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JESUS put up a warning next time this could be dangerous my ears are beeping =/.

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Ouch! My ears!

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man, put this on in the background and thought my tv was f'ed, then I remembered I don't own a crt anymore

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Haha, holy shit. I just started this to watch some Don't Starve action and forgot that that was how they opened this video. MY EARS.

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"Wizbang graphics" actually seems like something Ryan would write.

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God damn Vinny finds the most entertaining games.

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That hearing test at the start is the worst game.

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I thought they were trying to find the source of some interference at the start. God that's piercing.

Quick edit: Drew has AMAZING posture.

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in the game with the baby. The thing in the fridge says "cheese - Not lunch" It's Danish... which surprised the shit out of me.

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In college I took a color test like they did, but it was a much larger test. Pretty much was just seeing how well you can see small differences in color. (It was very slight changes, much slighter than the one they did).

I think I ended up missing 2 or 3. What was really interesting though is we had someone in the class who was color blind, and he actually did excellent on it as well. (I assume doing the same method Jeff did there.) Wish I remembered what kind of color blind he was.

(For those who are curious, it was a color correction class for a graphic art degree)

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I messed with my computer's audio settings and I'm now able to hear it.

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In high school, kids would set their cellphone rings to pitches that adults can't hear so everyone in the class but the teacher would hear the phone ring.

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Anyone else notice that at 1 hour and 12 minutes and 40 seconds: Mt. Vinnie?

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Oh god, that's piercing.

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re: hearing test. If you can't hear, it could be your ears, but it could also be your audio equipment. Most speakers and soundcards struggle past 10k hz. Turn up the volume to compensate. And yeah, the high end is cut off from the video, go to the website.

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You can play Don't starve with WASD keys too.

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aahhhhhhhhhhhhh loouuuddd

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I love watching them play janky old games...Bioforge was great and so is Time Commando!

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Wait, did Jeff just call Yahoo buying Tumblr, or was that already known when he said that?

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Heard it.

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@doctorwelch: Same here. I couldn't hear the last one that Drew was playing, but on my own, I can hear 18.

I actually bought a plasma TV recently that I had to return because it would make a really high frequency tone when it was on that nobody else could hear but was driving me insane. My friends thought I was crazy.

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I hear it

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Wow an awesome and annoying start all in one. Also, go do the test for yourselves people cause I couldn't hear past 14 through this video but i can hear up to 17 when doing it for myself.

Also my girlfriend says Jif and its annoying.

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Drew looks incredibly similar to Bredan Benson from The Raconteurs.

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@johnbakosh: I was like "dude what are you talking about" then I saw that side view at 53:10 and I couldn't believe how big he looked! Brad talk to Drew and sort yourself out!

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Holy Shit at 2 things:

1) Jeff brute forcing the color blind test.

2) Rorie's fucked up hair cut.

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@foxmulder said:

@vinchenzo said:

Would be better if Rorie stopped bringing up dumb user questions.

Yeah. I felt like he should have known better than to ask Brad a user question mocking his DOTA 2 play. Definately needs to cut back on the amount of questions, maybe only when the crew asks for them.

Yeah it worked during the photo hunt (which was cool in a group yelling way) but he got out of hand as the show went on.

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@scarycrayons: One probably has a better sound compression algorithm.

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The translation for Ost - Ikke frokost is wrong. It's norwegian (game is developed by norwegians) and means Cheese - Not Breakfast.

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Would be better if Rorie stopped bringing up dumb user questions.

Yeah. I felt like he should have known better than to ask Brad a user question mocking his DOTA 2 play. Definately needs to cut back on the amount of questions, maybe only when the crew asks for them.

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Yeah! Cool 96.9 playing the greatest hits from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. That's all I listened to growing up.

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I don't hear it.

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In Cyberpunk, you could need the help of REO Meatwagon if a firefight goes bad.

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@scampbell You can use 'Vred' if you want to in Bokmål instead of 'Sint'. Although I wouldn't use it myself in daily conversations.

'Gutt' is the correct word for 'Boy'

Norwegian, Danish and Swedish are so similar that no one would care if you said 'Dreng' instead of 'Gutt'. We would understand it perfectly.

Just don't switch up 'Nei' and 'Ja' ;)

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Jeff was in a punk rock band. Of course his hearing is bad.

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@scampbell I'm afraid you're mistaken.

'Nei'/'Nej' means 'No' and 'Ja' means 'Yes'

Mixing those two up would make your vacation very unpleasant.

Man, then what about the word 'angry' because I was likewise under the assumption that Bokmål word is not "vred" like in danish, but instead "sint". Please tell me your word for 'boy' is "gutt" and not "dreng" otherwise my world is falling apart.

(Of course there is always the chance that my Norwegian friend is just screwing with me.)

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Jeff brute forcing that color blind test was pretty amazing.

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I couldn't hear 14kHz on the recording, but I found the site they used and could hear 14kHz directly from that site. Nothing higher tho. I'm 32.

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@scampbell I'm afraid you're mistaken.

'Nei'/'Nej' means 'No' and 'Ja' means 'Yes'

Mixing those two up would make your vacation very unpleasant.

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@rejizzle said:

Great. Had to work so I missed this live. Thanks!

Oh, god that noise...

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That lullaby you could hear someone humming at the end of the Among the sleep, my mom used to sing the same one to me......Byssan lull.

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It won't be much longer until REO Speedwagon conquers the video game industry.

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...though it has some blatant exceptions like "nei" means "yes" in Norwegian, where in danish "nej" means "no". On the other hand the Norwegian (Bokmål) word for "No" is "ja", which naturally means "yes" in Danish.

That's not right.

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I can't believe Vinny played Time Commando! I remember my brother bringing it home from work for me one day and I struggled to get through the first stage. The controls are incredibly awkward and fidgety, it was difficult to beat that sabertooth tiger. Haven't heard this game come up since. Glad he retrieved this time capsule from my memory.

I have similar memories, and I was actually just thinking about the game recently. Glad to see it's popped up here, though I haven't made it to that part yet. Yo, two plus hours is a long internet video. It's crazy that I sometimes can't muster up the motivation to sit down and watch a movie, but a two hour video or three hour Bombcast? Of course I can make the time! Anyway, I digress.

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Argh, that sound!

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That fucking sound in the start is the worst.

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Well, this is weird. I didn't hear it watching the stream live, but on the recording? It's piercingly loud!

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That sound. My ears.

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I could hear the tone, which is surprising considering I'm a 36yo, I've been to loads of metal concerts over the years and I like music in headphones to be fuckin' LOUD.