal of Approval.

First thing I thought of as well.

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It's the sparing use of fourth wall breaking that makes deadpool fun. If you feel the need to bang it over the viewers head, you're doing it wrong.

This game looked doomed from its inception.

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Posted By ShaggE

I adore DP, but his insanity is at its best when there's a more serious side to balance it. The guy was never a super nuanced character, but he wasn't always a joke machine, either.

Oh well, I'm not unsold on this game yet. I played through DNF twice, so I have a high tolerance for obnoxious one-liners. If the gameplay is good, I'm happy.

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Posted By Roger778

Oh god, that was just...awful!

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I...uh...I liked it? But I hated it too? I'm not sure what that was actually.

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So can we all just admit that the whole 4th wall thing isn't nearly as clever or funny as some people seem to think it is.

Deadpool... Cool name, bad concept.

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@big_jon said:

Wow these video's are running like such crap for me on Chrome!

Yeah, i pretty much have to watch all Giant Bomb videos on either Youtube, or Twitch...

Why even have a Website...