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the set just keeps getting better.

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Quick! Where's Batman's Shark repellent?

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Love how they have some of the community art in the background.

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@sammo21: You're onto something, maybe I should use my comicvine sub more!

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Big Jeffrey, undefeated world champ of Injustice. He's the cream of the crop.

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Man, that Batman Vs Superman discussion at the very beginning was pitch-perfect.

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@crelio: The only people who think Aquaman sucks are people who don't read comics, essentially.

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Look at all those posters on the set! Oh man they even framed the creepy drawing of Jeff that's great!

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The set looks killer! Great job with all those posters!

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The Berry Gordy Flash has a crotch bulge that just won't quit!

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Holy redecorated set Batman! Looks nice guys.

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The background looks awesome. Great job! I've been thinking it needed some changing and the set lighting looks much improved too including the lights on you guys. Who was responsible?

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God I really hate it when these guys try talking about comics, seriously where is tony when this stuff happens.

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Berry Gordy was my favorite version of the Flash, he definitely had the most soul.

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Awesome background