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I...I need this.

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Is this the real world? Is this real life?!

I think it's safe to say that it's a tomodachi life.

See what I did there?

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Is this the real world? Is this real life?!

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Jesus, fuck, I need this.

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Tomodachi 4 Lyfe

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Was that the Wilhelm scream at the end?

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Whoever is responsible for this, thank you.

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@nickhead said:

This is...interesting. Doesn't look like something I'd spend money/time with.

I'd rather play a new Metroid than date Samus!

Are you sure about that?

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OK Nintendo Im back in. Whoever they got to make this video just put him in charge of the company.

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This is a fever dream of a game. All the timing is terrible in a sort of great way.

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This is...interesting. Doesn't look like something I'd spend money/time with.

I'd rather play a new Metroid than date Samus!

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Uhhh....I want to play this???

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So this is basically the next generation of Animal Crossing?

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Really into this weird direction Nintendo's minor stuff has been going.

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I... I think I drank too much Nyquill.

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Bill Trinen is great.

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I go away for a few days and this is what happens? Son of a bitch I'm sold!

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what am i watching

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I'm all for Nintendo doing really quirky things like this. I've been complaining for years that they are just doing the same old Mario and Zelda routine to the point of exhaustion. So nice to see something new nad apparently quite creative come along. We need more original stuff like this.

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@naleas: It was a bug. It was a result of corrupt Mii data imports.

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I probably won't play this, but man that video was great.

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Reminds me about tamagotchi just with Mii and little bit more advanced I guess?

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@jj_figgy said:

Does anyone think that they will touch same sex relationships in this game?

There was actually a glitch in the Japanese version that allowed same sex relationships. They patched this out because it caused saves to be deleted.

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because well, why not? This is most insane thing I've seen in awhile. I totally approve.

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Glad to see all that 80's cocaine finally made it from hollywood to japan

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I'm gonna take all da club drugz and play dis

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what the fuck

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what the fuck

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Holy shit.

Yes please. This is... I need this.

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I need this game... I need it now!

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@naleas: Wow that's incredibly stupid.

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@jj_figgy: There was "bug" that allowed same sex marriage... but they patched it out. *sigh*

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June 6 can't come soon enough...

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I'm probably not the first person to notice, but I remember a demo from the GameCube days called Stage Debut that kind of looked like this.

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Full cast of growing pains trapped on a island with Adolf Hitler.

Does anyone think that they will touch same sex relationships in this game?

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My body is ready.

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I have no words...

just the widest grin :)

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My God... this trailer... is AMAZING!! Nintendo needs to do more crazy shit like this. Come on Japan, start being more Japan like this! <3

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Nintendo is getting weird. This is great.

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that was awesome, i kinda wanna make the GB duders in this game and make them all live in an office as they get into these kinds of shenanigans...

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All hail the Virtual Boy! I'm not going to run out and get a 3DS just for this, but if I ever get one I may have to check this out for a goof.

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@mormonwarrior said:

Nintendo's SPD Group No.1 (WarioWare, Rhythm Heaven) has the best sense of humor. They have just the right level of unhinged insanity.

I hope this game is actually fun to play too. Because holy crap.

From the guy who recently brought you Metroid Other M comes another batch of insane nonsense! :D

It's amazing how Sakamoto brought us the most beloved Metroid (Super), the most hated (Other M) and in between he just makes completely insane shit like WarioWare, Rhythm Tengoku and this. And barely anybody even knows about it lol.

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Did I just see "Reggie Burger" ?