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Anyone seen any puzzles or tombs?

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I hope this thing comes together well, and if not at least let the shooting dudes with arrows be satisfying.

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Hey Nathan Drake, get out of my Far Cry 3 story!

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Alex wrote that description. *checks* Yup.


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LOST? Is that you?

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Are there any Tombs?

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@HerbieBug said:

Trailers these days all like they are directed by the same person. It's always the same sort of camera cuts and the same vocal and music cues.

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I... I don't know I just... want to protect her?

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@deltaalphabravo said:

Anyone seen any puzzles or tombs?

Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave...

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This looks better and better every time I see new footage of it. Let's hope it holds up.

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@Shaanyboi: lool, he drunk.

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I'm looking forward to Uncharted 4. ( I actually am looking forward to Tomb Raider)

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So many cutscenes

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lost meets uncharted meets a little bit of...dexter? = awesome

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Preordered the CE. pretty pumped

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"if i dont survive none of us will" someones a little full of her self.

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If it's still a japanese moaning simulator meets QTE fest i don't care for it one bit. And that's a pointless trailer to say HEY THE GAME STILL EXISTS GUYS §

But i must say that i'm curious to see if they just suck at teasing games or if the game will actually suck. Sadly the later seems more probable. And they do suck at teasing too.

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@SamuraiGarrin: I'm glad someone else posted it before I did. :)

That being said, I can't wait to play this, especially as someone who doesn't own a PS3 and wanted to try Uncharted, which this will some comparisons to.

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Is this Green Arrow?

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@Brendan said:

@Veektarius said:

I was going to make a remark about how I'm not sure there's room in the market for another Uncharted, then I realized that A) Uncharted is only for playstation and B) I'm an idiot because I don't have a Playstation and I have never played all the way through an Uncharted game, so I am the market.

So, uh...sold?

I'm in the same boat... so yes :D

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(Alex makes the best video descriptions)

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I cannot wait for this, it's gonna be so awesome ^^

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Game looks good so fare.

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This looks pretty dumb. And not the brazen, charming dumb I can get behind.

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nathan drake and lara croft need to make babies...they would be super human!

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I think this proves it. Alex is really Stone Cold ET.

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Really looking forward to this game. Hoping the open world and RPG systems are fleshed out and the story and acting seems pretty good so far.

@Kamylow said:

If it's still a japanese moaning simulator meets QTE fest i don't care for it one bit. And that's a pointless trailer to say HEY THE GAME STILL EXISTS GUYS §

But i must say that i'm curious to see if they just suck at teasing games or if the game will actually suck. Sadly the later seems more probable. And they do suck at teasing too.

I don't see whats the problem with this, Drake "moans" all the time in the Uncharted games. Same with Far Cry, Assassins Creed, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Resident Evil, pretty much any game ever that involves someone running or getting hurt.

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Oh right, I keep forgetting that Square owns everything now.

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I was wondering if it was going to get an M rating. Looks like the weird torture porny stuff is going to be even more uncomfortable then? Maybe?

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I saw the deck to this video and immediately knew it was Alex that posted it. Also, Alex is the BEE'S KNEES.

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It looks really good if I'm being honest. I still don't get what all the hubbub was about with it being "sexist" though. Just more PC retards trying to ruin a good time. If it was sexist then she'd be useless and a big burly man would come in and save the day, you wouldn't play as a famous heroine at the very start and turn her from an innocent 18 year old to an absolutely killing and survival machine. People should just shut the fuck up already.

That said, I love you Alex. Oh my God do I love you.

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There's always room for more adventuring! The Tomb Raider games have never been that kiddy, so let's hope it has a fucked up story in there as well.

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I prefer good old crazy Laura myself. That last incarnation was just right. But, noooooo. We have to get realistic now.

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I'm scared to compare this to Uncharted because I'm really looking forward to this Tomb Raider release and Uncharted 2 is just the perfect game.. so comparisons can only hurt it. Either way it's pre-ordered on Steam.

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I'm curious about this one. Not going to pre-order it, of course, or even buy it around the time it comes out, but I'm wondering if it will be a good game anyway.

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Yep, color me curious.

Also I didn't know it was open-world. I feel like this emphasis on survival will work really well with that.

I think it'll be pretty cool.

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I have never wanted to play a Tomb Raider game... until now.

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I've not watched the video, but I'm sure it's sexist and evil.

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I might pick this up. Never played Tomb Raider before or for that matter be interested in it, but I'm going to give this game a chance.

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Too little moaning for my penis.

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Wow, I don't know how it happened, but this trailer actually unsold me completely on this game. I may as well just watch a movie from what I'm seeing. The gameplay blips looked tired, I am now thoroughly unexcited.

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@Swifdemon: Well said. What was told of this game at e3 made me wan`t to play my first Tomb Raider, but this trailer made it look like a very generic product.

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Uncharted 4: Which Croft?

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Oh man...I'm so excited!

This looks to be a really intense action-adventure game.

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this looks.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much lol

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Laura can do anything with a team of writers behind her.

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Really nice trailer, i liked it alot

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I really want this to be good.It looks scary in a way they very few games do anymore.

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Want this already because of the sexy accent