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    Vincent Brooks

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    The protagonist of Atlus' action-adventure/puzzle-platforming game, Catherine. He must choose between two women in his life; his long time girlfriend Katherine, or his new and younger involvement, Catherine.

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    Vincent in Catherine
    Vincent in Catherine
    Vincent Brooks is the main protagonist in Atlus's action-adventure game Catherine. He's a 32-year-old office worker who has no ambition in love or work. After he meets and beds the character Catherine, he begins having strange nightmares. 
    Vincent has been in a long-term relationship with Katherine, a childhood friend of his, ever since they reencountered at a high school reunion, five years before the events of the game. She is supposedly carrying Vincent's child.
    Atlus, inspired by Vincent Gallo and his depiction of Billy Brown in the movie Buffalo '66, decided to model Vincent is his likeness and namesake. The developers disclosed that it was this decision to base him after an American that helped them decide to set the game in the west. 
    Vincent's voice actor in the English version of Catherine is Troy Baker. In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Koichi Yamadera.

    Vincent's Nightmares

    Vincent's nightmares revolve around his need to climb to the top of a tower in order to avoid a threatening force.  Should he fail to reach the top and escape, he will be killed in his dream, as well in reality.  The precise cause of his recurring nightmare is unknown at this time and will presumably be explored over the course of the game.

    Persona 3 Portable's Man Drinking Alone

    Vincent as the
    Vincent as the "Man Drinking Alone" in P3P
    Vincent first appeared in a cameo under the NPC moniker "Man Drinking Alone" in his dialogue boxes in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable as a regular at the Club Escapade bar. His name is never revealed during the course of play, but binary data stored in the game refers to him as "Vincent." The player character is able to approach and converse with him, though he is not present for any direct gameplay purpose and is not one of the game's Social Links.
    During his chats with the player, Vincent often talks about a dream he's been having; one about him falling continuously. He mentions a superstition a couple of times, a rumor that if you don't wake up from such a dream before you hit the bottom, you will die in real life. He also mentions a girlfriend that he's "stuck with" in one of the earlier conversations; a girlfriend that he ends up cheating on and that he believes is pregnant. He wonders if his betrayal is the source of his bad dreams. Later on, he says that he has no other choice but to get married to his girlfriend because of confirmation that she's pregnant.
    Beyond this small amount of information that Vincent shares with the player, nothing else is known about him. However, it is notable that when he mentions that his issues have "nothing to do with your problems," the text is highlighted in red, used by the game when indicating something of importance. This comment is, of course, in reference to the fact that these problems will be explored in Catherine. 
    In a recent interview on the internet radio show Shuukan Gēmu no Shokutaku, game director Katsura Hashino states that the character in P3P is a "Vincent lookalike" and not the man himself. Artist Shigenori Soejima added that he was asked to draw a "fake Vincent", and so put a mole on Vincent's face.

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