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Posted By Slaker117

Is Jeff costume selecting straight out of random select? Silly thing to care about I know, but I didn't think you could do that. I know I'm not getting it to work.

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Posted By TepidShark

They answered my question on the quick look which was put up the day after TNT.

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Posted By Xealot42
We need a Chicken Nugget Challenge video to go along with the Coke Challenge.
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Posted By kuma17
@X19: Holy shit man, that archive is awesome. Answer to all my prayers, thanks! Much appreciated :)
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Posted By MachoFantastico

Coonce's fashion style is simply epic!

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Posted By Ghost407

Holy fuck!!! LOOK AT THAT JACKET!!!

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Edited By MattClassic

MK starts at 1:20:18 for those that don't care about tennis and Tron.

Also, the cautious optimism for MK Arcade Kollection is a little depressing in hindsight considering how completely shitty and broken the online turned out.

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Posted By Nentisys

Just decided to rewatch this on a whim, gotta give props to Mike Tennis/Ivan Drago27.

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Am I the last person to have watched this since 2013?

I claim this comment section in the name of myself.

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Posted By PlasmaDuck
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Posted By DjCmeP

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