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Where is the network test area, how many hours/bosses in?

Locking on keeps you circling around your enemies rather than running free, that is the greatest weakness of it. You can see this a little while into when Vinny starts playing.

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Man all this DS2 coverage is gonna test my willpower to try and stay away from.

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@vinny Just wanted to say the ps3 version definitely has that blurring effect. Hard to notice stuff like that when you're playing, but it's there.

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Damn. Why isn't Vinny playing?

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To watch or not to watch. My amazon copy is not going to get here until next week. So...

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well done GiantBomb keep Darksouls 2 content coming..more please !!

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Yup, 5 minutes of this was enough for me for now. Gonna be fun watching this stuff later.

Totally gonna go Wizard when I get this.

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@flacracker: He'd have to take his PS3 into the office for that

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is this gonna be a premium thing where this one is for everyone but the next wont be? just checking

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Isn't Vinny playing this? Aww... :(

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How about Jeff plays haha

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Still not looking at the Stamina, classic ;)

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@hassun said:

Will be watching this.


YEP. Same.

So glad that Giant Bomb's stance on the Souls games has gone from "lol wut?" to "Vinny, you're crazy" to "OMG BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR LIVESTREAM LIVESTREAM LIVESTREAMMMM!"

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Can't watch....must wait...... Dark Souls 2 is on it's way in the mail so if i'm lucky I get it tomorrow(thursday) here in the EU.

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If you guys care about tips from the comment section (and based off of what you always say in videos/podcasts you don't) you should put some points in ADP. It'll make your flask drinking/shield raising animations faster, as well as a few others. In addition it'll also add some invincibility frame to the roll. I've found around 20 to bring me back to Dark Souls 1 level speed.

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Vinny should be playing...

Edit: Alright about an hour in we get Vinny and the silly block dance...now i feel better..

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I find it really weird that this is named part 01, as if they are making a full let's play out of a game that isn't out in most of the world yet. But its fine! I'll watch it in a few months.

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Praise the sun! Hail Prince Ostrava! Thank you Brad and Vinny!

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Continuous torment for PC players.

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Brad sure did skim right pass "gorgeous view"

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Time to Brad: 7:35.

And it was the best.

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"Fuckin hell, dude." - Brad, every 5 minutes

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Vinny: "Maybe there's a path ..."

* schplong *

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@paulunga said:

Isn't Vinny playing this? Aww... :(

@somejerk said:

@flacracker: He'd have to take his PS3 into the office for that

He must have then!

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Oh no. no no no no. I'm going to have to go get the PS3 version today.

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Watching this made me realise I'm completely burned out when it comes to watching people play Dark Souls. I think I really need to play one for myself.

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@teaoverlord: Dark souls is a great game but I would think that you miss out on some of the social aspects as most of the community is playing Dark souls 2 this week and the time to come.

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Does the 360 version really load as fast as Brad says? I don't like taking his word for stuff like that

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I really want to play this game.

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I can't wait to watch this...eventually after I play the game on Pc.

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Whoa, when did they record this? Was it done live?

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Blergh, having only gotten a few hours into the game and wanting to avoid spoilers, there's sure going to be a whole lot of Dark Souls 2 stuff to watch and listen weeks from now.

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Holy shit, it's ORNSTEIN! Yes, definitely huge spoilers in this video for that alone.

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I'm looking forward to watching this after I finish the game, but I'm trying really hard not to spoil anything for myself this time.

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@vinny Adaptability increases your animation speeds for raising shields/drinking/using items!

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Love this Dark Souls 2 coverage. Hate that I'm not watching it for over a month since I'm waiting for PC release.

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Have to wait to watch this can not spoil it for me!

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Man I really want to watch this but it comes out in like 6 hours here and I like the idea of a clean run, but then I love Giantbomb content.

Why do you do this to me!?!

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This game looks really dumb. Blind attacks from enemies after a load? Pulling subsets of enemy groups? Geometry that encourages falling off of cliffs? Why is it that everyone's okay with this?

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I have no desire to play this myself, but I do love watching Brad, Vinny and Rorie do this feature.

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@somejerk said:

For the sake of the people having to wait for the PC version, do you think you could give it a special nothing close to spoilery thumbnail in the future?

...and the 600 million people living in Europe...

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Not going to watch this or any Dark Souls 2 footage until I've played it myself. Not really a big fan of those spoilerific videos. Go finish Demon's Souls, I'll watch that.

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You are the worst teasers ever! Not that I'm complaining, but I think I'll save all this DS2 stuff till I've played a fair chunk of the game myself

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Haven't watched this yet (and don't plan to until I've had the chance to sink my teeth into the game) -- is this just Load Our Last Souls, Dark Souls II Edition?

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Love these videos, could listen to Brad and Vinny for days. Not thrilled about the "silly voices" school of comedy though

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Isn't all this Dark Souls content overkill? These games have been covered to death. Its nice that everyone seems to think these are the best games ever, but yo we've seen it. I wouldn't care if there was other content coming along side it. If it wasn't for scoops GB would just be the Dark Souls website.

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@somejerk: Is the spoiler that the PC version will have way better textures?