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Posted By rjayb89

Jeff and Ryan hand-touching. My wish come true.

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Posted By csl316

I ended up not even watching, just listening to the conversation.

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Posted By RobertOrri

Thanks a lot for the great discussions, guys. Lots of good insight and thoughts there.

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Posted By alternate

The JTV archive has an hour of game room stuff just before TNT - I reckon that is what caused the capture gear to suicide when it realised that Sunset Riders was never coming out.

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Edited By mithhunter55

The cross hair is huge if I was playing on PC I would make it like a 10 pixel box. haha
1080p wii is available for computer.

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Posted By metalrader

33:50 scared the crap out of me.

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Posted By Romination

I sem to be the only person who DOESN'T likethe conversation in this one. It's just a rehashing of everything I've heard before and a lot of broad generalizations that Giant Bomb usually doesn't do.

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Posted By McGhee
@metalrader said:
" 33:50 scared the crap out of me. "
lol No kidding. It reminded me of the trippy ass insane video on Giant Bomb's JustinTV channel. I still have nightmares.
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Edited By Jimbo_N

Actually not caring at all about the game that is being played is becoming way to common in TNT these days and it seems it just turns into hours of not caring at all about actually playing the community and just talking about everything and nothing instead. 
Where are the days where the majority of the TNT was commenting on what happens in the game? 
This also just completely demotivates whoever is playing making him run around just "kinda playing for the sake of it" and not really focusing. Isn't that kinda ruining the experience for the people from the community that actually got in and got to play? 
I dunno, this whole "having the game as a kind of backdrop for random discussion" thing is kind of rubbing me the wrong way when its supposed to be an intense community gamenight. There are other forums where discussions about consumers, controls, state of the market and driving genres forward can be held. Not that its uninteresting conversation but it just makes the whole TNT thing feel kind of disconnected.

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Posted By Sayishere

the discussion with gary was the best part 

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Posted By zerdune
@Jimbo_N: I have never understood why anyone wants to play in these TNT nights. The experience doesn't seem to differ from a random server.
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Posted By Marokai
@MrKlorox said:
" @schattenwolf86 said:
" @Arlecchino said:
" Another TNT; Another case of the game being uninteresting and the conversation stealing the show. "
Truth be told! "
That's the whole reason these are worth archiving and watching. The TNTs where they just focus on playing games are the least interesting ones. "
But the point of a TNT is Giant Bomb and the community having a chance to come together and play. A night of intense and fun gameplay between the GB crew and random fans. Using TNTs has just an excuse to babble on for two hours about random vaguely-related-to-the-game-they're-playing stuff does the people who show up to a play a disservice and is just another thing wrong with Giant Bomb lately, IMO.
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Posted By mokhann

Why Team Deathmath the whole time? The are other modes dammit :(

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Posted By Auxin
@Hoshnasi said:
" Crysis guns sound like paintball markers "
The sound designers for most FPSs need to spend a few more days at the range. (An indoor range, preferably. Shooting indoors is oppressively loud!)
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Posted By TepidShark

Too bad they got cut off the second time, Jeff, Ryan & Gary were having a good conversation.

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Posted By MagikGimp

Who was responsible for that shitty excuse for video games journalism, namely the Citizen Kane / Metroid Prime review? May God have mercy on their unemployed ass.

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Posted By SvarteJack

I really enjoy the disscussion theyre having in the later part of this video. Very interesting stuff

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Posted By Japanese_Prawn

This emphasises Gary's weight loss, congrats, that low-carb diet was a good effort mate.

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Edited By SatelliteOfLove

It's really spooky listening to Gary and Jeff talk about shooter fatigue, AAA fatigue, lack of genre variety fatigue, gen7 game design fatigue as it was in its beginnings at this time, but not yet noticed, but were looking for a console fatigue, yet that didn't happen till after 4Q 2011.

Puts the current mid-transition to Gen8 in perspective.

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