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Posted By oturista

I like!

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Posted By TheMathlete

Great trailer. I hope we can see some gameplay soon.

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Posted By PLWolf

Looks cool!

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Posted By tricky69

@pyromaster222 said:

looks pretty cool actually even if there is no gameplay footage. Got a real Incredibles feel to it though which was weird.

I got the same feeling too. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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Posted By zityz

Reminds me of some kind of Pixar or Dreamworks Picture movie premise.

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Posted By Xpgamer7

I did like the sarcasm even if it was overdone. There was just so much enthusiasm behind it.

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Posted By onimonkii

can't be worse than resistance 3

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Posted By StealthRaptor

Steve Blum again?

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Posted By maxB

Looks promising

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Posted By crazycatguy

They have my attention. 

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Posted By MeatSim

4 player co-op games seem to be a big thing this year.

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Posted By dezvous

Damn really impressed with the level of character given to them all. If the game brings the same level of fun with some good gameplay this should be a great new IP.

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Posted By confinedbread
@Jolt92: My thoughts exactly. They even had the gun that shot the black expanding goop
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Posted By clstirens
@Tricky69 said:

@pyromaster222 said:

looks pretty cool actually even if there is no gameplay footage. Got a real Incredibles feel to it though which was weird.

I got the same feeling too. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Same feeling here. I love it
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Posted By Vodun

Hives FTW!

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Posted By Funky_Pasta_Tommy

Really enjoyed that trailer.
Screaming martial arts kick made it, but The Hives certainly helped. Looks promising, but I do have 1 golden rule of not getting overhyped before seeing gameplay.

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Posted By WickedCestus

Hate the main character. Stereotypical one-liner spewing macho man, except without the funny.

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Posted By Lydian_Sel

Pretty optimistic about this actually, I'm always ready to welcome more fun and  light hearted games into the fold amongst the usual troop of melodrama and gore.

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Posted By yorro

The Incredibles?

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Posted By JohnPaulVann

When the fuuuuuuck does this piece of shit come out?

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Posted By Mercanis

I just noticed: they did give the man his coffee.

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Posted By rudyarr

insomniac should really consider making cg animated movies...I think they would do really good

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Posted By JimmyRedd

Great trailer, I'm looking forward to seeing how it actually plays.

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Posted By Vitor

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, this looks so much better than the videos they've been releasing. I mean, wow, way to pull an anti-borderlands.

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Posted By selfconfessedcynic

Man, after reading the FUSE review, I wish they'd stuck with this style / theme.


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Posted By SquareMatt

It's sad to see that this is the game that never was. While it doesn't look amazing by any standard, the can really get behind the style, personality, and especially the humor. It looked very much Borderlands-esque, but in a good way.

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Posted By cooljammer00

This game looks miles above the generic stuff we ended up getting. Damn shame. Oh well.

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Posted By Wraxend

I would have bought Overstrike, sadly Fuse looks way to generic and the demo did nothing to change my perception.

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Posted By Odinez

Someone wanna tell me why i can't seek through these videos in chrome

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Posted By Lind_L_Taylor

Man it's a totally different game. Although I can't say I'm all that enthused about this "hip" theme they had way back in the yesteryears, but FUSE is definitely something to wait for the steaming dog pile sale.

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Posted By Blackout62

I just got the "I've never seen her break protocol joke". Man, I was slow on that.

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