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Still dope.

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Ryan really was something else. Forever missed!

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Ryan is such a fucking dude.

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Damnit Ryan!!! We miss you! :( no one ever had a laugh as contagious as you!! RIP Duder! God only knows how many drunk nights when I start to feel down - you make me laugh .. Thank you!

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Ryan & Vinny we such a good combo.

He is missed.

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I miss you, Buddy.

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Can't believe it's been 3 years already, still miss this guy alot

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No matter how many times I watch, it's always funny. Thank you again Ryan for all of the laughs you've given us, and continue to give us.

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@7:35 "COME ON OUT, BATS!"

That's my favorite part. Wish somebody could mod Arkham City/Knight and replace some of the thug dialog with Vinny.

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Randomly got linked here again. And yep, Ryan was the best.

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Love Ryan Davis

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that goddamn Batman thug bit gets me

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Love you Ryan!

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I miss this man

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Still thinking of you!

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Love u Ryan!

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I miss you every day Ryan. PAX East wasn't the same without you.

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Killian Rain Smith still gets me.

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Went and watched old E3 coverage this week. I miss you, Ryan.

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king among men, he was the best

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I've watched this increasingly more over the past year and a half, and each time just makes me want to hug the fucker even more. I could never give you enough thanks, Drew, for keeping all this footage and more on Some Hard Drive.

My homepage has been batmanbatmanbatman.info for awhile now, and I don't think I'm going to change it anytime soon.

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I miss you Ryan

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Goddamn, I miss the good old days something fierce.

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Still miss you Ryan! We'll never forget your contributions to the site and your hilarious moments! You're the best!

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Very touching. RIP Ryan.

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Hard to imagine it's been over a year now. Miss this Big Guy every day... Thanks Ryan!

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Catch you later, big guy.

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@apollo87: It's funny that I've had something similar happen to me over the last year. Sure I'll attribute other things, but I was flabbergasted at his death a year ago. Something--maybe some of the soul of GB--just went missing with him. For someone who hadn't missed a bombcast, nor would fail to visit the site on a daily basis, that spark was just gone for me. Hard to articulate. I've been slowly involving myself with the site and games again in the last month, I'd say. <>

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Miss you, big guy, the world is a little less awesome now.

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Miss you Ryan. I always will.

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For whatever reason, this has me now contemplating going back and relistening to every single episode of the podcast. I started listening when it was called Arrow Pointing Down, and there were only like three of those, so I'm pretty sure I've heard all of them, but I really don't care. It'll be like rewatching my favorite TV show.

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Oh man. The end got me.

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Man, I had forgotten all about I Love Mondays. #ThanksRyan

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Sorry man, but you are one year and four days late. Look at his giant bomb wiki.

I always like listening to Ryan's voice, and his laugh.

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RIP to the Dudest of Duders. We miss you, Ryan.

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Still can't believe he's gone. RIP duder.

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the love for Ryan Davis cannot be said with words

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I still remember crying like a bitch here at work finding out he passed. I still am just tearing up... RIP Ryan Davis, you wonderful man.

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Miss Ryan so much, specially his hysterical laugh, like from this, one of my favorite moments at GB.

Thanks for all the great times, Ryan, you are still one of the best. Cheers!

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Ryan Davis, you are still missed!

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Man, miss Ryan.

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Bombcast has changed so much over the last year. Still the best out there, but forever changed.

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I only discovered Giantbomb late last year, its a shame I wasnt exposed to such epic wizardry sooner.

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such good times thanks for this!

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nice video, its unfortunate the guy passed :(

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One of the funniest guys I've ever seen. You were the best Ryan!

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RIP Ryan