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Posted By zoozilla

The Schafer is King!

Definitely looking forward to seeing more of this game; I want to know how it plays!

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Posted By downloaded

I really want this game.

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Posted By foxmulder

Best dude ever!!!!  The creator of the best game ever Grim Fandango!!!

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Posted By Duh_ave

I'd say Brad seems nervous because of the Tim Schafer, not the beard.

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Posted By Gizmo

Seems like the humour is sharp and witty, I like...

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Posted By NukeGoBoom

It has great ideas from other podcasts and interview.
You use Ocarina of Time style song playing for special attacks,One of the levels you have to escort people in a prison and guide them Overlord style.

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Posted By buckybit

Damn it, Duders! I just found out I am the same age as Tim Metal Legend Schafer!

Wondering how his jury-duty went on, yesterday...

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Posted By Treppass

lol what the hell was that at the begining of that video?!

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Posted By darkjester74


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Posted By JackiJinx

Tim Shafer is TIm Shafer! WOOOOOOOOOO!

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Posted By BlackWaterCO

going to be a fantastic game

Tim looks like a doper but seems cool

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Posted By MrKlorox

hahahahahhahaha! "a doper"

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Posted By gustave154

lol @ brad xD

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Posted By get2sammyb

Hmmm... For me, this is probably the worst concept for a game ever.

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Posted By Chummy8

Funny, I never thought Tim Schafer looked like that.  He so didn't fit my mental image of him.

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Posted By GravitasPrimus

this game is going to be a lot of fun. Tim Schafer is a visionary man.

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Posted By babylonian

Aww, poor Brad. He was so nervous!

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Edited By dQuarters

I've never been a big fan of his games post Monkey Island (ain't played most of 'em, really). But the industry could use hella more Tim Schafers. Him, Ken Levine and Kojima (I'm sure you know one I missed). A small handful of true story-tellers in a massive and quickly expanding industry.

It needs more.
Not that there aren't other good stories in games. But those appear to usually involve a lot of outside help and a massive team of writers. And I feel hiring Hollywood or Comic book writers is a mistake. Interactivity changes everything when telling a story within a game. Design is always key, and having a writer who understands it obviously connects with the audience in a more profound way.
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Posted By mikemosha90


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Posted By afrokola

Tim's spot on with how he writes his characters. That's the best way to write characters, if you don't understand them then your story won't be nearly as good.

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Posted By strangeling
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Posted By Reetesh

Its coming out Rocktober 13th! Its a tuesday.

Wonderful interview :D

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Posted By PassiveSpiral

I wanted to like this game, but the RTS stuff just seemed out of place, I wish it had just stayed a third person open world action/adventure game.

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