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Posted By mooseburger

Why does the guy that's never PLAYED a Tim Shafer  game get to interview him?  Brad really needs to go back and play those games.  There is a reason Tim Shafer is my favorite game designer!

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Posted By Unholyburger

this should be awesome

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Edited By LeadNinja

The real enemy is mediocre, corporate rock?  Does that mean the final level is a battle against Busted?  I've always wanted to kill them...

In a video game, of course.

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Posted By Carlos1408

Dude I can't wait for this GAAME!!!! ROCK OOON!!!

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Posted By RHCPfan24

I <3 Tim Schafer. This should be a great game and I love this interview. Watching Tim talk is always a great experience, and seeing Brad is ALWAYS a kick.

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Edited By Nick
I almost wanted to not like this game but it does look better everytime I read more about it.

@Scooper - Yes I was thinking the exact same thing haha
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Posted By Kraznor

Really looking forward to this. I can't look at Brad the same way anymore though, he has yet to play through a Tim Schafer game. For shame!

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Posted By HatKing

Okay Mr.Schafer you've sold me.  The last good funny game I can remember was probably Conker BFD back on the N64.  I am really looking forward to this.

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Posted By Subject2Change

Can't wait.

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Posted By FlappyHands

Tim Schafer is a weird guy, but totally awesome. Great interview.

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Posted By Doubt

I Heart Brad

game looks kewl beans
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Posted By Aska

Tim Schafer is credit to team.

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Posted By REDRUN
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Posted By JJOR64


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Posted By TheMustacheHero

He looks and acts a lot like Jack Black...

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Posted By cinemandrew

Don't worry Tim, I write the same way. Can't wait for this goddamned game!

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Posted By Akolite

Can't wait for this game, next thing Jack Black will be in your cereal...

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Posted By artofwar420

Tim Schafer is my hero.

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Posted By giyanks22

Brad does the best Karate Chops lol...Whenever he talks its always Karate Chops, but we love it..
The game looks okay...

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Posted By TripMasterMunky

Weird interview.

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Posted By SolidEyeSystem


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LMAO @ brad trying to call attention to the interview "yeah good stuff, Cough Cough"

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Posted By Scooper

I almost wanted to not like this game but it does look better everytime I read more about it.

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