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Edit: Oh, I got first comment. Didn't expect that to ever happen.

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Posted By SlashDance

Thursday Night Spoilerdown. Dammit Alexis !

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Posted By Morden2261

@SlashDance said:

Thursday Night Spoilerdown. Dammit Alexis !

What's he spoil? Is it my dinner?

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Edited By Stimpack

This is a thing! I cannot wait for Trials to come out for the PC.

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Posted By francisah

@SlashDance: What was spoiled?

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Posted By sungahymn


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Posted By SlashDance

@Morden2261: @francisah: The ending of Halo 4. Just don't watch the last minute and you'll be fine.

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I wanna try kombucha.

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Posted By Generiko

@francisah said:

@SlashDance: What was spoiled?

@Slab64 said:

I think someone said he spoiled ODST?

Halo 4

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Posted By evanbower

Great TNT. Love the Drew.

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Posted By eccentrix

I forgot about that. Silly Alexis. That's not even a man's name!

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Drew should always come out.

And Alexis.

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Posted By Hawkerace

Gotta do the dew with more Drew.

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Posted By Fattony12000

You spoil us Alexis, you really do.

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Posted By kycinematic

A purty good TNT to start the new year.

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Posted By joshthebear

Oh god, I see Spelunky in the promo which can only mean that this went insane.

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Posted By jynxdaddy

Does this TNT focus on one game at a time, it looks like it does from the thumbnail.

Most of last years TNTs were unbearable to me for how much stuff they had going on at once. The Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Quick Look was great and felt like what I want from TNT.

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Posted By PSB_Vam

Alexis: "chat update from Jeff, we're all fired"

Great TNT guys!

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Posted By qualus

Awesome TNT! And gotta love the absolute mayhem that is Spelunky! :D

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Posted By AaronChance

Horde mode of Binary Domain is pretty sweet actually.

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Posted By Paindamnation

brad looks like he is wearing lipstick.

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Posted By hollitz

I could tell Brad was playing video games at the beginning because of how he was shuckin' and jivin'. Like on the TV.

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Posted By gerrid

Love that intro. The way Brad stares slightly left of camera as he says hello, goodness.

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Posted By wumbo3000

Heads up everyone! At the very end, there are some spoilers for Halo 4. It's a good thing I don't care about the Halo franchise!

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Posted By sub_o

Here's a great credits screen from Vanquish

Loading Video...
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Posted By Abendlaender

I love Brad's impression of someone playing videogames on a TV series.

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Posted By Ravelle

Thanks to weird New Year week I forgot it was Thursday!

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Posted By bushlemon

Spelunky GOTY

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Posted By Ravelle

I want the new Spelunky on the Playstation or PC so bad. :(

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Posted By Velamo05

I bet you DO love Quackberry...well played, Shoemaker...

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Posted By Driam

Goddamn. Maybe cut out the Halo 4 spoiler in the clean site-version of the show even if you can't do it on twitch.

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Posted By Luxus

"Read the rules, homies!" on a shirt, now!

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Posted By PhilipDuck

Great group for the TNT, maybe change up each week who does these TNT's to keep it fresh..?

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Posted By Shtinky

@PhilipDuck said:

Great group for the TNT, maybe change up each week who does these TNT's to keep it fresh..?

Or make new shows, which involve different groups.

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Posted By Y2Ken

I am way down for Spelunky multiplayer. That shit is just madness.

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Posted By JoeyRavn

I missed this on purpose yesterday, only so I could watch it today while I do some stuff. Casual, unplanned TNT is the best TNT.

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Posted By BeachThunder

I didn't even realise there was a TNT :(

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Posted By d0m3l
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Posted By rmanthorp

Great TNT. We play Spelunky MP all the goodtime time. No bombs. Shit is hype.

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Posted By Hells

Definitely the best TNT this year! ;)

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Posted By ArjanN

The new site better have the achievement stuff, it's like half the reason I even go to the actual site.

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Posted By zombie2011

I really like the grab bag style TNT's, throwing in one of these or a TNT when the staff just play co-op or against themselves once every couple of months would be cool.

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Posted By cloudymusic

I forgot Spelunky even had multiplayer.

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Posted By randiolo

if you close your eyes Alexis sounds just like Patrick.

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Posted By Drebin_893

Hahaha, that was the best start to a TNT ever.

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Posted By porr

@Slab64 said:

I wanna try kombucha.

No, you don't.


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Edited By The_Nubster

Can anyone give me a Microsoft Space Bucks total for Trials Evo and its DLC? I'm a tad too lazy to look it up myself.

"Hahaha, read the rules, homies!"

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Posted By Shinmaru007

Vinny "One Bomb" Caravella.

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Posted By Trilogy

I got a kick out of Drew smoking everyone in the apple eating minigame.

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