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Viktor is a fictional character of the Underworld films and the protagonist alongside Lucian in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Viktor is portrayed by Bill Nighy.

Character Profile

During the middle ages, around 1204 A.D Marcus the son of Alexander Corvinus, the first vampire; bitten by a bat offered immortality to the dying Warlord, Viktor in exchange for his military intelligence in capturing William, Marcus's brother; the first one to be bitten by a wolf, who ravaged settlements, killing peasants and turning them into mindless Lycans.

Until Williams capture, Viktor suggested to Marcus and Amelia that one Elder should rule for a century. Thus, creating the covenant chain and begun their reign over the centuries in peace until the uprising of Lucian which begun the war which lasted for centuries.

In Underworld: Evolution (modern day) Viktor was awakened by Selene because she feared for the covens danger though her actions had no proof or witness but a simple "dream" which angered Viktor because it was not his reign and she broken the covenant chain; where only the Elder can perform the ceremony to awaken the other each century.

Selene was to be held accountable for her actions. Viktor ordered that she be held until her trial but escaped with Erika's aid. Soon, she returned and brought proof of the fact that Kraven betrayed the coven and that Lucian is trying to achieve the goal of creating a hybrid - blending of the two species which Viktor feared and forbidded. Lucian intended to achieve this using Alexander Corvinus's great grandson, Michael Corvin. The facts persuaded Viktor to drop all charges against Selene. Later he led army on a full-scale attack at the Lycans lair.

As the battle ensued, Viktor approached only to be in shock to see Selene biting the dying Michael whom was shot by Kraven before he fled. Lucian, lying nearby also shot by Kraven told Selene that if he was bitten by a vampire, it will negate the effects of silver nitrate in his bloodstream and transforms Michael into a hybrid. His powers will be equilavent to a vampire elder. The climatic ending of Lucians long quest has come to an end that moment as his next words were said to Viktor "my goal has been done" before his death.

Viktor, furious at Selene's actions, grabbed and threw her aside while he is to deal with Michael which proved slightly difficult as their powers are quite even. Viktor at first grabbed Michael by the neck and thew him at the wall which broke and landed on the water then Viktor confronted Selene and told her he gave her immortality which is the greatest gift that one could ask for but Selene still outraged and upset because earlier, Kraven told Selene that Viktor lied about the fact that Lycans killed her family as it was Viktor's bidding and that he spared her because she reminded him of his daughter whom he executed for carrying a hybrid. After the debate with Selene, Viktor fought Michael only to be slain by Selene.

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