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The "falling into things" genre seems like it would be really fun on the Oculus Rift. Or maybe it would just make you throw up immediately. Or both.

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Into The Box reminds me of Inside A Star Filled Sky

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Those falling-into-things games are really dreamlike. Pretty cool.

And looks like 7 Light Years was made by Nifflas, kind of an OG indie dev.

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I tried playing Henry Hatsworth but I didn't get very far. It seemed like jack of two trades, master of neither...

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Wait, isn't a small left shift key and a larger right hand shift key the common keyboard layout? Every keyboard I've had since the late 80's have had that layout at least.http://galleryplus.ebayimg.com/ws/web/181174359029_1_0_1/1000x1000.jpg

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Yeah Patrick you need to finish Rez. It's like 2-3 hours max. The last level is absolutely transcendent.

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Patrick, Rez is quite short. You could finish it off in a single sitting easily. 1-2 hours. There is a mode where you play all levels back to back. It's been a while but I remember that clocking in at a little over an hour from start to finish. Definitely do this. Area 5 (Rez' last level) is by far the best one. One of my favorite moments in gaming was playing through that part the first couple times.

Fear is the m-m-m-mind killer

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My made up level titles for the game "7 Llight years"

1: Bastard Tetris

2: Wanna-be Egypt OR Aztek

3:Tape Worm Diet

4: xloops + xballs= My balls! OR My balls!

5:Breaking Bad OR Molecules

6: Lazer Chamber OR Light Rays! <----- MUST Include exclamation point!

7: ??? We will never know... Thanks Patrick!

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@hmoney001: Thanks for posting that. I didn't read it all, and most of it was over my head, but a lot was interesting.

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Typing and Mass Effect? They need to get Brad in on this!

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@turra said:

If you think this is crazy, you really need to finish the original Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing...

Yeah, Patrick kept saying how it was interesting that they layered more of a story onto it, but the first one already ended up having a weird story/mythology that it gradually built up over the like 15-25 minutes it took to play.

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@patrickklepek Henry Hatsworth Encyclopedia Bombastica?

Also, everybody be sure to email Patrick with your beak.

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I kind of wish instead of "YOU DIED" Dark Souls 2 said "YOU REALLY SCREWED THE POOCH."

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Henry Hatsworth is great.

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Patrick! Bob Nystrom, the tools program for our team on Henry Hatsworth posted an insightful post mortem on the tools that we created for the game, you might enjoy this read as it talks about process and, ultimately, what happened to the team.


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I'll definitely play that typing game again. The first one was quiet good.

@pimblycharles said:

I find it rather amusing that Patrick associates illegal drug use with falling into things

Yeah, some really weird commentary on drug use in general here.

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As an avid typist, I thoroughly enjoyed the sign-off sequence. Thanks, Patrick!

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Best Anime video on the site

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I find it rather amusing that Patrick associates illegal drug use with falling into things

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Yes I will e-mail you with my beak Patrick.

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If you think this is crazy, you really need to finish the original Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing...