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Edited By LeStephan

Wow im first? Thats a first.

I just woke up from falling asleep before the stream, thnx for the quick work Jan/Jason/whoever uploaded this!

That first game has awesome sound design and it reminds me of wizorb which is also really rad.

Watching Brad play Snake Pass while constantly accelerating during the climbing was the best. I think its a great game but like Jeff I just kinda stopped playing suddenly and haven't gone back to it yet. I did make it up to world 4 though.

The pocket fighter games on the neogeo pocket are awesome but they benefit a lot from the amazing clicky stick that is on the neo geo pocket. That switch game really nailed the look!

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Posted By actionshakespeare

As a Junior Anime Expert lemme tell ya if you had one more hour you woulda found "the good stuff" in some booth surrounded by very suggestive pillowcases.

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Posted By how92

I totally said, "Ever heard the Guns N' Roses song Nightrain?" in unison with Brad. Also it is the best track on that album.

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Posted By infinite_zero00

Jeff describing Anime Expo sounds like my experience with literally every con in the midwest. Some cool panels and a GIANT bootleg/handmade item flea market.

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Posted By mrfluke

I was no joke a bit scared during that g-fuel segment, really was wondering are they going to drink all of that? as that could have potentially gone real bad for all of them if they did, as ive been using G-fuel for a year now (crappy name and marketing, but a pretty decent and affordable pre workout boost) and its packed with all kinds of stuff in it that if taken in multiple doses, could be way too much for one's body.

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Posted By rayne117

ben's hair is coming in long hair squad let's go

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Posted By LyndBako

Jury duty is awesome! Don't skip out on it

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Posted By Moderp

Wreckfest looks like a good Monday stream game

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Posted By justachap

C H I C K E N !

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Edited By grandCurator

Probably one of the best UPFs in a good while. Jeff's going to jail! WOOOO!

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Posted By camwil

@mrfluke: It's just an energy drink, relax

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Posted By hollitz

I'm digging hatless Ben. He's got himself a mane goin now.

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Posted By Jetlag

My Downloads folder has about 10 years of stuff in it. I could probably get it to around 20 years if I merged the old ones scattered around my systems.

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Edited By ripelivejam

@jetlag: I have various nested backup folders on both work and home computers. Can't be arsed to clean it up and maybe free up a lot of space in the process (so lazy). Also pretty sure I have many big steam games backed up two times or more in different places.

E: Was hoping Jeff would bring Dan back with him for a bit. Oh well.

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Posted By DeimosReign

It's funny seeing pre-workout company's just rework their formulas for gamer energy drinks. All the pre workouts I've used were never "good' flavors, and you usually just chugged it to get it over with and get the workout started. So i can't imagine this stuff being a 'drink' I'd enjoy while playing any video game.

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Posted By BossHoss

Nobody likes White Mystery anymore.

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Posted By KgKris

I don't think Arc Sys reads UPF comments but please make a Fate Grand Order fighting game!

It only made a billion dollars for Sony last year <3

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Posted By ripelivejam

watermelon rulz don't @ me

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Posted By Tr0n

My Downloads folder beef!

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Posted By fattony12000

croc vibes

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Posted By MissAshley

Strikey Sisters is only 99 cents. Noice!

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Posted By mrfluke

@camwil: nope it’s not, over 7,083% vitamin B12 and 417% vitamin c, 500% vitamin B6, followed by a antioxidant complex, focus complex and energy complex and all of this in one cup alone

Get your facts straight, but bottom line they were alright at the end hence why I said I was worried at the start

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Posted By MeierTheRed

@jetlag said:

My Downloads folder has about 10 years of stuff in it. I could probably get it to around 20 years if I merged the old ones scattered around my systems.

I have gotten in the habit of purging my download folder when i upgrade my OS. I just can't be bothered any more with saving data i will never use. I still have a 300GB external drive from 8 years ago i haven't hooked up since, and i have zero interest in exploring it's contents.

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Posted By Xealot42

Someone less lazy than me please make a reaction gif of Brad's face around 1:22:25 when he hears about the Lumines frame rate issues!

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Posted By TheGoodBishonen

There was too much energy drink going on in this Unprofessional Friday!

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Posted By ltcolumbo

"Sliterin'." Not the same as "Slitherin'," but probably still a fulfilling Friday night activity.

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Posted By vodsel

anime games suckz

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Posted By Genessee

Holy shit @ the Sailor Moon pic.

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Posted By glots

Wreckfest seems like it'd be a fun game to play with both East and West crews, plus the community.

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Edited By elite49

Jury Duty sucks and I'm always bewildered when people say they love it. Last time I went the Jury Officer yelled at a room full of adults because we weren't enthralled enough to be there as if it's a fucking sporting event and he's giving out free T-Shirts.

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Posted By TheSpookiest

peanuts in coke is S tier shit, but ONLY if it's a glass bottle

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Posted By defridgerator

just what was in that downloads folder I wonder... hmmmm

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Posted By kmg90

I'm with @jeff on the Download folder "incident"

You don't store stuff you want to keep in the downloads folder

Even Microsoft sees it as a temporary files folder in Windows 10 where you set it to clear old files out after a certain period of time

It's not on by default
It's not on by default

Can be accessed by running this command in the run prompt


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Posted By Teeknuts

I had a bottle of Night Train once. It was the worst hangover I've ever had.

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Posted By NickFoley

Raid 2, btw.

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Posted By hippie_genocide

GBW gettin' turnt up on G-Fuel!

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Posted By VersedSoul

Best gamertag I've seen: SarahPalensTitRing, brings back memories of playing S&D CoD 4 on the map Crash.

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Posted By zentheninja

Why yes the first seven minutes of the Bubblegum Crisis anime are fucking awesome!

First anime I thoroughly enjoyed back in 1995.

Loading Video...

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Posted By mR_buBblezz666


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Posted By Krathoon

I wonder if the drinks are G Fuel.

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Posted By Krathoon

I tried G Fuel. Didn't do it for me.

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Posted By ripelivejam

Pour that G sync juice down my throat.

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Posted By AlvaroFAraujo

Those cocktails looked nice, though the jury still out on the flavor.

Anime has invaded GB as is here to stay. As for choices I think Black Lagoon and BubbleGum crisis or the OVA are good start to other genres

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Posted By FlashFlood_29

@benpack: that waved-back hair is looking good on you, Ben! It works for you real well!

Fun UPF. Only pre-workout I ever use is a bit of coffee and make sure to stay hydrated.

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Posted By HTC

So Pocket Rumble shamelessly stole Marina and the Diamonds' Primadonna for one of those tracks, I am 90% certain.

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Posted By Admiral_Crunch

@jetlag: Ugh yeah. I have a couple decades worth of old files, photos, mod packs,demos, and various other shit I can't seem to let go crammed into an external hard drive.

I remember holding onto PC Gamer Demo disks until just a couple years ago when I figured if I would ever want to play any of them, I could probably find it online somewhere.

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