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this is a great feature and most of these games seem terribo

this roguelike seems kinda neat though. reminds me of daggerfall

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Patrick moving to Chicago has been sort of a blessing in disguise.

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I love this feature Patrick! I'd like to see it more frequently for sure.

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Keep 'em comin', just don't exhaust yourself.

Also, I really look forward to Worth Reading every week, so I'm hoping it returns next week.

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"Save the Date"... oh... oh!

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This feature is awesome patrick! Don't stop doing these.

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Scoops! Need that Worth Reading! Please!

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So we start out tripping on dxm, have a bit of a downer in Delver, then suddenly realize our girlfriend is dead in a tub of thai food. Sounds like a Friday night!

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That Delver game really reminds me of Ultima Underworld 1 and 2, minus the really ackward controls it has.

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I knew that was going to happen in save the date

I wouldn't mind twice a week.

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You know, Ive never been into Minecraft either, and i couldnt put my finger on why.....Patrick nailed it. Im just not compelled to make my own fun. I wish i was, but im not.

Im into this show. What an interesting array of games Scoops finds....

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Save the Date gets super meta, it's really good. I think there are like 20 endings and I got them all.

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Patrick, you're terrible at dating.

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what kills me about save the date is the way the music fades out when something's going bad, and then BA-DA DOOT DOO DAHHHHHHH ding!

that silly "bad end" musical cue

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We want more Worth Playing! Keep it up Scoops!

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this week's feature was hilarious!

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More videos per week would be rad.

Slave of God is like the idealised version of clubbing you remember the day after. All colours and beats and that one girl on the dance floor who you had that moment with, she was amazing man, I swear I'll never meet another girl like her.

The reality is you take the pills that shady Dave gave you and they taste a little funny but he seems cool, and then you dance and sweat like a motherfucker and everyone is probably staring but fuck it you're pilling your tits off, then you suck face with some girl, you think her name was Kylie but you can't remember and she's kinda council estate anyway and now you feel a bit ill cos you've been drinking shots as well as the pills it's probably the pills what kind of name is shady Dave anyway you'll kill that cuntnowyourepukingmakeitstophow much is the taxi? Youmustbe joking lad we'll walk fuck where's my phone where's everyone else am in Swinton or Eccles?

Then you wake up with a raging hangover and OMFG THAT WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVER.

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@mrfluke said:

@beachthunder said:

@mjhaylett said:

hell yeah Patrick we like this feature :D More would be great as you let me see games I would never ever come into contact with.

Yes. I would like to see this kind of thing more often. Watching Patrick play all manner of obscure stuff is great.

seconded i as well am all for patrick playing the weird games.

I like this video but I kind of think this would work better as a part of Unprofessional Fridays than as a standalone feature. But I'm not too sure how it would work with him being outside of the studio everyone else is in.

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I actually really recommend save the date. Good puzzle and its super interesting to see where it goes. Just stick with it.

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You're one of the good ones Klepek!

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Everyone needs to play Save the Date. Patrick barely scratched the surface of that game. It is an important game, one that demand to be played.

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Slave of God must be what the worst LSD trip in the world is like.

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Don't sweat people who demand "Rogue-like" means a game that is "Rogue".

Pretty music on it, too. Delicate melodies without sounding twee.

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Twice a week would be fantastic!

I've got very little time to look up these smaller indie titles these days since I'm really busy with work, so the Worth Playing feature really makes my day. (Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing! was an awesome find!)

Also, I saw he peanut allergy coming a mile away... but I was probably not the only one. :b

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Man, I voted for Delver on greenlight a while ago. I'm sad to see it's still in Greenlight limbo.

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Twice a week! YEAH!

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I'm getting the impression that Save The Date is this year's Frog Fractions.

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Man, Patrick is really bad at dates.

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Great feature, I don't have time to play all the weird Indie stuff but I am totally fascinated by all of it. Keep up the feature, I'll watch it every time. =)

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Wow, Slave to God gave my brain an aneurysm, If it was a realistic 'dance club' experience it should be followed by 2 days of crushing depression and general ennui.

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Hell yeah to more of worth playing, it's awesome.

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I love this feature, and would definitively enjoy watching it twice a week.

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Hi @patrickklepek!

Delver is great, and I play it a ton on my Nexus 7! One note on the combat: If you hold down the attack button, you can charge your attack and deal bonus damage!

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Patrick, you have to keep playing and save the date. Don't let her die!

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Oh man, Patrick, you do NOT want to go on a date with 'Fatality Felicia'. Chick's bad news, man.

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Man, the dude from Soundgarden has a wicked sense of humor.

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@beatnik11: Save The Date is much deeper than what Patrick showed; by my count there are three separate moments where your understanding of the game changes drastically. Each run is quite short, especially if you read quickly; play it a few times, and I'll bet you'll at least be amused by the first revelation, and perhaps intrigued enough to continue.

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Chris Cornell.......like, from Sound Garden, Chris Cornell?

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Twice a week? YES PLEASE! :)

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Don't know how accurate the club experience is in regards to the drugs thing, but I can totally relate to the locked in-thing on the dancefloor. That's usually how I feel anyway, one with the crowd and the music, just zoned out, nothing else matters here and now, and just dancing and loving the shit out of the music (I don't really go to clubs unless I like the DJ/artist playing). Think it was illustrated decently.

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Thanks Scoops!

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Scoops why did you say "when I thought those were good games" about Doom? Doom holds up today :(

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Save the Date was really something. I only wish Patrick would've advanced just a bit further. Hope he keeps playing it on his own and includes an honorable mention in a future Worth Reading.

For anyone that "completes" it and wants some extra food for thought, I came across this (SUPER-SPOILERY!) thread where the game author openly talks about it: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=33753.0

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Save the Date is pretty much a true to life simulation of how all my dates go.