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Been waiting all weekend for this!

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Yeeeeeeeha! Ride em' Jeff! Ride em'. Ride em' cowboy! Ride em'. Yeeeeeeeeha!

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Gangnam Style!

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Quality start to the video. :D

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I said "Fuck this game" when I saw the Too Much Water meme.

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One of the songs in that zombie game sounding like it was straight up biting off of the 28 Days Later soundtrack.

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VR games are the fucking worst

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I'm betting that both of the people they ran into in the first game were playing it without the headset.

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It's kinda annoying having the guys talk over the gameplay when there are no subtitles (talking about the tarot card game). You could barely hear anything.

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I stand by my previous assessment: VR games are stupid (in the best and worst ways).

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I like this idea of showing couple VR games in one video. Also some great moments in this video :D

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If you die in VR you die in real life!!

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The name could use some more work!

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Oh lord, I tried SurrealVR and that "game" is REAAAAAAAAAL bad.

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Great video. I like this format for VR stuff. Thanks!

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This is the new Game Room.

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Jeff is the best at interacting with random people in online videogames.

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thanks for covering vr games guys, I cant wait to see if there is anything good to get for my vive. After a month, audioshield and hover junkers are finally starting to wear thin. If you guys want to check out a good version of surreal vr check out altspace vr, Way less janky and its got a bunch of people on at all times of the hour.

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Things definitely get super fucking illegal around the 14:30 mark.

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Could the next VRodeo look at Technolust on Oculus?

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As much as VR seems cool, the fact that it rekindles the barely a game early access games fire on steam makes my skin crawl a bit.

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A lot of Game Room games were at least good though.

@amyggen said:

This is the new Game Room.

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@protome said:

A lot of Game Room games were at least good though.

@amyggen said:

This is the new Game Room.

When you play that many games there`s gonna be some decent ones. More than not the games weren`t any good though, or it was terrible versions of good games.

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VR remains downright stupid but hilarious.

I still think this whole VR thing is a bit of a fad, don't think I've seen anything that looks fun to play.

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I'm not saying they are easy to make or something but man... these VR games. I know you get a lot from being in the headset but still.

They make it funny though. "I have a drone.... peace out"

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What was that thing Brad was talking about towards the end of SurrealVR? Google hasn't been much help >.<

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Yee-haw! This ole' cowpoke is gonna mosey on into the VRodeo!

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VR might be sort of terrible, but I love it for these videos alone. So broken but so good.

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why do i need a VR when I have you guys? I <3 GB

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I don't think there is any way to make game I would actually like to play using VR.

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@amyggen said:

This is the new Game Room.

Cheaper for Jeff though

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VR continues to look like a way ahead of it's time, way expensive gimmick.

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My Puma G.villas are about toast, what are those kicks that Jeff is sporting?

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I'm feeling a distinct lack of willingness to embrace the future of entertainment as we know it. You've gotta approach it with an open heart or its impact on you won't feel quite as profound. Like Brad so kindly reminded us, VR space is a PLUR space where negative energy only serves to detract from the conscious coupling of mind and technology, ultimately hindering transcendence.

~~ Good vibes, come on repeat after me now, good vibes ~~

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I work on Kismet, which makes a very brief appearance here. There's more to it than Jeff and the crew got to -- if anyone here wants to know more, feel free to ping me.

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I was hoping they'd check out BlazeRush, since it wasn't working in the first Oculus VR stream. It's a fun little combat racing game that doesn't take itself too seriously, and the VR aspect makes it feel convincingly like a toy playset. Jeff would probably enjoy it!

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Can you guys do a round-up of vehicle sims like DCS, Dirt Rally, Truck Simulator and whatever else has supposed VR support? Mini-games & tech demos make for entertaining quick-looks, but nobody buys a Rift/Vive to play those... I hope!

To everyone else sh*tting on VR based on these fad cash-ins: Real games that have a decent VR mode (official or not) are the ones to play at the moment, like Minecraft and Elite: Dangerous. On last week's UPF, Brad apparently had a blast playing original Doom in VR. GB's long-running criticism of VR is that there aren't any serious games to sink their teeth into... But what they're looking for is right under their nose.

Until there's a large enough install base to support big, native VR games, the immediate present & future of VR will be traditional games that also have a good VR mode.

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-googles flare gun regulations-

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I love it.

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I am very close to cancelling my Oculus pre order. I'm starting to think we won't see consistent releases of quality VR titles before the next version of the Vive and Oculus headsets are out.

What a bummer. Hopefully there will be awesome looking VR games announced at E3 this year, but I doubt it.

I believe in the VR future, but that future is not now. Maybe in another couple of years...

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Brad - "Cyber Pong seems like the most standout, actual game". My god VR, couldn't you wait for actual games you impatient pricks. It's not even pong!!!