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Great if your in the mood 0

Viking : Battle for asgard is a great game if you just watched 300 or conan the (first one)  and want to slice up and brutally cut people in half,decapitate and literally disarm people. but before you can get to hoards of hel's army to slaughter you have to complete tasks on one of three  medium sized island's like liberate a farm for food for your army and free troops for the upcoming battle. On  more then one occasion it felt that these quests were a bit forced in to the game for length.Once y...

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battle for mediocrity... 0

Viking tells the tale of an exotically named conannny lookin fella who comes into contact with lots of other exotically named viking folk. His boss apparently gets styling tips from princess leia,and is trying to beat down her unruly goddess cohort, or sybling, or colleague? and she's named hel. yeah, i thought it was misspelled everytime i read it throughout the game.Your job as mighty Skarin, is basically, to hack up a lot of dudes who are terribly reminiscent of the Uruhkai (spelling) orcs fr...

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Repetitive, but Enjoyable 0

 It's odd that Vikings have been such an ignored centerpiece of a game. They seem to be MADE for gaming. Brutally violent warriors tends to equal FUN game. Well, outside of Blizzard's Lost Vikings, I can't think of a major Viking related title outside of this surprisingly enjoyable --- but not surprisingly violent --- game.Viking follows the path of Skarin, a Viking warlord who is seeking to help his fellow Vikings fight back against the evil Legion. This takes an exceptionally long time...

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Viking: Battle for Asgard Review 0

When I play a game, I love to have a challenge. The kind of challenge that can only be overcome by wit or talent alone, perhaps both. The problem with Viking: Battle for Asgard is that the challenge proposed often counteracts with what the game was made for. Thanks to some very poor game mechanic flaws, many of what would’ve been the big highlights of the game were lost in a flurry of disappointing.More like a bedtime story…The game takes place in the time of the Norse Gods, where a fierce strug...

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Amazing 0

Don't see how there's any complaints, you people are so picky. This game was fun the quests are fun. Game has very cool combat little tough to learn. Variety of Enemies. Awesome Epic Battles of hundreds of soldiers. I would love to see you people make a game as amazing as what you want. Obviously a lot of time went into this game its great. Graphics are amazing for 2008 graphics....

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Single-player MMO feel with gory kinetic combat. 0

Another game that has been receiving very average reviews and that i however found very fun to play is Viking: Battle for Asgard. Basically it got bashed because some found it to be repetitive. This is based on the fact that you get to do pretty much the same type of activities, rescuing fellow vikings, clearing out camps, summoning dragons, capturing major cities, on 3 different maps. So sure I can see that from a game reviewer's point of view who is playing the entire game in one go, in order ...

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Kind of like Kratos' lil cousin. 0

Viking: Battle for Asgard Review.posted: 04/23/2008 Viking: Battle for AsgardPLATFORM (PS3, Xbox 360)PUBLISHER (Sega)PRICE $60ESRB RATING (M for Mature)PLAYERS (1)After Conan and Beowulf I had almost given up on the burly men with swords genre. Luckily, Viking: The Battle for Asgard has come to the PS3 and Xbox 360 to restore my faith in the fact that it should always be fun to play as a human meat grinder.Viking is like a mixture of the God of War and Dynasty Warriors games. Most missions...

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Viking is major fun despite being repetitive and easy. 0

Viking: Battle for Asgard wasn't a bad game at all.  I had quite a few problems with it though.  I'll get those out of the way first.Viking was a repetitive game.  The combat was button mashy, and you hardly ever had to use the skills you learned to advance.  The missions were recycled themselves over and over again.  There wasn't enough character models, so you'll fight the same Vikings over and over again, or see 500 of the same Allied Vikings on the battlefield with you.  The world wasn't ver...

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