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This was originally a Quick Look but we have changed the name now that there is an actual Quick Look for the release product. View it here.

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Posted By beard_of_zeus

Oh god, I lost it when Vinny pulled out the giant fucking engine for their spaceplane.

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Posted By doe3879

I haven't had a good actual LOL in a while


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I know too much about this game. Their lack of knowledge really irritates me. That's unfortunate.

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Posted By Jensonb

Holy crap, this game looks incredible xD

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Posted By Winsord

This was a ton of fun to watch, though it's too bad you guys didn't make it into space. The main way of making it to the Mun is by first orbiting the Earth, then launching yourself to the Mun. If you try to just fly straight there, you're not going to have enough fuel for how heavy your craft will be. I'm no KSP aficionado by any means, but generally what I do is get into orbit height (36,000 M) and then turn off SAS for a moment so I can lean the craft forwards, just until it's perpendicular with Kerbin (so right on the line between the blue and orange on your compass). Then once you're in orbit and gone around Kerbin, thrust up so you leave your orbit and head for the Mun with a ton of speed.

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Posted By NekuCTR

Aww, I was hoping Brad would be back in time for this one. Now we don't get any random space facts that he only vaguely knows anything about.

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Posted By Marz

this was pretty funny indeed.

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Posted By Wesqy

This QL was great, thanks!

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Posted By CptMorganCA

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was a Flight Club!

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Posted By das9000

And so comes to a close another long day at giant bomb

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Posted By Phatmac

Space, the final frontier,

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Posted By asmo29a

Yup. Awesome. Couldn't help buying it.

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Posted By SargeGulp

@Xyber said:

This is probably the best thing I've seen in a while.

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Man, I'm going to need an index to catch all the music, space, and movie references they made in this Quick Look. Quality content gentlemen! Good show!

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Posted By bybeach

Damn I could be one of them there rocket scientists, I betcha a better one than Vinny or Dave....or even Drew! Mine would blow up the world.. And the Moon! That's the idea, right?

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Posted By outerabiz

yes! flight club this, i want to see a moon landing

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Posted By flasaltine

How come their mics have that little bit of white noise while talking?

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I'd been meaning to buy a copy of this for a while, this Quick Look finally convinced me. Downloading now.

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I am sold. This looks like one of the most ridiculous toys out there.

Kinda sad that they never got their crazier stuff off the ground though; I wanted to see them at least flail around in failure before crashing. I would love it if they revisit this for an extended flight club down the line. I don't think they've tapped the full potential they could get out of it.

Thanks Dave, Drew and Vinny! Absolutely fantastic.

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Posted By SSully

24 minutes in and this is already one of my favorite quick looks

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Posted By SuperJoe

I literally could not breathe from laughing when I noticed the little astronaut panic.

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''Yo we can't get this space craft to go up in the air!''

''Put more wheels on that bitch!''

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Posted By Humanity

Haha they actually made an Ayn Rand joke

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Posted By sawtooth

How is Vinny not working at NASA yet?

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Posted By gaffyh

This video needs a follow-up quick look, i want to see how far Vinny gets in a few weeks time, that would be awesome

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Posted By Patman99

Love this game, so glad it is getting some attention!

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Posted By Doomduck

These Drew, Vinny, Dave Quick Looks are the best!

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Posted By Krataur

Tell GB I love them very much!

They knooooow!

Also, as has been said, they need to return to this in a week or two.

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Posted By LikeaSsur

The Flight Club never disappoints.

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Posted By MordeaniisChaos

@Flacracker said:

How come their mics have that little bit of white noise while talking?

Perhaps they were using wireless mics, which tend to be noisy.

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Posted By GenesisZ

awesome! thanks guys!

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Posted By thebigJ_A

How did they not notice that they had like 46 rockets clipping into each other on the bottom stage there, lol? Man this looks fun. I'll wait till it's done, but I think I'm sold.

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Posted By Make_Me_Mad

I love these quick looks. "A Hex Grid of Rockets!"

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Posted By MourerM

More! I want to see them land a Kerbal on the Moon.

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Posted By Sarx

Comedy Gold

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The gimbal...the instrument that conveys the most information.

Vinny, "This is somethin'."




Seriously, if the Flight Club could do a video once a week instead of once a month, this site's subscriptions would to speak.

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Posted By fentonalpha

I've been watching someone on you-tube play this very seriously. So my heart somewhat broke when i saw the disregard for the life of the first Kerbanought.

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Posted By avantegardener

This looks sweet!

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Posted By Silver-Streak

I don't necessarily think I would get any enjoyment playing this, but I definitely got a ton of enjoyment out of the flight club playing it.

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Posted By MattClassic

I love how stoked the little Kerbal dudes look when they've survived a really disastrous flight. :D

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Posted By GeneralDAS

Drew, was it the door?

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Posted By falling_fast

nasa should hire dave

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Posted By obcdexter

What a fantastic Quick-Look

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Posted By Redbullet685

That was so amazing. Thanks so much Vinny, Drew and Dave.

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Posted By Atom

I totally lost my shit at 22:43. I love Vinny+Dave+Drew QLs

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Posted By charlie_victor_bravo

Looks interesting. Can you do orbital slingshot in this game?

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Posted By Baal_Sagoth

Outstanding work! Perfect commentators of course. I knew this was going to be pretty sweet when I saw the first coverage and speculated about a Quick Look. This game lends itself so well to an extensive but not too serious approach!

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Butterfly in the skyyyyyyyyyy...

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I could not stop laughing throughout this video. So good, holy shit.

"That's a great looking gimbal!" -Drew