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Lol at Skyrim "dicerolls behind the scene".

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@nohthink: That's the other Kingdom of Amalur game, Copernicus.

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The UI... reminds me of a PS2 game's UI?

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Game looks sick. Looks like what I wanted Fable to be.

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they even announced 3 separate collector's edition for this game and it is kind of ridiculous because of the price tag especially for a new IP !!!...available only in US and Canada.

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@Maajin said:

The UI is really lacking. Pretty interested in the rest, though.

For real. The menus and HUD are terrible, but the gameplay looks solid.

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@kollay said:

The UI... reminds me of a PS2 game's UI?

Yep. Looks very simple and kind of bad.

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I'm a little worried about the MMO-like quests, but I guess that makes sense since they're looking to make an MMO next. 
Other than that and the freaking HUGE font size (I hope that will look smaller on the PC version), this looks really cool. I'm gonna be a rogue all the way ^^

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@KillyDarko: Totally agree with you. I do like the artstyle though, kinda bummed out that you can't co-op online or locally. That would've been sweet.

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This looks pretty generic

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Man the Untold Legends guys need to step up their game...
Joking aside this looks super generic, which is odd considering how much they were touting Todd McFarlane being involved. I cringed at the sight of quick time events. The PS2 comments are very appropriate in the UI for sure. It's all bulky overly involved imagery and that font is... yeah I can't even think of a term.
A lot of people will give this the benefit of the doubt given the people involved, but this looks really lame to me.

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That's an ugly interface. Looks like it's a holdover from the last generation.

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im seeing a mix of wow some bioware/ dragon age and elder scrolls.

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This is what Rich Gallup has been working on isnt it? Anyone know what his position is?

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This game has some of the most hideous UI I've ever seen.

Good thing that, if I buy it, it will be on PC and I can't imagine them making a game with this many elements of WoW and Elderscrolls to not allow some modding, or at least being able to alter the UI.

Plus it will look fantastic on PC.

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Is that Xzibit the warlock?

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I guess there are some Elderly Scroll elements but it plays virtually nothing like an Elder Scrolls game. Plus the roots of fantasy were planted far before Elder Scrolls, and every fantasy game borrows from that.

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UI is fine. i've seen worse. this one's just very generic and not well placed.

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the combat looks pretty cool. i saw a dev playing this on a gamespot feed and he made the thief look like it fought amazingly. i don't like the look of the game or the UI though. I also dont like the generic fantasy elvish thing going on either. i would have really liked to see some invented races specifically for this IP.

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Yeah the UI isn't great and some of the art design in spots seems uninspired. I did like when the sorcerer was outside, that looked awesome. Personally I feel like I could play Diablo III and Skyrim and get better of the components this game is putting together. Hell throw a Torchlight II in there and I feel like there's not much this game does to justify itself besides "Hey it's got an actual free combat system" in a RPG world.

For me the most annoying thing was how painfully LOTR some of the names were which does not bode well for the story and aesthetics. Yeah I feel like in general this game is kind of a bummer aesthetically. The combat seems like a fun time and who knows maybe it gets good but I feel like this can go both ways.

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Looks awesome.

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Only thing I'm worried about with this game is EA forcing me to use Origin but I suppose I'll have to bite that bullet at some point anyway, especially since its more likely ME3 will use it too. bleh

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Looks good.

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The art direction isn't doing anything for me, but I hope the gameplay is good.

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Do want.

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Actually excited for this game. Looks good.

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@Dany said:

@kollay said:

The UI... reminds me of a PS2 game's UI?

Yep. Looks very simple and kind of bad.

Yeah, I was just about to comment on that. Looks like an Xbox 1 game. Like somebody had seen the Fable UI and tried to copy it while changing a few things. The whole game has a weird look to it. Like it has been in development for a long ass time. I´m interested in it.. but a lot of things about it rub me the wrong way. The overworld for example, it seems far too constrained and "tunnel-based" if that makes any sense.

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It looks like a mix of Elder Scrolls, Fable, and Darksiders. That may seem reductive but I mean it in the best possible way. Looking forward to it.

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This QL needs a Jay Mohr look-a-like to explain the game.

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@ItBeStefYo: His GB wiki page says he's a producer, whatever that means.

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was actually considering buying this but now? Um........nah

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looks like a bootleg mix of wow, dao, esiv, and fable and that makes me go meh :C

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zzzzzzzzzzzz (- _ -)

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Not quite what I was expecting, however I am drawn to the gameplay and quite like the art style. That UI is a little original Xbox looking though. Looks solid enough overall interested to see how it turns out.

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this game is made by the same people from gamespot right?

rich and more?

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What Gothic should have been. Or at least that`s what Im hoping.

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Nope .... when they mentioned God of War/Fable like combat I lost interest (Ijust dont dig it) , and the coloring is just off :/ meh.

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@Stahlbrand said:

The art design isn't for me. Looks silly next to Dark Souls and Skryim. WoW-silly.

Thats unfair to Wow.

Wow has a silly yet unique and wonderful art style. This game just have a rather poor art style that happends to lean towards the Wow-silly look.

Edit: And the UI is downright ugly.

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Posted By SaturdayNightSpecials

It theoretically sounds good, but I get an overwhelming vibe of mediocrity from it.

I especially hate the oversized glowy WOW look to all the equipment.

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As derivative as it is I'm actually liking it. The story and world part? Not so much, but it seems to be a well made action rpg with a bunch of worthwhile costumization. Especially the action part seems sharper than others in its genre, which is really were the appeal comes in for me.

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Why are people so negative about this game? It looks amazing.

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The fuck is wrong with the UI?

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art style... high res wow?

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This game is actually looking really great...I'll definitely check it out when it's released.

Of course, when is Mass Effect 3 out? That takes precedence...

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Game looks great. Seems like anyone who loved Champions of Norrath would love this game. It's like the spiritual evolution of that series.

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Oh, I'm liking the look of this.

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The fact that you can dodge in this game just makes me excited for it.  It's why I like Dungeon Siege III so much, too.  I love an rpg with a chance to avoid damage due to reflexes, not stats.

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seems like making the comparison to elder scrolls games is a bit of a stretch, to me it looks a lot more like world of warcraft than anything else. Mix in a combat style reminiscent of god of war and it looks like it could be really fun.

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This looks okay.

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I'm looking forward to this. Looks like a solid enough action RPG, I just hope it's good enough on the RPG side.