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Dojo of Death is one of those games that's great at making you feel like a badass, especially when you can really get in the zone and rack up the kills. I just turned off the game's music, turned on some jams of my own, and went on a ninja slaughter spree.

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See You On the Other Side looks like first person Closure! Awesome.

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Closure with just a touch of Antichamber.

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All very cool looking. I miss my little Patrick face in the corner, though. It's like playing Doom without Space Marine face in the HUD.

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I love black and white crosshatching.

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The last games is pretty much a 3d version of closurealmost to the point of ripoff.. since the aethetic is also very similar. Still very cool though,

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@chaser324: I was totally gonna do that

That last game was neat. It reminded me of something, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I remembered: this 2D game, Chroma. Also, there was some other 2D game that was Quick Looked awhile back that had an even more similar mechanic, where the player moved lanterns around to get to doorways at the ends of levels and I think could fall through darkness.

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Oh God. "See You On The Other Side" has some weird artefacts going on with the capture kit. That was freaky, lol.

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That Ninja Dojo game sure is everywhere this week. It's a cool little flash game but not sure how it's spread so far.

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Catlateral damage? More like Patlateral damage :o

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'Cause a ninja dojo party don't stop!