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    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released February 1988

    A beat 'em up where players control a martial artist, Thomas, who must rescue his girlfriend, Madonna. Released in 1988, this is the spiritual sequel to the first beat 'em up, Kung-Fu Master (Spartan X).

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    Vigilante is a single-plane beat-em-up from Irem and a spiritual sequel to their earlier 1984 arcade brawler Kung-Fu Master, and is part of the Spartan X series of Jackie Chan games. The goal is to pass through six stages, fighting off waves of enemies from both directions and defeating the boss at the end of each one, and eventually rescue the main character's kidnapped girlfriend. Kung-Fu Master also had the hero chase down a kidnapped damsel in distress, as would two other very prolific arcade brawlers at the time: Double Dragon and Final Fight.

    Vigilante originally came out in the Arcades in 1988. It was closely followed by two console conversions: a Sega Master System port that made several concessions to the game for the sake of space, including changing some of the names, and a more faithful Turbografx-16 version in 1989. US Gold also published a version for several western home computers, while Korean company Clover handled the MSX home computer version. The Turbografx-16 version was also later rereleased on Nintendo's Wii Shop in all territories. Featured game in Irem Arcade Hits for Mac and PC.


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