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Sexy!  I love the Tested segments.
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I hate Zach Galifianakis.

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Seriously, learn to speed read, and follow the instructions. It's not that hard.
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I love how Kanye songs are always in Hangover affiliated movies.

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Whoah, advertising.

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I am going to gif the fuck out of this video when I get home.

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Wait....  People are complaining that the segment switches had information regarding the new shirts that Whiskey released?
If you didn't know, while watching the actual live show, the segment switches are dead ass air.  I suggest you get over it.

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Tested is now giving Giant Bomb a run for its money where my heart is concerned.

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Whoa, did the headline style just change?  Weird.  I like it tho.  =)

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This WeDare boner was achieved under false pretenses.

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Oh wow, I haven't laughed at anything as hard as I did at the Tested segment for a very long time.

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ill prob sign up just for support, however this was not that great

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Love giantbomb, love tested, love screened, and actually, the comic stuff this time was interesting!

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ppl complaining about "t-shirt adds".. it's good placement holders for the usual breaks they have on the live shows. It's better than the "security camera" footage. 
And ppl complaining about non-GB crew. Don't watch if you don't like?

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Well, thanks jerks.  I am a sellout.  Actually, lets just say I bought in!  Seriously, I love you guys, I just bought a BOMB T-shirt and I am watching your Whiskey Media Happy Hour from last week.  I try to watch weekly when possible, but thank god you are making these as downloads because some Fridays I either have to work, a date, gone out...ect.  The We Dare part of the show was hilarious!

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Comedic music timing!

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@Johnny5 said:
" @InfiniteGeass said:

" Glad I don't pay for this. It's good, but I'd rather not pay to see ads on these. "

Well its not that bad, I think the merch is more of a community thing as if you're buying at members cost you're buying wholly at production cost so they don't make ANY money.  So its hardly a commercial endeavour.  Its not just there for the sake of it too, they're just doing transitions and shit lol "
Not to mention that there have never been any "ads" on the paid subscriber ones to my knowledge =p
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last .... by a couple of days i guess *sigh*
o does anyone know what that music is at 1:05:48 :D

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squeeze harder! up and down the shaft, norm! 

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I was just gifted one of those Vidalia choppers.

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i laughed real, real hard
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Once again, Tested Kills It on WMHH.

thanks Whiskey Media
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This episode is made and full of win. I'm so proud of you guys!

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Top knotch episode, guys! Not a dull moment or throw away scene. Well done.

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As soon as Ryan said they were starting out with a showstopper, the video stopped and ended.  Pretty weird
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Jeff reprises his classic role as "The Creeper" for the We Dare QL. Very amusing.

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Why is it that Tested always seems to continue having the absolute best segments? Great job, guys.

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lol child molester bag!!!!

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But...no hoodies?  That makes me sad. I've just gone to Atlanta and will be staying for the next six weeks. Being as awesome as I clearly am at packing, I neglected to bring anything resembling a sweater. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to fix that, but...guess not.

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